Monday, August 23, 2010

Guerlain L'Abeille: Crystal Sculpture, New Fragrance

We're always happy to confirm rumours which we had started on this place (last December) and this is the latest one: Guerlain teamed again with Baccarat to manufacture a massive flacon for the ultra-exclusive flacon of their new perfume called L'Abeille de Guerlain. The name means of course..."bee" and it's meant to look like a gigantic bee with its wings faceted like precious diamonds.
Only 42 numbered pieces has been made, each containing 245 ml of pure extrait de parfum for 12.500 Euros (Who said there's a financial crisis? And -brace yourselves- it's even more than the initially reported 8000 euros we had stated!). Composed by Thierry Wasser who was aiming to "see a garden from a bee's perspective", that is pollen, chlorophyl, sunny flowers: Mimosa, orange blossom, and jasmine. And a scent of honey which "marries so well with summer flowers". Wasser warns this alloy might "syrupy thick" if not properly treated but tells us the end result "flies like an angel, diffuses without suffocating, twines around the marvellous iris, so precisely powdery". Hmm, I doubt I can say "we will see" at those prices (initial reports talk about an at once carnal and fresh white floral with powdery aspects), although I'm sure a sample might find its way to my desk eventually. Till then!
Guerlain in the meantime says there are no plans to bring this into smaller, plainer bottles: "Not yet" at least. If the case of of Mon Précieux Nectar is any indication, these things are created to be split from the get-go, with a couple bottles snatched by avid collector-maniacs and a couple more displayed as design art in Guerlain boutiques across the world, me thinks...What do you think?
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Added info and pic via Mr.Guerlain, many thanks.


  1. Fiordiligi14:23

    Welcome back, dearest E! Hope you had a lovely holiday.

    Naturally, I am very interested in this scent but I think the bottle is appallingly over-the-top. I would love the chance to sniff it but it seems unlikely at this price!

    Incidentally, I understand from Guerlain Paris that Shalimar Ode a la Vanille is being released in October. Thought you might like to know. I definitely see some of that one in my future.

  2. Anonymous17:14

    got a sample of that together with the advert materials a couple of days ago posted my lousy photo of the official materials;
    to give you my impression - you surely know Tilleule D'Orcey? L'Abeille is exactly it brought up to a perfume concentration and slightly refined.
    I would most surely buy the whole bottle if it were in the price range of Quand Vient la Pluie in deluxe edition, but this time they are way above my head

  3. Anonymous17:21

    and it looks a bit less imposing in reality as it is quite small in fact - easy to imagine it's size thinking of a 250 bottle of les abeilles - very comparable

  4. Eleonore19:02

    well...amazing...but what is the purpose of the whole thing, I wonder!
    Creating a perfume is making people dream of trying it and eventually buying and wearing it, which in this case will be possible for the 42 happy few...and even so as it is a piece of collection I am sure most of the owners will keep it sealed in a show case...
    Sort of pathetic really when you think of it..what would the creators of the brand would think of it? I am sure they would object from what I've read about them!
    Baccarat is superb but if I want a baccarat object I don't need a Guerlain perfume in it...
    I am sorry but I am really so sad of what Guerlain has become now, such a waste and a shame too!!!
    PS: happy to see you back and resume old habits of reading your blog, hope you enjoyed a very good rest:-))

  5. Great to see you back!
    I love bees so much that I covet that beautiful bottle ... but really, that's far outside what I'd be willing to pay for a perfume even if I did have that sort of disposable income (and I don't! not by a longshot!)

  6. Welcome back, E.

    What thinkest I? Oddly/interestingly, me, the bottle appreciative but not gaga since I'm really about the juice type, would love a chance to check this out in person. For the bottle.

    If the contents were to be fabulous, well, that would be nice. Right now, I'm kinda like a raven...all caught up in looking at the "sparkly"...

    From a more thinking perspective: Hmmm...what purpose *does* this kind of launch/release/offering serve? Re-affirmation of exclusive nature of the line? Something for the still well-off in other parts of the world?

  7. Wow. That's... wow. The fragrance sounds lovely, although I suppose I'll never know. Maybe if enough bloggers give it a good review they'll put it into general production!

  8. dorrit14:56

    .."to give you my impression - you surely know Tilleule D'Orcey? L'Abeille is exactly it brought up to a perfume concentration and slightly refined..."

    Does it have that melon note that Tilleule has?

  9. Rappleyea23:04

    So glad you're back! I've missed you, selfishly, but I hope you had a wonderful and restorative time.

    Love the bottle, and of course would love to try the perfume as I love 180 Ans, but obviously that will be impossible unless it goes into production for the humble masses.

  10. I haven 't tried tilleul by parfums d'orsay, but i was lucky to receive almost an 1ml sample os this one at my last purchase. It's very natural, fresh, delicate, well done. It's like they have captured with perfected the soul of a mimosa and a jasmine flower. At first i could only detect the jasmine, a soft, honeyed jasmine, with something that really smelled like polen. What is interesting is that this jasmine didn't had that green aroma of jasmines or the heavy, sometimes indolic, aroma that this note has. It was a fresh, honey jasmine, with only a hint of something carnal. The base is to me cream musks with some tonka and petit grain, which adds a bitter-sweet citrus contrast that fits like a glove on this composition.
    If i had the money i'd buy it. I just hope that they launch it on a small and simpler bottle for a more affordable price.

  11. Anonymous05:09

    I have a bottle.... just one... and the scent(s) are all as described, plus a little more.

    Now here is the best, I will be posting an item on ebay soon...


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