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Guerlain Arsene Lupin Dandy: fragrance review & draw

It's probably not strange, but certainly unexpected, that a figure with retro connotations such as comte Robert de Montesquiou-Fézensac (who inspired not only Marcel Proust but also Joris-Karl Huysmans) should come out of a recent batch bottle of a Guerlain fragrance! Yet this is what happened when I tested Arsène Lupin Dandy, a scent that intrigued me for a long time before I put my thoughts into black & white.

(EDITOR's ADDITION: Please NB, due to ensuing legal disputes with L'Orsay who also have a Le Dandy fragrance, Guerlain has since dropped the Dandy from the name and now this is available as simply Arsène Lupin. The rest of the review mentions it with its older, longer name as that is what it was launched with at time of writing)

Given Jean Paul Guerlain's unfortunate recent comments and the futore which ensued, it's doubtful that we'll see another fragrance bearing his signature in the future. More's the pity, because amongst great perfumers of the 20th century, alongside his ascendant Jacques Guerlain of course, Ernest Beaux and Edmond Roudnitska, he certainly takes a place in the pantheon. Arsène Lupin Dandy, infiltrates Les Parfums Exclusifs, joined by Arsène Lupin Voyou, both in Eau de Parfum like the double face of Janus, and some of the other exclusive masculines (details here), is indeed a swan song of infinite grace and refined luxury. Much like some of Jean-Paul's best creations of his "golden years" such as Vétiver pour homme, Chamade, Habit Rouge (not Sport) and Chant d'Arômes , Dandy manages to exude richness without heaviness and luxury without one iota of vulgarity. This is how Guerlain ought to be constantly! Preferably in the mainstream sector as well.

Jean Paul collaborated, according to his own testimony, with in-house Guerlain perfumer Thierry Wasser to whom he passed the baton, on the two new masculine releases in their teak-wood-edged bottles. We will probably never find out the exact truth (especially given the two releases smell completely different and as if arrived at by different mentalities), so it's futile to press the point. Of the two fragrances, Dandy easily is the standout; the reason isn't hard to see.

Within this contemporary light woody chypre one can detect the emblematic character of 1920's & 1930's fragrances that made the reputation of Guerlain Parfumeur, such as Sous Le Vent (which which it shares the bitter green tinge of galbanum and the overall chypre elements, although it substitutes the murkiness of oakmoss with the quite different treemoss alongside patchouli and probably a smidge of vetiver). But it's also a modern enough accord to be featured in Martin Margiela's Untitled! The "nose" is reworking the best elements in the Guerlain tradition into formulae that are completely modern and can stand on their own in today's market.

Dandy is a grey suede leather which opens dark only to reveal lovely powdery nuances derived through ionones (floral violet & iris notes) and some spice later, very finely worked and flanked by patchouli and a resinous incense note. The citric aspects of the olibanum (frankincense) are complimentary to the hesperidic notes, which have a pleasantly restrained bitterish tinge, much like bergamot "spoon sweet" is the nicest to consume (same with sour cherry) because the natural tanginess of the fruit offsets the sugary aspects. The same effect is witnessed in maple suryp, which also has a passing resemblance with the resinous note in Dandy. The leather accord, immediately perceptible from the start, is in reality soft, maleable, velvety, echoing the suaveness of the literary character who inspired it. The literary character Arsène Lupin began his fictional life in 1905 (under "Lopin", until a namesake politician protested), smack-right into La Belle Epoque; an enigmatic figure in black-tie respendid with white gloves, a cape and a monocle, relieving the haute-bourgeoisie of their money, which seems like the perfect analogy for the clients of Guerlain Exclusifs!
The spices on the other hand (peppery bay and cardamom) provide a piquant tongue-in-cheek touch, fanned over the more predictable musk & light amber/labdanum impression of the far drydown, denoting the idea of a delicate "skin scent". The fragrance reads as a ballad of binary form.

For all its underlying complexity, appreciated through repeated wearings by both men and women who can snatch this easily for themselves, Arsène Lupin Dandy is a scent that does not proclaim its intricasies up front and keeps a cultivated air of mystery in the very best Voltaire tradition.

Notes for Guerlain Arsène Lupin Le Dandy: bergamot, bigarade, pink peppercorn, cardamom, violet, sandalwood, patchouli, cistus, olibanum.

For our readers a draw of a small decant out of my own stash: Say in the comments which is your favourite Guerlain fragrance and why and I will pick a random winner. Draw is now closed, thank you!

