Friday, August 27, 2010

Do We Rely on "Rumours"? Or More?

Quite often on Perfume Shrine we break some news before they become "official" (We tag them under the label "rumour"). Before sales associates and even distributors hear about them. Before there is any corroboration from other sources. Some readers in the past have doubted some rumours, yet we have been proven correct time and again. And again. And again. Rumours which we report prematurely, often backed up with photographic proof later. Rumours which we arrive at through snippets of information from our inside connections , reportage and logical syllogisms.

Today we reply to the naysayers of last February when we first broke the news on discontinuations of several Lutens scents from the export line, therefore in essence from the international market circuit, forgive the pun. Four of them are to exit the export line of the oblong bottles, finally becoming Parisian exclusives in the beautiful "bell" shaped jars: Miel de Bois, Chypre Rouge, Santal Blanc and Douce Amère. (This seems to have been in the cards long ago, apparently, I should have seen it long ago). If you didn't stock up when you had the chance all these months ago, well, I'd hate to say we told you so. But I did.
Today I will leave the photographs do the talking...

Photos from the official Lutens page.


  1. Thanks to your alert, I bought all four of these in the export sprays), and I'm glad I did, because they are all glorious, and I don't think I'll be able to make a trip to Paris just to buy them.

  2. Tara C23:23

    I'm happy to see they moved them to bell jars rather than just discontinuing them altogether.

  3. C,

    I'm glad you did! I know several people don't have access to the Parisian exclusives, so it would be unfair to them NOT to say so, when I knew they would be out of reach in some months' time down the road.

  4. Tara,

    hi there!

    Yes, I'm happy as well, as you can imagine (I just LOVE Douce Amere!) At least they're still in production, even if it means most people don't have access to them. Initially I feared the worst because my source talked about "no more bottles". Luckily it was about the specific bottles, not the contents necessarily. :-)


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