Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fragrances for Celebration: New Year's Eve & Readers Favorites

The New Year Eve's celebration is always taking the biggest piece in the pie of festivities, ushering a new period of hope, dreams and expectations. To seal it off our fragrance choice tends to be festive, optimistic, hopeful and gorgeous (to us at least). With these criteria in mind I have personally chosen to wear Amouage Jubilation 25 which checks all boxes (and goes well with the subtle flesh-colored paillettes on my festive top). Mr.Perfume Shrine will be in his (and mine) favorite Cartier Declaration eau de toilette. What will you be wearing tonight?

In the meantime, here is a statistic of sorts (i.e.most mentions) of Reader's Favorites from 2014 (in our dedicated poll) which I promised as an addendum to our Best Fragrances of 2014 post posted yesterday.

Guerlain Shalimar and Mitsouko
Chanel Coromandel, No.5, Bois des Iles and Cristalle
Hermes Jour d'Hermes
Diptyque Philosykos and Geranium Odorata
Annick Goutal Ninfeo Mio
Tauer Perfumes Phi
Prada Infusion d'Iris
Ungaro Diva

Popular niche brands (apart from specific scents from the above brands) with lots of mentions include, in no particular order:

Tauer Perfumes
Mona di Orio
Annick Goutal
Frederic Malle
Vero Profumo
Serge Lutens
Patricia de Nicolai
L'Artisan Parfumeur
Tom Ford

Of course the readers of this blog are highly eclectic and have mentioned also lots of vintages, some cult vintages (some of which I had highlighted on this blog this past year, such as Laura Biagotti Romagood on you!) and several indie/artisanal brands. They all bring something worthwhile to the table!

Have a very Happy New Year filled with love, hope, creativity and good health!


  1. annemariec06:15

    Hurrah! Roma gets a mention! The weather here has at last become too hot for the ambery aspect of Roma, and with regret I put my bottle back in its box just yesterday, to await the first twinge of autumn.

    NY Eve was yesterday here. Late in the afternoon I went for a swim, and came home for shower and several hearty spritzes of Coriandre. Delish.

    Happy New Year to all.

  2. I always wear Chanel 18 for New Year's Eve. :) So I continued with the tradition.

  3. Anonymous16:49

    I wore Cartier La Panthère last night, my boyfriend took me to the renowned and acclaimed Xaviars restaurant in Piermont NY. It was fun, food and wine phenomenal, company amazing and I smelled so goooood!

    Happy New Year!


  4. Anonymous00:24

    I reverted to childhood and went to bed wrapped in the arms of vintage Emeraude and memories of my Mother. It may be time to move somewhere with daylight and warm beaches in the winter :)

    Isabella of the way too far North

  5. Miss Heliotrope06:32

    pjs & a lavender backrub cream...

  6. AMC,

    it feels good to make great scents survive and continue to be produced. I was sorta hesitant in the past (why surprise people with old scents from derelict companies etc.) but I have seen that not mentioning them means ceasing of production, so....we know what we must do! Roma is great.

    Fun about the swim and Coriandre! Hope 2015 continues on that fun note for you and yours!! :-)

  7. Ines,

    it's a lovely thing to have a tradition! Our modern culture and society is so short on traditions and rituals.
    Happy new year!!

  8. Emma,

    wowza, that sounds like a very enjoyable evening!! And of course it couldn't have been accompanied but with one of your spectacular fragrances: in this case the truly great new Panthere. Good on you!

    Repeating my wishes for a lovely, smooth, lucky 2015!

  9. Isabelle,

    ah, that's a very sweet thought! I'm sure she'd be watching from above.

    There are benefits to winter weather which escape you though; dearth of cockroaches and other disgusting critters that propagate in warmth, lack of sore skin from sweat & rubbing raw to shoes, straps etc., possibility of keeping hair in place without feeling your scalp dripping and sticking with hair products, non swollen feet etc.
    It all depends on how cold it is I suppose, though, to be fair. :-D

  10. MH,

    sounds good to me!
    Happy new year, darling :-)

  11. Happy New Year, E - here's wishing you the very best in 2015.

    Amouage Jubliation 25 is soooo beautiful and sexy. Great choice for New Year's Eve. I can't remember what I wore -- that's bad. :D Have been wearing Prescriptives Calyx, Sammarco Bond-T, Amouage Epic Woman and Viktoria Minya Eau de Hongrie a lot throughout these holiday weeks.

  12. Happy New Year Helg!!!

    I have a summer flu .... lucky hey! LOL

    So the only perfume I can smell at the moment is Mitsouko .

  13. Suzanne,

    same to you!! Heartfelt wishes for a prosperous, loving, fun year ahead :-)

    Your choices are certainly not lacking! (Going to review VM's Eau de Hongrie shortly). Good for you to enjoy these lovely scents.

  14. M,

    happy new year and hope for a swift recovery!!!

    Is it that bad with the wildfires down under? I was a bit alarmed with what I read on the news. Hope it ceases soon!


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