Friday, February 6, 2009

Guerlain Mon Precieux Nectar: another new fragrance

A very limited edition is coming out of Guerlain's Boutique for serious collectors with a matching price-tag to rival everything we have been expecting. In times of recession there's nothing like some throwing caution to the wind, it seems!
Mon Précieux Nectar, is a super exclusive boutique offering in Extrait de Parfum concentration. "For the woman who relishes being unique and strives to set the trends instead of following them, Guerlain has created an extremely limited fragrance offering appropriately titled Mon Précieux Nectar. Only sixty two women in the world will be privileged to wear this scent, all but ensuring the wearers will never cross paths. Available as one full liter of perfume, the fragrance is floral and gourmand with a head of petitgrain and bitter almond, jasmine and orange blossom at the heart and a base of sensual woods, incense, vanilla and white musk". The mouth-watering and addictive fragrance comes in La Fontaine Impériale (imperial fountain), a hand-made crystal fountain with a silver-plated refillable atomizer that will be offered in a black leather box for the customer's convenience. Created by Sylvaine Dealcourte and Randa Hammami who had worked again with Guerlain on Cruel Gardénia. 1 L pure Parfum at the retail price of $9,000 or 6000 €, circulating in numbered bottles exclusively at Guerlain boutiques. (contradicting information talks about 100 numbered bottles ~this reminds me of something, but my tongue is tied)

At any rate, compared, Caron Baccarat "urns" seem like a steal...

Other upcoming Guerlain releases for the season (click the links for more info):
La Petite Robe Noire (out now)
Insolence Eau Glacée
Fleurs de Shalimar and Eau de Shalimar
Mitsouko Fleur de Lotus
Aqua Allegoria Mimosa-Tiaré and Aqua Allegoria Cherry Blossom
Terracotta Eau Sous Le Vent (also based on tiaré, the tropical Tahitian gardenia strung in leis)
Habit Rouge Sport

News & Pic courtesy of Sniffapalooza and mr.Guerlain collector via Basenotes


  1. Good heavens, what is it with Guerlain? The mimosa-tiaré sounds particularly... icky, though of course the proof is on the skin. And the Terracotta Eau sous le vent, now that's a name that trips off the tongue easily... Now I'm really getting grumpy!

  2. And P.S.: Mon précieux nectar sounds like something we... um... produce naturally. A Sécrétions Magnifiques au féminin.

  3. I am starting to believe they're jumbling names to see what happens. I expect "Un Instant d' Heure Bleue battant la Chamade", "Quand Vient Nahéma Coquine et Fatale", "Sous le Vent et Sous la Pluie (nous sommes en compagnie)", "Evasion de Samsara Noire", "Parure de Ganache Insolent Pour Troubler" and other assorted delights..... I could go on all day!

    And to your PS:
    YUP!! HOW could they not foresee that association! Unless they want to evoke it, like in the Elixirs Charnels..... I can see the ad copy now: "Prends mon précieux nectar, c'est tout pour toi, quand je me suis oubliée dans tes bras..." (oops, that's from another brand! LOL).

  4. Oh my goodness, you guys are too funny!

    E, I am just sitting here reading about this, and shaking my head. The folks at Guerlain have gone mad, simply mad. The ad copy is beyond pretentious and just downright obnoxious. Why 62 bottles? Or is it one hundred? Do they even have that straight? And who cares if I cross paths with some other woman wearing the same fragrance I am? Let me stop before I go mad!

    Thank you both for the levity. :)


  5. R, sweetie, thank you for commenting!

    Well, well, I was expecting someone to notice the discrepancy of the given info on the number of bottles and comment on it! I am wondering too: Both sources seemed officially informed. And how come they're not 68 bottles?? ;-)

    Let's hope they do NOT follow my ad copy suggestion above, for everybody's sake! LOL!

  6. Anonymous22:36

    Oh E, it's getting worse, isn't it? It just makes me so sad to see such a legendary brand losing its way like this.

    At the risk of repeating myself, why can't they re-issue some of their precious back catalogue instead of all these ludicrous super-luxe gold-plated crystal doo-dahs that no-one can afford and probably won't smell that great anyway?

    And since when did Guerlain need to rush out so many new scents in such a short space of time? Ridiculous.

    I think I might cry.

    Sorry, end of rant.

  7. Anonymous05:49

    We have talked about it before: It is hilarious and your discussions are just too funny. Love it.
    And Ilove the idea that the ladies wearing these precious scent will all belong to a class in a class in a class. Might well be that the chances of them meeting each other are higher than you'd think.

  8. Hi, E (and D!) -- you have me laughing out loud this morning. Thankfully there is no one else sitting here in the McDonald's on the Bouldevard des Capucines (where I have come for the free internet access).

    I wonder if it is available to sniff yet at the Guerlain flagship store?

  9. Hello, Jarvis, darling !!!!
    Hi, bosom friends.


    Trop riche pour mon sang, je l'avoue.

  10. Oh, this does keep getting worse and worse. Just when I finished lamenting the Mitsouko flanker (after lamenting Les Elixir Charnels) along comes what might be a wonderful fragrance with a name like this?!! Not to mention the price.

    The names, the laughable ad copy, the complete lack of coherence... So glad that I have a nice stash of classic and vintage Guerlain fragrances. Along with a few from L'Art et la Matière line. Please, can we just go back a few years to that concept?


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