Friday, July 29, 2011

Guerlain Delice de Peau: new scented product review

Guerlain is not just perfume or makeup; it's also an illustrious history of scented skincare and haircare preparations that help complete the ritual of beauty. The new cream Délice de Peau à Parfumer is a unique product by Guerlain.
"Délice de Peau
This sleek and stylish little white jar contains a moisturizing body cream with a unique ability: wherever it blends with perfume (neck, décolleté, wrist, arms, etc.) it enhances its sillage, intensifies its olfactory power and prolongs the pleasure of the senses..."The scented cream is meant to be used with any fragrance in the Les Elixirs Charnels and L’Art et la Matière lines, both prolonging their effect and boosting their radiance, acting as a "developer", extending the bouquet, letting all facets shine.
This is possible through a synergy of common and complimentary ingredients that run through the gamut of both lines: a warm, intimate aura, much like the more old-fashioned, but legendary "myth" of the Guerlinade accord.The new "chord" is built on musk and benzoin (a warm, sweetish resin that has vanilla facets) , echoing the "Muscinade" that is advertised as the secret "accord" in the new Guerlains, such as Cruel Gardenia and Tonka Impériale (or even Insolence).

The creams' scent is very perceivable, to the point of sufficing as a stand-alone fragrance. My suggestion is it pairs really well with Cuir Beluga, extending its suede feel through the muskiness and reinforcing its vanilla background. The texture of Guerlain lice de Peau is soft and light, with a slightly nacreous, satiny finish, that is especially welcome for summer. The white pot is sold as is, with a retro paper label embossed in silver and gold, without an external box, thus reminiscing the packaging of the 1950s. The retail price is 95$ for a pot of 100ml, somewhat pricey for all over use, so you might want to save this for the décolleté or bare armsl. It is currently available at Neiman Marcus and the Guerlain boutique in Paris.

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  1. Oh Helg, in Oz Guerlain sells more make-up and skin care! Rrrrrr

    I think of them as a PERFUME house - their creams are so super expensive ( honestly - put a years jars $$ together and get a face lift! ) plus I have been given samples and I break out! Ha!
    As for the make-up .... its ordinary really - just nice packaging !
    I so wish they put that energy in their perfume line for that is their heritage!
    Oh Darlin, you know I will "bitch" LOL
    Hope you are well :) - darn cold winter this year here in Melbourne.

  2. Fiordiligi14:34

    Oh my - WANT. Better get on to my pal at Guerlain in Paris.

    Lady J, you know of course that Guerlain has always been famous for its skin creams and treatments and uses only the finest ingredients. I don't think they can be bettered. Strange that you have a reaction as they do use natural oils and I have really sensitive skin....

    Thank you, dear E, for helping me to spend my money!

  3. Anonymous19:41

    In the past they've offered lovely travel atomizers as gifts with holiday fragrance purchases. Perhaps a deluxe sample or "travel size" of this product would be an equally worthwhile GWP? ... BTW Cruel Gardenia is such a great skin scent but I recently discovered on fabric it has an almost toxic bitterness that is absent on skin. Funny that I've avoided spraying it on cloth til now ...

  4. How ironic for me anyway, now that the new reformulations and new perfume formulas don't last well on me, it makes it necessary to invest in an expensive cream to hold the scent!

  5. Anonymous06:39

    Thanks for this information! It smells marvellous -yes! Unfortunate that they only provide one sparkly version - makes it hard wear if you don't want to glitter.


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