Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Top 10 Fragrance Notes Trends for 2012

Fragrance and flavour trends are more complex than you might have thought. Actually an inordinate amount of research goes into them to monitor and interpret consumers' demands. This data is then used to help develop scented products in the year to come. The process often unfolds threefold: archiving samples requested over a year-long period, marketing teams doing trend scouting worlwide and finally, using external databases (yes, that includes Net content too, such as your feedback here). In the interests of closing up the year in a foretelling of what's to come, here's the info for you.

"The theme for Bell Flavors & Fragrances for 2012 top 10 fragrances list is “The Wild Luxury Consumer.” Counter to worldwide financial woes, wild luxury consumers are seeking out more exquisite haute couture items than ever, and it will likely be no exception when it comes to fine fragrances.
Thus, Bell offers the following at the top 10 fragrance notes of 2012.

1. Ginger Orchid
2. Orange Flower
3. Tart Guava
4. Gold Amber
5. Green Pear
6. Spicy Bergamot
7. Root Beer
8. Pink Pepper
9. Leather
10. Tomato Leaf"

It's interesting to note that already some of those have made a very perceivable
appearance already (pink pepper anyone?) or are firmly on the all-time-classic pantheon (orange flower and gold amber are perennials). It's interesting to witness the return of leather (which was a big hit this winter too, for instance see Cuir Fetiche or Bottega Veneta eau de parfum) and the return of the peculiar and oddly green tomato leaf (so sparingly used in the industry; think of Sisley's Eau de Campagne, Liberte Acidulee in Les Belles de Ricci and Folavril by A.Goutal). Already so many of the fragrance launches smell similar that going on a mapped-out chart of notes to hit the sweet spot starts sounding like echo in outer space.

info gleaned from Perfumer & Flavorist magazine, pic via


  1. Interesting list! I enjoy DKNY Woman in the summertime because of it's tomato leaf note. It would be interesting to see what a darker & more twisted take on tomato leaf would smell like.

  2. Not sure what green pear is supposed to smell like. Though the recent Jersey does give the impression of pear juice to me (in a sort of comfort-food way, as in the pear juices that kids in Italy used to drink).



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