Monday, September 21, 2009

Thierry Wasser and Ora Ito on Idylle by Guerlain

A new site for Idylle by Guerlain (with a chinoiserie rendition of "Singing in the Rain" at the background) has launched and it's carefully orchestrated to reveal facets of the new perfume and its conception. The in-house perfumer at Guerlain, Thierry Wasser, talks (with English subtitles) about the concept, the choice of notes (strong emphasis on the rose as per him) and the image chosen for the newest feminine fragrance for mainstream distribution by Guerlain,Idylle, fronted by Nora Amezeder. Watch Wasser on this link.
Ora Ito, the designer behind the flacon in the shape of a gold drop, talks here. I have to admit that the site is beautifully constructed.
Perhaps the most mischievous thing on it however is the invitation to play online and enter to win a day at La Maison Guerlain.


  1. will go and have a look- so many posts to catch up on- have been having firewall issues and now feel like Alice diving down the rabbit hole with so many things to see!

  2. Ooops, so sorry on the firewall problems. It's a bummer when this happens!
    By all means, sit around and feel at home :-))


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