Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New perfume addresses in Paris: shopping info

In the middle of an economic recession that affects fashion as well as the fragrance sector, new stores are still opening. For Parisian shoppers and those travelling to the city to savour perfumes and other pleasures, two new worthy of note addresses:

Different Latitudes, a company founded in 2005 by David Froissard and Loïc Le Guen as an International Luxury Trader that specializes in distribution of luxe brands, image counselling and marketing, is coming to the Parisian market with a dynamic move. They're bringing some of their portfolio in Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, a shop-in-shop stand including niche brand Neotantric, Frapin, Amouage and Robert Piguet.
Piguet is amply represented by Fracas and Baghari pour femme, Bandit and Visa pour femme, Cravache pour homme and the newly re-issued Futur, a formula closely following the instructions of Rober Piguet himself in the 1960s: the US-owned Fashion Fragrances company had the rights for a decade and the re-issue was finally orchestrated by Aurélien Guichard of Givaudan. Futur by Piguet is a blend of hesperides, violet, jasmine, yalng ylang, cedar and patchouli for a fresh and floral touch.
Amouage, much loved on these pages, is enjoyed in 30 countries with fragrances created by la creme de la creme of perfumers: Guy Robert, Jean-Claude Ellena, Bertrand Duchaufour, Maurice Roucel et Lucas Sieuzac. The result in scents such as Jubilation 25, Gold, Dia, Lyric, Ubar and Epic is nothing short of majestic.

Guerlain on the other hand is opening a new stand-alone boutique in le Marais designed by Patricia Grosdemange at 10 rue des Francs-Bourgeois. The new store is paying homage to several emblematic fragrances and products of the historical house in 110 square meters full of the best craftmanship.
Guerlain has always paid attention to their stores and the history of the Guerlain house boutique addresses is interesting: The first one was opened at 42, rue de Rivoli in 1828, conceived by the fertile imagination of Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain. In 1830 a new building is chosen for Guerlain perfumes and cosmetics in 15, rue de la Paix. Jacques et Pierre Guerlain establish themselves at the helm of the house in 1914, and with the help of architect Charles Mews they build the legendary boutique at 68, avenue des Champs Elysées. The space will host the institut Guerlain in 1939 and will be panegerically renovated in 2005 with the innovative skills of interior designers Andrée Putman and Maxime d’Angeac. Places to make one dream...


  1. Anonymous15:39

    France has officially gone out of recession: national output grew 0.3% in the three months to June so by definition it is no more. But given by the global economic climate (and by the sheer size of this growth) people will have to wait a bit in order to feel the country going out of recession. After all, the luxury sector is usually the first to feel a decline and the last to receive the influx.

    (But obviously these stores are planned months ahead--people obviously studied the market cycle before making the investment. The murmur last fall was that historically it would take about 12 to 18 months to get out of it--I am obviously not involved during the decision process--and knew nothing of the news until recent but this could be one hypothesis why planning to open a new store then?)

    Speaking of Guerlain I actually tried visiting the Champs-Élysées flagship but the store decided to close early that day at 4:30 pm--I was about 10 minutes late. Oh well, it might be a good thing because I ended up having a six-course dessert dinner at the nearby Ladurée--had I, say, gotten all the items on the shopping list I probably couldn't foot the bill for three :-p

    I missed Palais Royal Shiseido, too! But for a different reason--I was at the courtyard but gotten really bad directions and ended up being stuck at the nearby alley. Oh well, the money saved later came in handy.

  2. Anonymous15:41

    PS. Oops! My last post was so repetitive...cannot churn out a good message this early in the morning I'm afraid :-p

  3. A,

    your reasoning has merit and no doubt these things are thought of years in advance. Considering that such boutiques do count on tourists a great deal too, it is perhaps with a little "limp" that they're starting out. But I wish them well.

    Pity you missed the Palais Royal...but it's so complicated lots of people miss it.
    I am not usually a good compass by myself, so I rely on other experience people myself on those matters. ;-)

    PS. That little something has been mailed, btw, in case I haven't told you.


  5. Anonymous15:20

    Helg: yes I know--again thanks a lot.

  6. B,

    doubtful...I think that whole project has been more or less abandonded.
    I asked Sylvaine the exact same thing and although she's a person with whom one can sustain a wonderful level of honest conversation, she wouldn't let on on further plans on I think it's kaput.

  7. A,

    it was a pleasure! :-)


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