Friday, January 27, 2023

Gibellini Wood: Unexpected Finds at Lidl Stores

 Sometimes surprises come in the guise of super market shopping. The German supermarkets Lidl are known for their thrift store policies and odd placement of products on shelves (with the crate). 

Among those products and trinkets lies fragrance too! Suddenly Madame Glamour is a well transmitted Coco Mademoiselle eau de toilette dupe, but there are other scents as well. 

Below is Wood by Giblini, a brand for men. Imagine my surprise and quiet wonder when I found out it's a dupe for Terre d'Hermes! It starts off harsher, to be honest, which is not that surprising, especially given the under 5€ price asked (!), but the heart and drydown smell quite close to the original citrus woody indeed. It looked rather lonely, so I took it home... 

And here it is. 


  1. Such a great article! At last, someone had to say that quality perfume is not meant to be expensive! It's the desired profits of the companies that makes it expensive! Othar than that, can you please recoomend other hidden gems in Lidl perfumes ?

    1. Definitely not need to be expensive to be wearable and good. Lidl do a great dupe for Alien, called Mustique. Try it if you find it!


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