Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stephanie de Saint Aignan: new fragrances

In late 2006 a new fragrance designer,Stéphanie de Saint Aignan, came on the scene with a line that created a ripple on the pond with exotically inspired niche fragrances. After having had a baby, Sacha, she's set to be back on perfumistas' conscious as she has just unveiled 4 new fragrances:
L’Eau Nirique (a pun on the word onirique which means “dreamlike” in French ~and Greek, I might add...), an exotic accord of jasmine and lemon blossom.
Berbériades Extrême, an intense, spicier and more ambry version of one of her earlier creations, Berbériades.
Blanc d’Hiver, a pear sorbet over a trail of silky musks.
Li Altarelli, a fresh eau inspired by Mediterranean aromatic herbs and immortelle/everlasting flower.
The packaging changes its look, being designed anew by Laurent Dray. But the brand’s first 7 creations are still available. More info can be had on the official site: stephaniedesaintaignan

Info & pic via Osmoz.


  1. Thank you for this- I didn't know of the line but it sounds very interesting from what I can from my French! Blanc D'Hiver sounds lovely (another with the word winter in it seems to get me though...)

  2. K,

    you're welcome. I had posted about the first fragrances but couldn't find the link to my article and left it at that (if I find it I will include it).
    Yes, anything with Hiver in the name gets me too! *dreamy eye-ed*


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