Saturday, December 31, 2005

Fragrance History Articles Index

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Coty and the beginnings of modern perfumery:
Coty and his Chypre
Coty Chypre : packaging and advertising

The Origins of the Chypre perfume family: Lost in Antiquity ~everything you wanted to know
Chypre fragrances and their chronology: historical relevance of olfactory vogues related to chypres

Crossing Oceans of Time to Bottle Antiquity: David Pybus and his museum projects

Cult of the Celebrity scent: an historical approach to the phenomenon of celebrity endorsed fragrances

From the history of the house of Chanel:
Beige (vintage)
Cuir de Russie

From the history of the house of Christian Dior:
Miss Dior (1947)
Diorama (1949)
Eau Fraiche (1953)
Diorling (1963)
Diorella (1972)
Dior-Dior (1976)

From the history of the house of Guerlain:
Pour Troubler (1911)
Shalimar (1925)
Liu (1929)
Sous Le Vent (1933)
Vol de Nuit
Vega (1936)
Fleur de Feu (1948)
Atuana (1952)
Ode (1955)
Vetiver (1956)
Chant d'Aromes (1962)

Little known facts: fragrance trivia you might not know

Romancing the Ripe: historical evidence on the lure of "dirty/skanky"

Space Odyssey: Ten Monoliths Ten moments in the history of scent that changed everything

The Different Company: history of a niche line

Vetiver in historical fragrances: the iconic references
Vetiver and gender: the history of a miscalculated note

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