Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tagged yet again!

I have been tagged yet again by two wonderful bloggers: oenophiliac (and sensexplorer) Chris from Vetivresse and the formidable on many levels Ayala from Smelly Blog.

Quick recap of rules: 1. Link to the person who tagged you 2. Post the rules on your blog 3. Write six random things about yourself 4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them 5. Let each person know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog 6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Of course as I have already admitted some of my "dark" secrets, I thought this time I'd share some of my perfumed ones....

1. I have a strange aversion to the smell of burnt nutmeg pods, thanks to an "experiment" I conducted when young. I really like nutmeg as a note however and enjoy the spice in cooking.
2. My perfume hero is my maternal grandmother: she had the knack of scoring every classic-to-be when she was young resulting in an impressive collection through her middle and advanced age and an array of bottles the stuff of daydreams for her descendants. I often take my inspiration from her.
3. The smell of those pumping valves at the gas station? Makes me rather nauseous...contrary to my significant other who inhales deeply.
4. Pee has an interesting nuance of what the other person has drunk and/or eaten. I make a mental note (and guess) when visiting toilets in public places. My hypotheses have the invaluable advantage of not being able to be proven wrong (unless I want to end up incarcerated or something!) which makes me feel rather smug about it ("Hey, check out that garlic fest! Must have been skordalia!").
5. I must have read Das Parfum 10 times since I first did as a very young girl; 4 of those have been in the last 4 years ~it's become a weird annual evaluation of how far I have gone into the fragrant journey; the day I am fed up with Grenouille's efforts is probably the day I lose interest in fragrance altogether I like to think. (although I often re-read books that made an impression)
6. I have long reached the point when I leave bought samples unsniffed for weeks on end. It's called saturation; or is it satiation? The day I leave them unsniffed for ever after will be the day I lose my interest in fragrance altogether. That day hasn't come yet.

And who am I tagging this time since I already tagged my unsung heroes and many regulars have also been tagged? Angela Sanders, a precious contributor of the articles which every perfumista identifies with on Now Smell This, Erik from the German Aromatisches Blog, Karin the life-savant of Savvy Thinker, Michelle with her pansensorial articles from Glass Petal Smoke, Rose from the very British Rose beyond the Thames, and the new entry immersed in the arts world at Nose About Town .

Feel free to elaborate on little known facts that have to do with your life or your path to perfumedom!

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  1. Anonymous16:31

    Oh I thought I was the only one who had over +100 samples not yet smelled!

    I'm NOT SAYING I don't want them, and I'm NOT ready to give them away - but when the heck am I going to have the chance to smell them when I'm wearing all of the regular fragrances in my wardrobe, plus constantly receiving new samples for reviews, etc..!?

    I'm not complaining though - I wouldn't have it any other way.

  2. Thanks for the chance to learn even more about you...

    I have about 7 samples right now that I haven't even touched... not sure what that is about. I think I just haven't felt like experimenting lately. I will pick them up when the time is right...

  3. Nope, you're not the only one, M. I believe everyone in this trip long enough is bound to have this happen at some point along the road...*sigh*

  4. Daily,

    thank you for saying so, I was afraid I'd bore you.
    Yeah, I think some lack of excitement is resonating with many of us right now. Let's see.

  5. E., Thanks for your kind remarks. I have so many boxes of samples, I could create a new type of glass harmonica with all the vials. As it stands, just moving the boxes is a form of percussionism. As for your pee remark, can you recall the passage in Swann's Way in which the narrator describes the magical transformation of his chamberpot after a meal of asperges?

  6. uhoh, it's already happened to me too. I have boxes of samples I haven't had time to test.

  7. C,

    you're very welcome; they're deserved! And LOL, the musical comments are striking a very familiar chord!

    As to Marcel, if asparagus was changing his chamber pot into a perfume jar, he had a quite tolerant nose; although I love asparagus they're VERY smelly in urine (can't miss if one tried)

  8. J,

    time is so little, perfume launches are so many, it's natural we have been swamped! Welcome to the club, should I say? ;-)

  9. Just dropping in to say I have put my tagged post up! Thanks again for tagging me, I had fun thinking of what to say.

  10. Oh goody!! And you're welcome, it was a pleasure!
    I am hopping over to read, then :-))


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