Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Montale fragrances in Milan: old and new

Montale Parfums, the prolific brand by Pierre Montale, presented their fragrances and new issues at Esxence, the Scent of Excellence in Milan. The tradition of the house for sensuous, opulent, exotic fragrances wasn't betrayed. Vanilla Extasy (ylang-ylang from Comoro Islands, Egyptian jasmine, apricot, sandalwood, mahogany, benzoin, vanilla), Golden Aoud (Bulgarian rose, geranium bourbon and patchouli leaves, leather and Jamaican capsicum) and Aoud Ambre are centered around the traditional triad of mystical perfumes of the orient: rose, oud and incense. They form part of the Gold collection. Pure Gold, Louban, Aoud Leather, Amber & Spices are warm and enveloping, with a rich undertone. Deep Roses, Wild Aoud and Boisé-Fruité (woody fruity) belong to the Bronze collection, dedicated to men: a little more rigorous and somber but always exotic.

"Parfums Montale came into being in 2001, when perfumer Pierre Montale relocated to Saudi Arabia and began to create perfumes for Arabian kings, queens, sultans and princesses. In 2003, he opened his first showroom in Paris and unveiled his masterful creations to the West, combining Eastern essences with precious woods, resins, florals, sweet confections and spices from around the world."

The Arabian Nights escaped from the pages into an exposition of perfumes...

Photo by Thomas Liu, Milan


  1. Mike Perez04:05

    Aoud Leather (the only one I've smelled) is quite wonderful Helg. Like the big brother of Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford, minus the raspberry note + aoud. Fantastic!

    I'm confused though - is Deep Roses, really just Aoud Roses Petals? Or an entirely different scent?

  2. Please to hear that, as my experience with Montales is far from exhaustive.

    I mixed up the notes for the Deep Roses with the ARP (which is good!)and have since corrected, thanks! The DR is a new scent.


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