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Painting of French poet, writer and dandy, Robert de Montesquiou (1855-1921) in 1897. Portrait by Giovanni Boldini (1842-1931) via wikimedia commons.


  1. I thought my favourite Guerlain was Shalimar, but now it's Ode a la Vanille (which is still a verison of Shalimar). :)
    I see many people find Dandy the better one.

  2. Sointu15:25

    Mine is Après l'Ondée. Love it.

  3. Right now I am wearing Tonka Imperiale, but of all of them, maybe Shalimar is my favorite.

    Please enter me in the draw. Thanks!


  4. Because it was my grandmother's scent, I have a soft-spot for Shalimar, but I do like Bois d'Armenie too. From all the reviews I've read, this sounds like an amazing scent that I have not tried only because it has been inaccessible! I'm hoping I win the draw!

  5. perfect picture to use... I am researching Robert at the moment... what a life and what refined tastes... bats and hydranageas.... go figure.. this sounds like a scent to try... thanks for the wonderful backround!

  6. I love shalimar and herba fresca
    still need to try ode a la vanille

  7. I know it's not a legend like other Guerlain fragrances, but my favorite is the humble Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic.
    It is so fresh, pure and sunny! I could wear it everyday in summer. I have never smelt a mandarine fragrance so true to the scent of the real fruit.

    I would love to try Arsène Lupin Dandy. Please, enter me in the draw and thank you!

  8. ...and while we are on the subject of Guerlain...WHERE IS CACHET JAUNE??

  9. Stephan17:28

    Perfume-wise my coming of age was with and through the old Vetiver of the early seventies. But since this fragrance has long ceased to exist, there is now another one that sends me dreaming time and again, Shalimar, which is perfectly masculine to my taste.
    I'd like to get to know that new Dandy, so thanks for entering me in this draw.

  10. Anonymous17:38

    Dear E,

    There are so many beautiful luscious Guerlains that I hate to pick one favourite to the detriment of the other beauties (Sous le Vent, Vol de Nuit, Shalimar), but for its bitterness and strangeness and intimacy I love Djedi.


  11. I haven't found a Guerlain I love yet, but then again I haven't tried Sous le Vent or Vol de Nuit or Chamade yet. Maybe my true Guerlain love is still out there.

  12. I love most Guerlain's. Chamade is a favorite; so is Vol de Nuit; so is Mitsouko...Shalimar... on and on.

  13. I am becoming a Guerlain groupie! My holy grail of all holy grails is Attrape Coeur. If I could wear it every day for the rest of my life, I would. :-) I'm wearing Shalimar Eau Legere today, courtesy of a generous swapper. Of all the Guerlains, Shalimar is my least favorite. Not me. I'm finding the Eau Legere as less offensive, though, so will probably use up my decant!

  14. Oooh, I can't's a tie between Sous Le Vent and Jicky (which doesn't seem to get too much love any more, does it?) But...yes, it's either one or the other, Jicky for no other reason than it was my very first ever bottle of perfume - so my first perfume love, I suppose!, and Sous le Vent because I love, love love its green and sparkling facets Jicky - because to one precocious 14-year-old, it was what it smelled like to be a woman, and Sous le Vent for being - the scent of happy and summer and all things joyous. That it was once Josephine Baker's doesn't hurt it, either...

    If that makes any sense? I'd love to be entered in the draw, thank you!

  15. A favorite....hard to say...I'm researching Debussy so I'm right in those early days of Guerlain! It's fun to read about the composer and the circles he traveled in while knowing what perfumery in France at the time was doing. I can't help but smell some Jicky while I read. I think Jicky still has a soft spot in my heart, so it may be a favorite, but I can see Shalimar Derby, and Mitsouko in the wings getting mad at me...

  16. My favorite Guerlain is Vétiver pour Elle - the perfect floral vetiver. It never fails to please! But Parure is a plummy chypre that exudes class and it would have to be near the top of the class.

  17. Mine is Chamade. My husband's is Coriolan.

  18. At the moment, it's all about comfort scents, and to me, there is no better than Spiritueuse Double Vanille. I've got samples of similar scents from other perfumers that are nice, but not quite at Guerlain's level.

  19. OH...I love so many, but without a doubt, my favorite which I would choose if I could only own one is Mitsouko. It was my first real venture into serious perfumes in my 20's after Halston which was my previous signature scent. I have it in all vintage forms in my stash and when I wear it I often get asked what it is. I just feel super sexy, unique and womanly wearing it and I love the complexity and the way it reveals it's varies notes over time..true love!

