Monday, January 5, 2015

Fragrance Articles You Have Been Searching For

Happy New Year to all!!!
With several years of historical presence of the Perfume Shrine on the ether it's expected that some things need to be specifically Googled in order to unearth links. Therefore I have updated the Search function on this blog (you will see a blank space with a headline of "Search This Blog" at your right hand top) and I have compiled a small selection of some links: here is a round-up of some articles readers have shown an interest in, but which are not immediately appearing on the Right Hand Column menus. Enjoy!

photo by Steven Meisel, Vogue Italia
  • Under-appreciated Fragrances (Reviews)

Boucheron Boucheron Femme
Cacharel Anais Anais
Cacharel Eden
Cacharel Loulou
Chanel Coco de Chanel (original)
Estee Lauder White Linen
Guy Laroche Fidji
Jean Coutier Coriandre
Jil Sander No.4
Givenchy Ysatis
Laura Bagiotti Roma
Montana Suggestion Trio: Eau d'Argent, Eau d'Or, Eau Cuivree
Prescriptives (now Clinique) Calyx
Rochas Moustache
Top Under-appreciated Fragrances Flying under the Radar

  • Romantic Fragrance Ideas (Valentine's Day & Beyond)

12 Quintessentially French Perfumes
Regency Scent Rings
Victorian Perfume Buttons
Valentine's Day Style: Looks and Perfume
Romantic Scent: Celebrity Style Tips
Most Complimented Perfumes by the Opposite Sex
Sexy Perfume Notes & Styles (part 1)
Sexy Perfume Notes & Styles (part 2)
Pairing Perfume & Lipstick

  • Guerlain Elusive Perfumes from the Past

Guerlain 180 Ans de Creation (2008)
Guerlain Atuana (1952)
Guerlain Chypre 53 (1909)
Guerlain Coq d'Or (1937)
Guerlain Cuir de Russie (1875)
Guerlain Djedi (1926)
Guerlain Fleur de Feu (1948)
Guerlain Guerlinade (1921 & comparison 1998)
Guerlain Loin de Tout (1933)
Guerlain Mitsouko Fleur de Lotus (2009)
Guerlain Ode (1955)
Guerlain Pour Troubler (1911)
Guerlain Shore's Caprice (1873)
Guerlain Vere Novo (1895)
Guerlain Vetiver pour Elle 
Guerlain (Aroma Allegoria): Vitalisant, Apaisant, Exaltant (2002)
Guerlain Heritage Collection: Recreated Scents according to Original Formula part 1, part 2, part 3

  • Historical Snippets

Joan of Arc & Egyptian Mummies: Tied by Scent
Scented Air Travel (60s history snippet)
The Perfumatic: Coin-Operated Perfume Dispenser
Grossmith house: history

Also check out:

Misleading Fragrance Marketing
Perfume Chemistry: Three Cheers
Personal Body Chemistry & Perfume
Perfume Quotes
Perfumes of the Rich and Famous
Perfumes of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Scented Candles Absolved 


  1. Brainfodder21:58

    A very Happy New Year to a favourite perfume blog.

    As for the updated searches, great news and thank you in advance for the fun reading yet to be had...

    I love this picture! From the perspective of an unequivocally pear-shaped individual, it's so refreshing - an elegant woman with both food and thighs in evidence - hurrah!

  2. Ooooo, thank you! These ARE the articles I've been looking for. I'm on the hunt for a new signature scent this year, and they look helpful. The old one was Diorissimo, but since I fell for it when I was 25 and am now turning 40, both of us have changed! And I have loved your posts on it.

  3. Nathan09:59

    So many fabulously well-written articles to read and be tempted by: I'm off to buy some Rochas Moustache!

  4. BF,

    thank you so much!! (belatedly)

    The picture is from the Vogue Italia shoot by Steven Meisel June 2012.

  5. Em,

    glad you found these useful.
    The underrated fragrances reviews highlight things that are still good, still in current production.

    Hope you find something to make yours, and please do let us know when you zero in on it! :-)

  6. Nathan,

    aww, so kind, and Moustache is a great one, do get a vintage bottle though. ;-)

  7. M,

    you're most welcome! Hope everything is going well.


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