Saturday, January 22, 2011

Marc Jacobs Splash Cranberry, Ginger, Curacao: new fragrances

Marc Jacobs enriches his collection of Splashes, colognes to be splashed all over in matching containers of giga size, with three new entires: Cranberry, Ginger and Curaçao (inspired by the famous turquoise-coloured liqueur).

Cranberry (fruity floral)- perfumer Richard Herpin
Top: pink grapefruit, cranberry, bergamot, tangerine
Middle: ginger flower, honeysuckle, ozone, red currant
Base: vetiver, musk, woods

Ginger (spicy) - perfumer Yann Vasnier
Top: ginger, nutmeg, cognac
Middle: granadilla, geranium Bourbon, rhubarb
Base: sandalwood, amber, musk

çao (fruity chypre)- perfumer Yann Vasnier
Top: blood oranges, bitter orange bigarade, lime, mandarin
Middle: violet, pear, apricot
Base: white moss, amber, musk, sandalwood

The collection hits stores in March, as a small pretaste of the summer cocktails that follow.

notes via press release

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