  20. I'm a Jicky girl.

  21. I love Chamade. So far the only Guerlain I've fallen for - hard ;-)

  22. It's so hard to choose from all the Guerlains I love, but perhaps Sous le Vent thrills me the most. If Dandy shares some of its qualities, that's a very good sign.

  23. Anonymous03:47

    Faves are L'Heure Blue (probably misspelled) and SDV, want to smell this though!

    -- Nicole F.

  24. Anonymous06:52

    Shalimar! I really appreciate others (Attrape Coeur, SDV, L'HB, Chamade) but Shalimar is the staple in my fragrance wardrobe that I cannot live without!

  25. Marina7909:19

    I came across your gorgeous site through a friend who recommended it and can I say I'm floored by all the things I discover.
    Now, my favorite Guerlain to enter the draw. It's got to be L'HEURE BLEUE. Nothing surpasses the wonderful floral and powdery wistfulness it has on me (and to me), even though I appreciate others too, such as CHAMADE or MITSOUKO. I just adore it!
    Great review and I'm very excited to think I might get to try this exclusive cologne.

  26. Great idea to mix the remembrance of Robert de Monstesquiou (and Marcel Proust, on of is friend) and the Arsène Lupin Dandy. I received this perfume at Christmas and it's a marvelous scent for me, old fashioned and perfectly seducing my girlfriend (26 years old) in the same time. Dandy is close to me, as can be Mouchoir de Monsieur, Shalimar (yes, as a man, I'm wearing also Shalimar or Mitsouko with great pleasure) and off course, the sublime Jicky. Perfect for a man.

  27. Zazie10:12

    I love many Guerlains: from Attrape coeur to Chamade, from l'heure Bleue to Jicky, from Mitsouko to sous le vent.
    But my favorite rules above all, all leather and powder and fauve musks. It's Shalimar, in whatever version pre 2010.
    Shalimar compliments me so perfectly, I always smile when I wear it.
    Dandy seems to be meant for me, leathery and slightly powdery: thanks for the draw!

  28. Mitsiuko is my favorite because amazingly it gets even better as it dries down!

  29. I really love Herba Fresca and also Shalimar.
    I´d love to try the Dandy. :o)

  30. For me now is Mitsouko EdT, the metallic accord and incense accord brought in the very beginning fruity-syrup are quite esquire! I love the resinal Guerlainade in this piece especially!

  31. Guerlain is definitely my "house". It's hard to pick one fave,,,,but Plus Que Jamais is definitely the one I get the most comments on! (also Vega)

  32. I love both Derby and Habit Rouge, and it's hard to choose between them. But old Arsene is something I probably have to buy, having grown up reading the books. Dandy sounds just right!

  33. Hello E!
    I love many Guerlains, but L'Heure Bleue is my all time favorite.
    I had a small sample of Voyou and liked it very much. I am surprised the reviews have not been as complimentary.
    I am glad you liked Dandy!! Thrilled to enter the draw. Thanks!

  34. My favorite is always my most recent discovery, which right now for me is Vol de Nuit, which is everything I love about classic perfumery. It is smooth, warm, dark, rich, and sensual. And it amuses me that I -- a straight guy -- am so obsessed by this "feminine" "a tribute to women who like to take risks." I'm not sure yet about Mitsouko, but I have no problem at all wearing Vol de Nuit "out" and claiming it as my own.

  35. class flirt01:53

    apres l'ondee breaks my heart. and i love to have my heart broken.

  36. I love and could wear Chamade just about any time. But for some special occasions L'Heure Bleue is the winner.

  37. L'Heure Bleue. Something about it makes you sad in the comforting way that great lost love songs do--you weep but you enjoy it.

  38. Simone B11:26

    My favorite Guerlain? It depends on the weather and time of year! But extrait and Mouchoir de Monsieur edt have been my first loves and I'm never without - though something has happened to Jicky's drydown lately, anyone noticed? :(
    Anyway, I'll say these two are my favorites, provided my last experience with Jicky was driven by a bad tester, and not a nasty reformulation!

  39. DRTVRMoi11:31

    I was fortunate to receive a bottle of Ode a la Vanille for the holidays. Bliss!

  40. Anonymous14:20

    I love Shalimar vintage - the higher concentration the better except elixir taht is also good in the new formulation. Thx - Alica -

  41. Kata15:56

    Mitsouko. I cherish every drop of my semi-vintage parfum and dread the day I will run out of it. Based on the descriptions I feel that Apres l'Ondee and L'Heure Bleue would be top of my list as well, if only I could smell their vintage versions...

