Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Avon Unplugged for Her & for Him fronted by Jon Bon Jovi: new fragrances

Avon Products has announced that the 50-year-old rock star is the company's newest celebrity fragrance partner. He'll appear in ads for both Unplugged for Her and Unplugged for Him. Why these two partners meshed? Call it a merging interest in philanthropy.

The company said "the inspiration for both scents is the unique feeling one has listening to a favourite song". The goal is "an emotional connection". The women's version is a floral oriental perfume, and the men's is a woody floral musk fragrance. Available through Avon reps and online in October 2012 (for the women's version) and November 2012 (for the men's edition). pic via


  1. whenever I hear "floral" in relation to men's perfume it gets me wondering. What sort of floral (jasmine, orange blossom?) and will it be discernible... at all? I would love to see a good strong floral for men. Fleur de male came close but it was so cloying that wearing it felt like isolation.

  2. Kosta,

    good point. But floral woody musk suggests a male version of Narciso in a less sweet incarnation. I think orange blossom is a more prime contestant for that.
    I can't think many florals for men, pity...


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