Friday, May 22, 2009

Idole d’Armani: new fragrance

"Every man has his muse and for Giorgio Armani there have been many. With his latest fragrance, Idole d’Armani, the designer wanted to celebrate the women who have influenced his life, both professionally and personally".( The perfume is described as a spicy floral scent created by Bruno Jovanovic of IFF . Idole "opens with [notes of] Sicilian clementine, juicy pear, ginger and Indian davana. Its heart is of absolute saffron, Egyptian jasmine, and loukoum rose, and the drydown is of patchouli and vetiver."

"Giorgio Armani seems to find women fragrances a more difficult field to tackle, due to the notoriously fickle character of women consumers vs men (Might I here remind him and everyone else in the industry that fragrance companies have successfully detered us from having a signature scent, much like it had been the vogue for generations of women before us, in light of the marketing concept of a "fragrance wardrobe" which would purpotedly boost companies' sales?) "It's much more difficult," he said. "Women are very unfaithful -- psychologically speaking. Maybe it's because I'm a man and I know what men like. [They] like fragrances that [make them] feel like a man. Now there is too much promiscuity between a female and a male fragrance. [...]American women like a certain kind of fragrance, stronger and very personal. I sometimes say it's a little bit like an elevator fragrance. When a woman gets onto an elevator, you can smell this fragrance. It's a bit too much."...
Hmm, not exactly the best possible quote when every perfume company is trying to lure the American market which accounts for the lion's share of revenue. But we will see how it will play out. The new fragrance launches next September.

Sculpture L'eternel idol by A.Rodin


  1. Alexandra18:13

    I`ll never forgive Armani for killing first Armani(classic) and original Mania.
    We`ll see about this one.

  2. Oh, I hear you!

    I was lucky in getting a bottle of the original Mania (which I am splitting currently on Scentsplits), but I would have liked the original Armani pour Femme to have been in continuous production. It was so good!

  3. After reading that quote I kind've never want to go near Armanie's scents, I love it we are both too fickle and too steadfast.

  4. rappleyea20:49

    The worst part about his quote is that it is a rip off of the famous Jean Paul Guerlain quote! The notes sound good - I'll give him that, but we'll see. The old misogynist!


  5. I LOVE being 'damned with faint praise", LOL...

    Don't you ?

    Ah, retrograde Mercury.
    Gotta love it.
    Open mouth, insert foot, chew well.

    This could smell good, anyway!

  6. Jen,

    it doesn't make any sense, does it? I am stumped as to why they circulated this blurb, which is why I posted it.

  7. Donna,

    I wonder what was the context of the discussion and whether those were pulled out of it, but at any rate, the way it is presented (and his PR guy should be attentive to those things) doesn['t compute. It's off putting.

    Notes sound good, true.

  8. I,

    my darling, how are you? BTW, thanks for the lovely letter and everything!! ;-)

    Yeah, makes you wonder why they needed to publicize it like that. What was the purpose? And yes, it has the potential of being a good frag and it would be a shame if it tanked for PR deficiency.

  9. Rappleyea03:08

    Just to set the record straight, I found the original quote from Jean Paul Guerlain on M. Guerlain's site:

    "Perfume is made mainly so that one remembers the woman who wears it. I like to call it the elevator effect," Jean-Paul Guerlain said when Chamade was released. "This is the man who goes to meet his lover - whether it be his fiancee, his wife, or his mistress - who has entered a building before him. She is wearing perfume, and he smells it. Suddenly his heart beats faster and the blood rushes to his head."

    Armani seems to put a disparaging spin on this same thing. And it seems to me that the type of perfume Armani is describing is classic French perfume! So what's his slam on American women??? He better be more careful in this economy.

    (For some reason, this was on my mind while watching the NBA basketball playoffs - LOL!)

    Enjoy your Sunday -

  10. Thank you Donna for your thoroughness. Those playoffs must have ignited quite the spirit of research in you! :-))
    Hope you're having a lovely time!

    Whereas JPG meant it in a romantic (and very French, amorous) way, I see it here used in a contrary manner. I understand that GA means it in the sense that perfume shouldn't precede you exactly invading space, but the way it's phrased it's as if it is connnected with American women, which is a cliche (it might hold some truth in some cases but why generalise??) and it isn't conductive to aiding his project, which is...let me think...American women!! Since I believe GA doesn't even speak English, I am seriously starting to think this is a very, very bad translation of a quote on part of his publicist or something. If I am wrong, I welcome the chance to stand corrected. :-)


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