  42. My favorite (of those that I have had the opportunity to sniff) is Attrape-coeur. I can always count on it to make me feel good.

    Thanks for your review and great insights. I would love to be entered in the draw.

  43. My favorite Guerlain is Mitsouko it is simply timeless. Thanks for the draw!

  44. Anonymous07:06

    Definitely Après L'Ondée... it made me cry when i first smelled it... cheerio, Wendy

  45. Ines,

    Ode a la Vanille is certainly a fetching composition. Personally, I especially like the smokiness of the original.
    Dandy id very refined. Voyou is conventional for the positioning.

  46. sointu,

    Apres L'Ondee is so easy to love, isn't it? A tender thing, ethereal and lovely. I envision it as the scent of a young woman who likes perfume (contrary to most today).

  47. VN,

    Tonka Imperiale is so snuggly! You smell really good. I had photographed it against my mink wrap and some cigars, it represents that luxe concept just great!
    I think Shalimar has a reason for being such a best-seller. The bergamot ( older formula) highlighted and contrasted with the orientalia of the base so very well.
    You're in!

  48. Billy,

    how endearing, scented memories are so good, aren't they.
    Bd'A is true to its namesake and I wonder why I didn't snatch a bottle last time I was at the boutique. (probably because I was into an investigating rather than acquisitioning mode?)
    Dandy should be widely accesible: the reason I was so late in reviewing it myself is because I thought long and hard whether the positioning should be so or not. I can see how it wouldn't sell that well to the young office guys (Voyou would!)but all the same, shouldn't Guerlain stand as the arch-perfumery house for good product always? Hmm. It's the best thing since Tonka Imperiale and probably even more refined because not so sweet.

    I do hope you win and the random generator picks you!!

  49. S,

    thanks, I was set on my mind to break away from the usually used Arsene Lupin pictures for this review. I focused on the essence of le gentilhomme rather than le cambrioleur! So Robert flashed. It's good to see someone recognises just how magnificent he was. What an eccentric and what a stylish one at that!
    Dandy is not far removed from the idea of him, it's a bit retro in feel, but very modern too in its skeleton. Do try it and hope you win!

  50. Isa,

    no need to feel apologetic at all! We like what we like. For instance I absolutely adore Flora Nerolia which is also an Aqua Allegoria.

    Sometimes Guerlain has an affinity for drawing a sort of awe that might actually distance the perfume wearer, which is probably why they're issuing those modernised (and very good!) versions of Shalimar (Ode a la Vanille, Shalimar Light). I do like seeing a modern consumer flock at the Guerlain counter and buy (good) stuff, not just try it out because of the name. Now if the mainstream was always on a par with some of the exclusives.
    Hope you win!

  51. Irina,

    those are both just lovely. Herba Fresca had been a scent that accompanied me on a trip to hot Andalusia and it was most refreshing.
    Do try OalV, if you can, it's quite good.
    Good luck!

  52. Billy,

    Cachet Jaune is unfortunately not in the cards to be produced. A shame, but there it is. I just wished the Il Etair une Fois series continued, but it seems like it wasn't that viable after all.

  53. Stephan,

    don't I hear you. I feel like that that tobacco underlay in the older formula was just the bee's knees! It gave an almost hay-chocolate effect to the vetiver. Now, it's more citrusy. Still good, but different.
    Shalimar in the older version (especially parfum) is just great on a man, exactly because of its leathery smokiness (and the hazy oppoponax like in Habit Rouge). Great thinking!
    Good luck on the Dandy draw! It should please you.

  54. Natalia,

    it's a tough call, I know!

    Oh, you picked the most "unwearable" one: a scent from inside a mausoleum, all mysterious and otherwordly. It's just so individual. Like you, most probably. :-)

  55. K,

    there are just so many Guerlain scents, one is bound to find one to please them. I highly recommend Vol de Nuit for an oriental with a green touch (it's still good today) and Sous le Vent for a greener chypre that is not too bitter (the reconstruction is just beautiful).

    But really, it all depends on your tastes. What do you usually love?

  56. Karin,

    I can feel you...I love many as well. Certainly the ones you mention.

