Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kasia Smutniak fronts the upcoming Idole d'Armani

Recently we had speculated whether the face of the upcoming feminine fragrance of Giorgio Armani would be Angelina Jolie when news of an agreement between the uber-mom and the designer had hit the newstands. Backed with the collaboration with David Beckhman for the eagerly expected advertising campaign we had even composed a collage for a prospective naughty shooting idea! Yet the reality as hinted by one of our most clever readers was different: it seems like the powerful celebrity duo will front another franchise in the Armani perfume-brand, especially since Victoria Beckhman has ended her one-year contract with the designer for the brand's Emporio Armani (but her husband has not). The news is that Idole will be fronted by Polish actress Kasia Smutniak.

"I chose Kasia to be the face of my new fragrance, Idole d'Armani, because she has a fresh and modern appeal which combines true feminine sensuality and rare beauty with inner strength of character. She embodies the spirit of the Idole d'Armani woman perfectly", said Giorgio Armani. {source} Judging by her model looks (look at her prominent bone structure!) I don't see many women identifying with her really, nor do I see anything distinctive and out of the expectedly pretty as proposed by the art directors, but maybe I am overpicky visually or premature in my impressions... And with a name like Kasia, I would have loved for the fragrance to be cassia-based. Oh well...

Idole d'Armani will be available in stores worldwide from September 2009 and you can read an article with preliminary (and perplexing I might add) quotes from mr.Armani on this link and some info on the juice and the bottle on this link.

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Pics of Kasia Smutniak via and


  1. Alexandra13:00

    Women, described as rare beauties these days, are to me all very similar with plumped lips and very similar faces.
    This our actress, for example, is for me rare beauty and all natural:
    I`ve ordered Jubilation25 small bottle for 50$. I can`t wait to get it.

  2. I agree that the rare beauties of today seem to be coming from one mould although on the first picture, Kasia looks much better and much more like a real human being compared to the other one with all the generic beauty attributes of bleached hair, oval face without any distinguishing features etc.

    A few days ago, a friend of me who looks stunning, insisted that I indeed have style, even though I'm too big, too massive, too tall, too bony, with rather bad skin. I feel like a human being and it feels damn good that way. Just sayin'

  3. A,

    oh yeah....and she's got my kind of hair too!! LOL
    (Seriously she's got very classical, very proportioned features, she's truly beautiful indeed!)

    Ah pray tell, where did you order the smaller bottle of the Jub??? I might get another one myself, the price is excellent!

  4. L,

    who can argue with you? You tell it like it is: uniformity is what irks, they come out cut from the same cloth. The highlights in the hair especially irritate me, it's as if there needs to be some "lightening" up of their personalities too in order to become successful. I understand if someone is a natural blonde, but this medium-toned bleached hair is me, you comprehend!

    I do agree that you have your own style, in fact you have proven it through your kimono pics! ;-)

    PS. Still haven't tackled your email. I will though, promise!


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