Friday, June 17, 2011

Trish McEvoy Black Rose Oud: new fragrance

Trish McEvoy adds to her existing line of fragrances (which includes cult scents like No.9) with a perfume inspired by the Arab tradition of combining roses with oud/aloeswood, Black Rose Oud

"Inspired by a mood of pure glamour, experience the newest addition to Trish McEvoy's Fragrance Wardrobe. A heart of prized Black Baccara Rose and precious Oud oils surrounded by vibrant florals, exotic spices and sensual woods—Trish's captivating marriage of the raw with the cultivated, the familiar and the far-away creates a provocative feeling of déjà vu." [ed.note: Huh??]
1.7 oz. of Eau de Parfum concentration retails for $185

Available for pre-order at Nordstorm.


  1. Sure, deja vu, as in- we've seen this scent about 50 times already in the past couple years. I will say this though, I really love the austere visual of the bottle.

  2. Eva S19:02

    Agree with above, not that I'm personally aquainted with many oud-scents yet. I just received a scented blotter with Oud Shamash from The Different Company -blotter instead of sample because the fragrance is very expensive is my guess. The smell of it is very pleasant but I think to strong and masculine for me (don't know if it's the oud or the spices)-and I'm hesitant to put out that amount of money for a bottle when I've never tried it on skin... I wonder if anyone knows how it compares with the Al Oud made for L'Artisan Parfumeur by the same very productive Betrand Duchafour?
    From the description they seem very similar to me-the one for TDC being more expensive by far?!
    Eva S Sweden

  3. I am not very familiar with oud and roses as dominant elements in perfume. But I've gotten a little more wary of buying bottles of perfume unsniffed. After a spell, I am probably going to search for a sample or decant.

  4. C,

    I'm up to my teeth with ouds and what's more rose ouds at that! I wish the whole concept would go away by now...
    It's a surpremely funny ad copy in that regard.
    Yup, sparse bottles are nice. Let you focus on contents. ;-)

  5. E,

    I think dear Bertrand is siphoning his ideas through several lines. It's becoming a sort of a game: guess where you smelled this accord before etc. and bingo, guess by who.
    I think oud has been overplayed in recent seasons. I like the original idea, but it's become trite by now (plus it's mostly synthetic anyway, so what's the big fuss?)
    I trust TDC uses the best raw mats available to them, though.

  6. Eldarwen,

    samples and decants are a god-sent. Never buy unsniffed, as you might get stuck with something you don't really like nor would in the future. It's always a risk.

    Oud and rose is Arabian inspired. Apparently very "now" in the industry.

  7. Anonymous17:41

    Everybody did what Serge Lutens did, sometimes 10 to 15 years later so all of those unimaginative niche perfume lines also had an amber, a leather, a rose, an iris, a jasmine...finally they all did what Lutens never did because he hates the note, oud. So lame!

  8. Anon,

    truer words... :-)

    Wasn't it LT who said everyone in niche wants an iris, a leather and...X (something else I forget right now), in their line-up?

  9. The first thing I thought when I saw the bottle design was that someone was inspired by vintage Balmain perfume bottles.

  10. Anonymous18:05

    E., yes it was LT who said so, after Feminite and Ambre Sultan the whole industry knew they had to go niche using the same concept of single-note perfumes although L'Artisan was the pionneer of this category but Lutens took it a more elevated level.

    stelmadesigns, indeed this is so vintage Balmain, I think it even looks similar to Balmain Ambre Gris.
    I tried to buy one piece from Christophe Decarnin collection for Balmain since they let him go but everything is almost gone here at Barney's and Bergdorf.



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