  57. Karin (2),

    Attrape Coeur is among the best modern Guerlains for sure, even though I sometimes find it a bit "thick" for myself. It's a great pity it's been discontinued. :-((

    Lots of people have the same problem with Shalimar. Hence the modernised versions (which are surprisingly good!). I wear the Shalimar Eau Legere more frequently myself. But it's probably because with my darker hair and curvaceous style I would feel like a cliche (too sexy, too exotic). You might say I'm splitting hairs here, LOL!

  58. Tarleisio,

    I can see the ties in both choices and no, I think Jicky (I almost wrote Kinky) is still loved I should think. I need to do a proper full historical review, perhaps.
    Such wonderful memories, I can almost visualise it.
    Best of luck!

  59. Jared,

    what a wonderful subject!
    Have you listened to the Cinq Poemes de Charles Baudelaire?
    The comparative study of music and perfumery is something I think should be expanded, this is often why I choose musical pices to accompany reviews, but think of the potential!!
    And I just love that you included Derby in the line-up there. It's exquisite!

  60. Elizabeth,

    ah....two of my "private" loves! I adore Parure for its honeyed facets, really an orientalised chypre and the best "revamp" of Mitsouko without being an upstart. I cherish my extrait de parfum.

    Great choices, excellent taste there!

  61. Aka Warum,

    such a good smelling couple!
    I do hope you have snatched all the Coriolan out there and not paying premium prices for L'Ame d'un Heros, right? ;-)

  62. Carrie,

    I can see that, as winter naturally inspires such a mood. SDV has a huge fan club, its boozy touch is unique.

  63. Stelma,

    there's a tome to be written about Mitsouko, I'm sure. It doesn't hurt it's so golden and womanly, as you yourself say so succinctly. You smell like a WOMAN!
    I find it absolutely ravisihing in damp weather in any season.

  64. *jen*

    a classic, fine choice!

  65. Rose,

    who can argue with that? It's a romantic scent for truly romantic souls. :-)

  66. Kathryn,

    I think you would be pleasantly surprised! It's very good.
    Good luck and hope you win!

  67. Nicole F,

    L'Heure Bleue is such a retro, wistful scent, I can't fail to notice it time and again when I smell it. A true classic. As to SDV, it's snuggly, so I can see the appeal to so many.
    Good luck!

  68. dee,

    there must be something about's top choice for our readers it seems.

  69. Marina,

    thanks for your kind words, such a wonderful compliment.
    Like I said above, LHB is very melancholic to me too (to lots of people I would wager) and it's a piece of art to be sure. I like your other choices very much!
    I hope you win the draw!

  70. Laurent,

    thanks for noticing the visual accompaniment, it's good to see more appreciate the choice of pics.
    I think you smell just wonderful and obviously you have found someone who knows how to appreciate the good stuff! (that's priceless in our perfume-phobic times)
    And hurray for men who are not afraid to venture outside the confines of "masculine" scents. I think male hormones are an added bonus to feminine scents ;-)

  71. Zazie,

    I just love who you describe it! Enjoy!!!
    Dandy should fit, it's humming rather than shouting. :-)

  72. Tucasam,

    it does, doesn't it? It's such a multi-layered scent, especially for something with a short formula (perfumery magic at its best)

  73. Eva,

    another one of the Shalimar camp and yeah, I love Herba Fresca as well. (contrasting choices, eh?)
    Good luck!

  74. Nikolai,

    you bring some interesting ideas in the mix which I hadn't thought of before. I need to keep them in mind when smelling again (you refer to the modern EDT, do you?)
    Personally I don't find much of the iris-vanilla accord in Mitsouko, but one can't mistake its richness and classicism for anything but Guerlain, I suppose.
    Enjoy this princely fragrance!

  75. Lynne,

    ah....PLus Que Jamais! Was there a more refined, more delicately woven, more elegant chypre in the Guerlain stable? And it's discontinued....*tugging at my hair*
    At least Vega is still there for the time being.

  76. Yes, a difficult question. How about 'the next one I try'? I wear Habit Rouge all the time, but absolutely bowled over by Mitsouko, L'Heure Bleu, and wondering if I should get a bottle of Jicky...

    What an exciting draw!

  77. Fernando,

    I just love the "cloud" of Habit Rouge, in fact often "steal" it ;-)
    Since you've read the books (which are indeed great fun and quite as popular as Sherlock Holmes or Hercules Poirot in the French-speaking world), that's a bonus!
    Hope you get to win and try it out!

  78. Arwen,

    hello honey, how are you? So nice to see you!

    Don't get me wrong, Voyou is competent and nice enough in its own right. It's just that in comparison with Dandy it seems more...expected? I suppose that's why the reviews are more complimentary to Dandy.

