Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Chanel Ad Filmed by Martin Scorcese

Apparently the film maverick is joining forces with the prestigious fashion and beauty firm for one of their upcoming commercials. Chanel has a great tradition to upkeep anyway and their latest commercials have been stellar one way or another, be it the operatically self-parodying of No.5 with Nicole Kidman by Baz Lurhman, the sophisticated Parisian burglar in Coco Mademoiselle with Keira Knightley or the romantic aboard-the-Orient-Express with Audrey Tautou filmed by Jean-Pierre Jenet for No.5 again. (No.5 being the test by fire for the brand).

Latest reportage states that "David Lynch is confirmed to have filmed an installment of Dior's string of commercials featuring ambassador Marion Cotillard in Shanghai, and now it's confirmed that as rumored, Martin Scorsese is working with Chanel. The director shut down a section of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York last Friday, and the owner of Moto, a restaurant in the area, confirmed Scorsese was filming a Chanel commercial" according to Fashionologie, who took the information from first-hand witness Jeni Avins who took some photos for Dossier (click to see the location shots). The über-hipster (and über-Chasid) Williamsburg is an unusual locale, but who knows New York better than Scorcese? (Woody Allen comes to mind, but I haven't heard of Chanel banging down on his door yet).
Chic Report adds that French actor Gaspard Ulliel (appearing at the Chanel Fall 2009 RTW show in Paris last March) and Canadian model Ingrid Schram are starring in the production as well. Scenes have also been shot underground in the midtown Manhattan subway (this theme reminds me of Berlin-set Prada's commercial to the lines of Thunder Perfect Mind by Jordan Scott, Ridley's daughter; her father incidentally has been the directot of some of the most imaginative Chanel commercials to date).

There is no indication which scent the commercial targets, although a source tells me it's about No.5 (in which case it would again involve Audrey Tautou, hot on the heels of her Mademoiselle impersonation in Coco Avant Chanel). Then again, isn't there some incosistency between the Jenet outlook and Scorcese's one? By the time it rolls out (around the end of the year, we will know).

EDIT TO ADD: As of Februrary 18th, according to WWD, the Scorcese advertisement is for the new Chanel fragrance for men! Will update with further info as it becomes available.
According to Magali Bertin from French Vogue, the fragrance is called Chanel Pour Homme. Here I'm a little stumped: Is it a new fragrance substituting the old, classic Chanel pour Homme (Chanel For Men, in the US) or does it mean it's a revamping of the classic through a new advertising? The former is rather more probable in view of perfumery restrictions. Andrea D'Avack, president of Parfum et Beauté at Chanel doesn't give any more info for now. And do bear in mind that the next Chanel according to the trademarks issued is -as we had predicted back in August 2008- called Bleu de Chanel (which might be marketed to men but is very improbable to have been budgeted for a big commercial by Scorcese).
We'll see in September when the commercial will hit our screens, I guess.


  1. Wow Marty doing perfume does interest and excite me- I kind of love the Coco M one with Keira Knightley but I don't like the song- and I like Audrey very much so they are on a roll for me. I would love it if Coco or 19 got an ad of their own but I think that is too much to hope for

  2. :) the only thing I like about Chanel is Audrey :))) Nothing more ...

  3. K,

    I'm very excited too!! I promise I will report when more is out ;-)
    (commercials for Coco or No.19 are out of the question, alas...)

  4. Rosabell,

    thanks for commenting! Well, let's hope Audrey gets a good "role" then :-)


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