Monday, December 21, 2009

Body Odour Perfume? A Celebrity Challenges Us

Anyone who has read The New York Times articles by Chandler Burr knows that Sarah Jessica Parker is a true fragrance aficionado. Following the author's fascinating book The Perfect Scent confirmed it:

Sarah Jessica likes her own mixture of her beloved Bonne Belle Skin Musk, Comme des Garcons Avignon and Abdul Kareem's musk oil* The effect is positively naughty, as she jokingly intimated, yet for her first foray into fragrance, Coty Inc. decided to start with something decisively tamer and pretty (Lovely), while her second fragrance, Covet, was more unusual, yet still nowhere near what Sarah Jessica truly envisioned, apparently! For her the essential component in a sexy smell is a little...body odour! And that's what the next Sarah Jessica Parker celebrity fragrance under the aegis of trusty partner Coty is going to be after!
Before you frown your pretty little face into a disgusted grimace, let me remind you that there is a primal instinct associated with a little body odour, that fresh sweat can actually smell rather good and that animalics are very popular on these pages, so I am assuming you have cottoned up to the fact that we're interested, by now.
So what does Sarah Jessica Parker's upcoming new fragrance entail? And did she take a page off Matthew McConaughey who likes his body odour and doesn't wear deodorant?

The Sex & The City star told WENN: "I'm working on a new genderless fragrance that's not out yet. I can't even tell you what it's called."It has taken me three years to decide on the scent because I really like B.O. and I think it's sexy. I wanted to figure out a way to make it palatable to everybody."I was like, 'How do you get B.O. in a bottle and make an atomiser of it?' Then it was all about trying to capture the sense of naughtiness in a bottle that it would be good for a man and a woman." [source] In the interim "Parker has been trying out the new scent on journalists and bloggers during her press tour for new movie`Did You Hear About the Morgans?`, in which she stars with British heartthrob Hugh Grant".[source]
Talk about stinky word of mouth! We will see, I guess, although I wouldn't exactly assume the glands of human beings would be squeezed out of their appecrine emitions or she'd target bromhidrosis exactly...That wouldn't be "palatable to everybody". But the desire to be clean yet smell a little skanky, a little 'rolling out of bed' ~that bed not exactly equipped with chastity belts~ seems like a sexy idea!

*[The latter wasn't revealed via Burr at all; in fact this is journalistic conjecture on our part, since she has been great friends with Narciso Rodriguez and a fan of his perfume ~Lovely was fashioned after Narciso, after all~ and Rodriguez had been inspired for his first fragrance by a musk oil that his muse Caroline Bessette was buying for the three of them in New York City, which was revealed to be Abdul Kareem's posthumously.]

Black & white photograph of Sarah Jessica Parker in a bikini via msanto/photobucket.


  1. Wow!!! Finally, someone's having a little bit of fun out there! And good for Sarah Jessica for pushing the limit a bit! My opinion of her just jumped ten notches (and it was already pretty high after my recent Sex and the City marathons!) I haven't smelled any of her other fragrances, but anyone who wears Avignon (among other things) has a gold star in my book.

  2. Hi Jared, thanks for commenting!

    Yup, SJP is most definitely not your average celebrity in regards to scent choices. I have always maintained she has a very determined taste in what she likes and it's not the immediately obvious, considering her background and lifestyle.
    Her "own" fragrances are not bad either: Lovely is actually a very very pretty floral musk, in the likes of Narciso. Covet is quite non-mainstream for a celebrity scent. The rest are more of spinoffs but they get nice reviews (haven't smelled them myself).
    I doubt she will REALLY literally have the perfumers make this body-odour-like, but it might just hit a few sensual spots all the same ;-)

  3. I sometimes wonder if a lot of my old favorites were meant to be worn on unwashed skin. All I know is, Mitsouko always smells much nicer on me the next morning than it does when I spray it on right after a shower. Maybe it's just the dry down! But it always smells more part of me, lived in and just...beautiful the next morning.

  4. Alexandra08:00

    I also have a doubt that this will be another La Nuit, but who knows...

  5. interesting- I wonder if the final scent is what she's been talking about doing for so long. I like her actually and would like her to have another hit.

  6. kathleen15:32

    Well, somebody pass her the cumin!

  7. Prosetry,

    the French classics are definitely simpatico to a little unwashedness, some cigarette smoke and some food :-)
    In the case of Mitosuko, what a glorious drydown that is, eh? I love your description of the process!!

  8. A,

    ah that would be a hard one to top! I am amazed it was actually brought out by Rabanne: not exactly a designer known for "raw" energy, much more spiritual. Still, I guess since Parfum de Peau and Paloma Picasso were successes commercially, every brand thought they should make one.
    Let's see about this one! ;-)

  9. K,

    do you mean the one she discussed about in Burr's book?

  10. Kathleen,

    ....and the musk and the civet and the costus and all the other friendly little things, LOL!
    Seriously, I doubt it will be as "controversial". Otherwise how can it be palatable to everyone?

  11. What a great read. I remember when I read The Perfect Scent that she'd wanted to do something riskier, and they talked her into a more commercially palatable (and quite lovely) Lovely. I am really looking forward to this new scent; I too am a fan of body odor. :)

    Offhand: the fragrance that I can think of that smells the most like natural sweat to me is Eau d'Hermes. What do you think?

  12. M,

    thanks honey! Yeah, I recall they wouldn't let her! I can't say that I expect they have fully let her this time *giggle* but let's hope there is some sensuality, something unusual in this cyceon of "clean".
    I definitely concur on Eau d'Hermes: it's the sweatiest I know. Declaration is also sweaty, but more "polite" via its fresher top. (simply adore it)

  13. Oh, I like Declaration very much! I think I might even be more partial to one of its flankers, I wish I could remember which, with the immortelle. Gosh, it was nice.

  14. Figures ;-)

    I think you're referring to Declaration Essence? (pretty blue bottle)

  15. I have to admit, I don't really mind the smell of my own funk most of the time. It's probably a myth, but I chalk it up to being a mostly-vegetarian who doesn't eat much dairy. I think I smell a little immortelle-ish, left to my own devices.

    Mmmm... I'm going to wear Sables today...

  16. awesome....good work...

  17. yes I mean that one- the one like the mix of avignon and the musks- I think Twilight was meant to be it but smelled nothing like it!


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