    LHB is a classic for the ages. Someone had described it to me as a very young girl as "twilight flowers". It stuck.

  79. Rilo,

    you are obviously doing something right! Risk taking is genderless in my books :D
    Enjoy it, Vol de Nuit is a fabulous perfume.

    Welcome to Perfume Shrine and hope you get to try the GUerlain Dandy!

  80. Class flirt,

    I see that your sobriquet is well chosen to fit with your delicate and romantic disposition!

  81. Yulia,

    they're such classics, aren't they?
    LHB is a bit more old-fashioned, I guess, which makes it more "occasion worthy", "mood setting", eh?

  82. Maggie,

    ah, wisely said! I couldn't have put it better if I tried.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  83. Simone,

    a woman wearing the "monogrammed slippers" (ha! very nice description and I'm stealing it!) of Mouchoir is just about the wisest move of them all. I bet it smells refreshing and unexpected on you.
    As to Jicky, oh dear, I rely on my vintage extrait and fear to retest but now I probably should?? *said in trepidation and a little fear*

  84. DRTVMoi,

    you're a lucky person! Enjoy!!

  85. Alica,

    I agree with you. The newer Shalimar leaves something to be desired. :-(
    Elixir? Do say more please!

  86. Kata,

    Mitsouko is a beauty in vintage form (and even not too recent, although the current edp isn't too bad).
    I think Apres is good in the recent batches, even though I fear for the restrictions on heliotrope affecting future versions. LHB is good too, even though my personal uber-favourite is the -now- rare Parfum de Toilette in that one. It just breaks my heart...

  87. Sean,

    thanks for stopping by and for your comment.
    Attrape Coeur is a very particular amber, with a distinct violet note that is very retro. Enjoy your stash!

    And hope you win! Thanks for the kind words.

  88. Taffy,

    yeah and I'm very pleased that online word is keeping it at the edge of perfume lovers' attention.
    Good luck and thanks for commenting!

  89. Wendy,

    tears of joy and tugging at heart strings, eh? It's a lovely thing.

    Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  90. John,

    good thinking: next one is always a discovery!

    If you love HR, then I suggest getting some vintage Shalimar extrait. Drop by drop, the sexiest one for discerning men who don't shy away from orientals. ;-)

  91. Anonymous14:56

    Hi Elena – the tears were… not sure actually… joy, but also inexplicable sadness perhaps for the past….it instantly transported me back to the time when I was about 4 years old, when it was carnaval and I was dressed as little red riding hood. My mom had this cream rouge that she used on my cheeks. The smell was divine… and I guess pretty much a dead ringer for Après l’Ondée as my body just responded instantly… guess this must have been the start of my obsession with smell…..sigh…. thanks for listening!

  92. Wendy,

    what a terrifically moving memory! Thanks for sharing with us!!
    I guess the sweet smell of makeup does have affinity with lots of retro perfumes. After all they were supposed to compliment that urbane aura of feminine enhancement and mystique. Mettre en valeur, so to speak.

  93. Sissy boy

    I am exactly a 'delicate dandy'. It is ellegant suit i always wear - pants, dress shirt, tie/bow tie, waistcoat, jacket and a handkerchief for decoration. And scarfs too. I just love to dress up myself like this. Since that, i have always been a target of violance and humiliation by other boys or even girls. My only resistance had always been running, crying and screaming for help and mercy. I am always ellegant, gentle and delicate. My view is even effeminate of some kind. My favorite colors are pink and white, and my favorite cloth are silk and satin.

  94. Sissy boy
    I am exactly a 'delicate dandy' It is ellegant suit i always wear - pants, dress shirt, tie/bow tie, waistcoat, jacket and a handkerchief for decoration. And scarfs too. I just love to dress up myself like this. Since that, i have always been a target of violance and humiliation by other boys or even girls. My only resistance had always been running, crying and screaming for help and mercy. I am always ellegant, gentle and delicate. My view is even effeminate of some kind. My favorite colors are pink and white, and my favorite cloth are silk and satin.

  95. Anonymous19:24

    Dear Elena, thank you for this wonderful. I checked this review of yours because I have been looking for a special leather-centred fragrance, and ALD seems a serious contender. I have loved the cultural associations you have welded esp. since I have a sincere interest in fin-de-sience aesthetics and literature. I just hope that the Guerlain boutique in Thessaloniki (Notos Galleries) will have it these days. Once I get it, I will write you my first impressions. Best Wishes for now.


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