Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sinful fragrances, you say?

Names like Cabochard (headstrong) or My Sin made perfumes of the first half of the 20th century seem so decadent and provocative. But more modern fragrance are also exploring the forbidden, the lustful, the envious...
Going Nowhere -copyright Sammy Slabnick via LIFO 

Find out 8 of these perfumes promising sinful rewards on this link.


  1. Thank you for the delightful slideshow!
    jean xox

  2. Miss Heliotrope03:08

    I have sometimes wondered if our move away from any real concern about (most) sin/s, means that we are missing something. To be worried about burning in hell or so forth bc of behaviour/thoughts/whatnot is madness, but at the same time, without that, we've lost an extra depth to the enjoyment of sinning - it's a bit more ho hum than decadent.

    1. Late to the discussion but I think "sin" in the western, religious sense is a philosophical creation.
      Ancient Greeks only perceived "hamartia", the genuine mistake in judgment; it had no moral connotation, mostly social, and that made a huge difference in the whole mindset. Minding the tranquility and betterment of society and through that the betterment of one's self is more important (and useful) than worrying about one's future in the other world (if such a thing exists at all).

      Of course as you say that refracts from the decadence of breaking a taboo. But I think that whole mindset is more primal and primitive to begin with (and therefore exploited as such from the powers that be within the church). Catholicism especially uses powerful associations between primal feelings and symbolism, hence its popularity in converting even savages.


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