Monday, March 19, 2012

What Perfumes Does Karl Lagerfeld Keep in His Bathroom?

Peeking into celebrities' private lives has been the collective, flesh-eating story of our modern urban lives; there's simply no way of avoiding it and we've been conditioned to expect our daily dosage of carnage. To that end Karl Lagerfeld exposes his bathroom himself to Harper's Bazaar, photographic his Parisian apartment and his array of skincare and haircare (you'd expect the latter) comprising Creme de la Mer, Elseve, Kerastase, Dior, Shu Uemura and Klorane Dry Shampoo (an intriguing revelation is that he uses it to make his hair look whiter than it is!). But what fragrances does he keep beside the newspapers?

click to enlarge (via harper's bazaar)

On his counter I can spot two Serge Lutens bottles (my money is on either Sa Majeste la Rose, Douce Amere or Arabie), Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial as well as the classic Shalimar in the black limited edition bottle "Black Mystery", Balenciaga Paris, Chanel Les Exclusifs Eau de Cologne (this was made to his exigency, so it makes sense to always stock it and use it) or even more possibly No.22 since the name is short on the bottle, as well as Guerlain Cologne du 68 or alternatively his own Karleidoscope which shares a similar looking bottle. I also spot a silvery can of Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance on an upper shelf.

What? No KL fragrances?


  1. ... ooo, what a great post .. thanks so much ... loved your insight to what's on the counter, and the article was FASCINATING ... xo .. Karen

  2. Somebody showed the article also on Basenotes. There is probably a Lagerfeld - the tall bottle is likely not cologne du 68 but the new Lagerfeld Kaleidoscope:
    (scroll down).

    I was also taken aback by the lack of Chanels, except the one exclusif. Is it the wonderful EdC? The name looks to short for that, we were guessing more No 22 or the like.


  3. Anonymous16:11

    LOL KL fragrances are the means to earn money, so he can spend to buy his favourite ones ;)

  4. Thanks Karen!

    We often try to decipher just what are the famous not telling us. ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you often.

  5. M,

    I was just about to post that the one Lutens for some reason seems to be Sa majeste. I think I will go on a limp and include it. I'd think the other one would be Douce Amere, what do you think?

    Hmm, Karleidoscope looks close. It could be it.

    As to the Chanel, I know for a fact he demanded they make an Eau de Cologne (and got his wish!), but indeed this might be No.22 in the 75ml bottle (I don't think there is a comparable bottle in No.19 or No5).

  6. A,

    perhaps! :D
    Or perhaps one of them is indeed Karleidoscope, so he's not totally without adherence to his own brand.

  7. Anonymous20:46

    I spy with my little eye, behind the Shalimar Initial, two bottles of Tom Ford Exclusives.

    He sure seems to like expensive beauty products.


  8. Christine,

    he can afford it ;-)

    I thought I saw some Tom Ford Private Line, but it could be anything really. One can only see the top of the cap. But it's a valid guess, all right!

    Thanks for commenting!

  9. Anonymous06:46

    Wow. All those products and tools. Exclusive and expensive. One can't help but wonder how the old girl would look without 'em......God bless Karl Lagerfeld.

  10. Anon,

    haha! A lot greyer in the hair for one!
    All that Dior Capture doesn't do much after a while, does it? There's a common fate for all of us at some point I guess.
    If only we can manage to arrive at his ripe age, we should be so lucky. :-)

  11. Hello Elena,
    I can see one (ot two) Tom Ford fragrance(s) also.
    And 2 Comme des Garçons bottles: the new 'Comme des Garçons' and 'White'.
    May be also one big bottle from Penhaligon's. And a White Caviar skincare flacon from La Prairie, for sure.

  12. Allo, Nicolas! Ca va bien?

    Thanks for stopping by. I think we're almost certain now that indeed the caps are Tom Fords. The conscensus is pointing to it.
    CdG eh? The new bubbly weird-shaped bottle one? I wouldn't have pegged him the type. Thanks for the clarification.

    It's interesting that he uses so much skincare, that's what impressed me most; I knew he always had an affinity for perfumes.

  13. Thomas10:03

    The middle bottle with the yellow juice and the black and gold cap is Karleidoscope and the samll Karl's profile on the wall (left) are coming from Karleidoscope packaging.

  14. Thomas,

    absolutely wonderful! Thanks!!

  15. Anonymous22:25

    “I am not faithful to only one perfume. Let’s say I am faithful on the moment. Every day I use Serpentine from Comme des Garçons and Boy from Chanel. I really like Bal D’Afrique from Byredo, but I had to stop because Choupette couldn’t stand it. I have just discovered La Nuit étoilée from Annick Goutal, it could also have been in the photo.” (2016 interview)


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