Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guerlain News: Habit Rouge L'Eau, Idylle Parfum, re-edition of L'Abeille

Habit Rouge L'Eau is Thierry Wasser's interpretation on a scent he holds near and dear: the classic Habit Rouge by his mentor Jean Paul Guerlain.

The new version is "softer, easy-to-wear and less contracted adaptation of the original. Delicately fresh, but with a less intense citrus opening, and a lighter base without any leather". Might we remind our readers that Habit Rouge apart from the vintage Eau de Cologne version and the standard Eau de Toilette, also comes in a (slightly recalibrated) Eau de Parfum and the glorious extrait de parfum edition available only at Guerlain boutiques.
[For a comprehensive guide on what perfume concentrations mean, refer to this article.]
It's also one of the few masculines in the range to have a flanker: Habit Rouge Sport.

Guerlain Idylle, the feminine fragrance by Wasser which already boasts one flanker, Idylle Duet, will soon be joined by an Idylle extrait de parfum version as well. I doubt that this is news sending a shiver down the spine of perfume lovers of a more serious aficion, but it might be nice introduction to the ritual of dabbing parfum for the beginner Guerlainophiliac.

Last but not least, for those on a bee-hunt for Abeille: the Abeille extrait by Guerlain , the precious edition of the 17.000 Euro price-tag (!)  in the Baccarat bottle is out again, this time re-orchestrated by Wasser.

pic of bottle via Pluises blog, news & quote via mr.guerlain,


  1. oh. god. habit rouge l'eau? ugh.
    *that* sends a shiver down my spine...

  2. A la Guerlain Homme L'Eau ;-)

    Oh, shoot, I don't know...Habit Rouge is so insanely good, it would be really hard to mess up, wouldn't it? *wide innocent eyes, batting eyelashes*

  3. wait. Less citrus. No Leather.

    remind me again: what is the point??



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