Thursday, September 24, 2015

2015 Limited Edition Spray Perfume from Serge Lutens

In the tradition of years past, the French niche cult brand Serge Lutens issues a limited edition in a spray 50ml bottle of one of their more exclusively distributed fragrances packaged in bell jars containing 75ml. They introduce the scent in question with the familiar cryptic manner of description:

The religion of iron needed a Virgin, and the Virgin, a lily.

“Have you smelt it?”
“Yes, I have.”
“And how is it?” 
“As striking as the fleur-de-lis seal on the arm of a criminal.” 
“And deep down, as itchy as a hair shirt on the skin. In fact, a sublime torture!”

~Serge Lutens

This year's limited spray edition is therefore La Vierge de Fer. 

According to Lutens himself: "The lily in Vierge de Fer is more glorious than in Un Lys. That one was fresher, more lily-like, actually. It played on the whiteness of lily. This one [Vierge de Fer] plays on the heady aspect. It's a lily whose pollen hasn't been dusted off, it has kept its stamens and anthers. This is a lily which affronts, once again."

You can read more on Serge Lutens perfume reviews & news on this link


  1. Thanks for the information. I had smelled this briefly on paper, and it didn't register much, so this will be an occasion to smell better and see if it's worth it.

    Of course, this year Lutens has also expanded the superexpensive gold line with several entries.

    1. Indeed I am not captivated either.

      The super-expensive gold line feels a bit like a slap on the face, to be honest... Remember what Andy Tauer had said in his interview on these pages?

  2. Miss Heliotrope03:01

    Straight face when writing the press release?

    Cats are allergic to lillies - maybe bc they dont get on so well with christianity, either - at least in its history & mythology & so. Am being almost as ridiculous as SL...

    1. Ha, that's a frequent question for SL. :-D

      Are they really? They certainly don't mesh with christianity, that's for sure!!


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