Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guerlain Exclusive Fragrance Experience with Marie Line Patry

Guerlain is introducing a new in-store event that aims to give customers an
unexpected way of interacting with fragrance. 

Guerlain Exclusive Fragrance Experience with Marie Line Patry

Guerlain’s history as a perfumer is legendary, having created exquisite fragrances without interruption for more than 180 years. With nearly 800 compositions to its name, Guerlain is justly proud of its unsurpassed olfactory heritage, a rare collection representing the epitome of excellence, luxury and sophistication.
Beginning this fall, Guerlain will offer customers a brand new way to experience this unique heritage and fragrance expertise. National Fragrance and Beauty Director, Marie Line Patry, will host exclusive Fragrance Experience events in stores, debuting a luxurious, bespoke Guerlain trunk that houses a complete fragrance experience within its walls.  
The fragrance trunk is a multi-sensorial tool that will help bring to life each of the main pillars within Guerlain’s Exclusive Fragrance Collection. Marie Line can now take every customer on a journey to La Maison Guerlain at 68 Champs Elysées, through the brand’s history and deep into the legacy of craftsmanship and know-how that sets Guerlain apart from all other fragrance houses. The experience includes videos, music and elements that illustrate the perfumer’s inspiration for each of the creations. As each drawer is opened the customer is able to uncover an exceptional 360° view of the fragrance collection inside. At over five feet tall, it is a theatrical experience designed to heighten the senses and enhance the emotions we feel when we encounter a new fragrance. 
Marie Line Patry has an unparalleled ability to guide customers toward finding their perfect scent by using a thorough approach that involves learning about specific aspects of a person’s life in order to make this connection. Her approach matches a customer with a scent that both reflects and enhances their personality.
Guerlain’s fragrance history includes many pioneering firsts: the first modern fragrance with Jicky, the first oriental fragrance with Shalimar and now this unprecedented in-store experience with the Exclusive Fragrance Experience.


  1. WOW! Will this only be happening at the flagship store or will she be touring it?

  2. Anonymous13:02

    This will tour all over the country! If you would like to see if there's a date in your area- please email your location info to

  3. dleep16:53

    Oh my! I want her to her to be my best friend.

  4. Not to sound too pessimistic, but :
    1) will the contraption actually include smells? it is not clear from the description, and given the brand's current attention to preserving its historical legacy, one wonders.
    2) most importantly, will it feature the perfumes in their original form, or in its sometimes sorry, reformulated selves?


  5. Anonymous19:34

    Cacio, looks like it holds actual bottles in the shelves by family, from which the rep will assist the client in sampling. They will be the reformulated ones and likely the ones you can still buy, because that's the point. Designed to create a more intimate experience (dresser drawers) -- a client is more apt to buy something once they've handled it -- and one that uses Guerlain's history to justify the value of the product. I'm mostly skeptical of the multi-media aspect because it looks like there's a video screen. Nothing screams heritage like a LCD screen. But it sounds fun.

    -- N

  6. Oh, I'd better start saving my pennies now in order to go to this. I read somewhere you have to make an appointment for this experience which probably means you'll feel obligated to buy something from it. I guess this will be my Christmas present to myself this year, it will be in my neck of the woods in December.

  7. S,

    I don't think you're technically obligated to buy something (the appointment could be booked with company I gather, so only one might buy something, and perhaps that something might be a non-related item like a lipstick?). I do think though that with the selection at hand, they're counting on you getting super-tempted to buy something, as they are incredible things within the selection, indeed (*Vetiver pour Elle, I'm looking at you! You need to come my way!*)


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