Friday, March 4, 2011

Ormonde Jayne Osmanthus Soap, Discount & New Stores

Ormonde Jayne is launching what many modern day perfume enthusiasts have been lusting over: a stunning new soap scented with Osmanthus. Two bars of triple-milled soap will be presented with a handmade soap dish made from bone china in the gold Ormonde Jayne gift box. The Osmanthus Soap Boxes will be available mid-March in good time for Mother’s Day.
£52 – includes 2 x 125g soap (paraben free) and bone china soap dish

Additionally Ormonde Jayne will be soon be opening two new points of sale on Avenue Louis in Brussels & on the prestigious Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. The staffed concessions will stock the full range of products and the Perfume Portraits complimentary service will be available in both.The new points of sale will be opening in Brussels in late June & in Zurich on May 26th.

Plus a new Osmanthus promotion is under way on Ormonde Jayne e-store and boutiques: This month’s perfume promotion is Osmanthus and thus clients will receive a complimentary Purse Spray (10mls of Eau de Parfum) with every bottle of Eau de Parfum or Pure Parfum purchased in March. Keep your eyes peeled for more such promotions of the line each consecutive month!


  1. I wish this line would come to Australia!

  2. Oh Helg - I am travelling well :) HOpe you feel tip top soon !

  3. Anonymous22:02

    ormonde jayne ship worldwide! but the boutique experience there is particularly lovely!

  4. LJ,

    as the commenter below says, the shipping is worldwide. They do a samples set which I think the shipping on which is complimentary: totally worth the $$ asked for it, I assure you!

  5. And thanks for the wishes, I do feel better indeed! (some rest does a world of good)

    Hope you're in top form yourself! :)


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