Friday, April 13, 2012

New Decanting Site: Surrender to Chance

Lisa Lawler and Patty White, two of the founding (now former) members of The Perfumed Court, have created a new sample/decant site: Surrender to Chance. The unique name came about on a recent trip to Morocco, where they realized their vision of the world of perfume was expanding beyond the scope of their previous venture. They believe perfume is fun and want people to surrender the way they think about perfume, to take a chance and try something completely different .

The new site will provide decants of niche/mainstream//indie/discontinued fragrances as well as educational sample packs by notes, historical significance, award winners, perfumers, and perfume houses. The new site will also focus on enhanced customer service, realtime inventory controls to track stock, streamlined shipping, and easier site navigation for the beginner as well as the experienced perfumista.  They have a collection of lesser-known perfumers from their extensive global perfume explorations and will continue to expand in that area.  These collections will be  available  in a variety of sampling options.

Both experienced perfumistas, Patty is also owner of Perfume Posse a daily and somewhat irreverent perfume review blog, now in its 7th year.

info via press release


  1. Anonymous12:41

    I'm very excited for them! It's a great new source for the perfume community!

  2. Anon,

    it's true that the more options available, the better it is for everyone!


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