Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Angelina Jolie and David Beckham for the upcoming Armani fragrance ads

"Oscar winner Ange [Angelina Jolie], 34, is set to front a new fragrance for the Italian fashion house [Giorgio Armani] which already has football ace Becks, 34, starr-ing in its ads".
David Beckham and Angelina Jolie are to get up close and personal for the “sex­iest advert ever” according to The Daily Star.
The "multi-million pound" Armani campaign will begin as soon as technicalities such as the spouses' of the respective beautiful duo approval is given and collaborators are firmly set. The thinking behind the new advertsiements isn't hard to see, as the two stars, one the best-paid Hollywood actress and the other the best-known footballer, will "send sales soaring".
Armani reportedly came to an agreement with Angelina two weeks ago, but that was after a courtship spanning three years in which he was vying for her services.

It seems that the upcoming advertising is intended for Idole, the latest Giorgio Armani fragrance for women which we had reported on last May in this article. If so, it does seem to distract from his stated aim to "celebrate the women who have influenced his life, both professionally and personally". Has Angelina been such a great influence so far? Who's supposed to be eye candy anyway!

Edit to add: Albert, one of my readers and contributors, tells me that it can't be Idole, as they have already signed Kasia Smutniak for it, and another reader, CedriceCcentric suggests they could pose as a duo for best-selling Armani Code for men and for women. Sounds quite plausible to me!

pic collage of Angelina Jolie and David Beckham created by PerfumeShrine


  1. JAntoinette15:19

    Nice work on the pic!

  2. JA,

    thanks! Not perfect, but it will do for now :-)

  3. Ick.
    I hate adverts based on celebrities because they are celebrities.

  4. Good grief, not them again.

  5. hmm interesting- do you think the celebs ever ask to smell the juice before signing on the line? (when they're new scents anyway)

  6. Alexandra19:13

    Beyonce, Beckham...that is really not how I see Armani brand. Besides, correct me if I`m wrong, so much publicity (and money) for Beyonce and *Diamonds* and it was not really a success. And this campaign is going to cost $$$$$$$ again. Not to mention sex, sex, sex - again. I`m getting tired of that. But it`s obviously ment for younger audience.

  7. L,

    this one does seem to be shaped that way and they;re quite cynical about it, aren't they? (it will "send sales soaring"....) Ick!

  8. P,

    gorgeous as they might be, I am getting seriously bored with them myself. They're everywhere. They're just not that...interesting (A used to be, when very young, but not anymore IMO)

  9. K,

    nah.....I believe this is a "sign ad contract first, then see what we will put into the bottle later". It seriously seems like a marketing project more than anything. The celebrities with a true affinity for fragrance are few and far between: Catherine Deneuve of course, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alain Delon (whose line is Swiss based and not bad!)...I don't see most of them going beyond what's "hip" in their personal lives either.

  10. A,

    I used to think that the Armani brand should only have models that looked like that woman fronting the original Gio (not the Aqua di Gio, the floral one): chiseled, sparse, elegant, simple. Then they went the way of marketing and employed whoever was popular.
    I didn't know the Beyonce campaign didn't go well, but I guess it figures. One can identify with someone through a product only as much. The rest...the product should deliver!

  11. Oh and I forgot: sex, sex, sex..

    < rant > Yes, too much "sex" depicted, but do they really depict something carnal, something quirky, something to really excite beyond the voeyristic, to make you fantasize and ignite some train of thought? Nope, I only see narcisistic bodies spawled out prone for the eye-fondling...that's not sex, that's m@sturb@tion! (excuse me!)
    I doubt very young people have more sex, they just like seeing more images of this kind of "sexy" vibe (Their criterion has been irreparably flawed through advertising; I only have hopes for the generation that is now childern, maybe by the time they're adolescents, advertising will become witty and intelligently sexy again...*sigh*)

    < end of rant >

  12. Anonymous21:58

    I guess Victoria must be deeply disappointed. :)

  13. Rappleyea23:29

    GREAT collage! Brad should be jealous as it definitely looks like Angie has just left David's bed.

    I noticed two key words in your "rant" above: 'witty' and 'intelligently' sexy. Everything is being dumbed down these days, from perfumes to the ads that sell them!

  14. Anonymous03:52

    Thanks for the news. I'm actually very surprised because Polish-born actress Kasia Smutniak has been officially named as the face of Idole d'Armani:

    Armani was even quoted with the following tribute:

    "I chose Kasia to be the face of my new fragrance, IDOLE d'ARMANI, because she has a fresh and modern appeal which combines true feminine sensuality and rare beauty with inner strength of character. She embodies the spirit of the IDOLE d'ARMANI woman perfectly."

    So it would be hard to imagine Jolie endorsing Idole d'Armani. My guess is that another feminine fragrance is in the work as well.

  15. E, it's a shame isn't it. I agree SJP seems a true perfumista and Deneuve is like a mascot for us all!

    Angelina Jolie could front something remarkable though and it'll just end up being something overly sweet that she'd never wear. She should the face for Bvlgari black if anything!

  16. L,

    you think so? Won't she be looking Becks in the hands to see what she's buying her with the cheque? *catty*

  17. D,

    that was the concept! I was looking through pictures of the two and those two just clicked in my mind and this idea formed. :-)
    As to dumping down...yeah *sigh*

  18. A,

    as usual you bring on fabulous additions! It sounds like Angelina is set to star in another fragrance or perhaps they will do a DUO of fragrances (a his and hers). Awfully quick if so, however (since Idolle will launch this autumn); and does it seem like they're talking about the advertisements first, the juice as an after-thought or is it me? This never bodes well....hmmm....

  19. K,

    Black would be perfect for Angie!!!

  20. CedriCeCCentriC20:19

    I think they were signed for Armani Code. The male and female versions are bestsellers but haven't had a new campaign in ages.

  21. Cedri,

    thanks for chimming in! Could be so indeed! I think I am going to add a bit and quote you. :-)


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