Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chanel Perfume Rumour: Les Exclusifs 1932

drawing of Chanel by Jean Cocteau  (1932)

Chanel have just trademarked the "name" "1932" for their perfumery branch. The year coincides with the introduction of Ivoire de Chanel, one of the unknown Chanel fragrances that came out in that eventful decade. The year also coincides with the introduction of Chanel jewelry, focusing on diamond rings and brooches that still retain their delightful art Deco character.

Is, after Chanel Jersey and Chanel Beige, Ivoire to be the next Chanel Les Exclusifs perfume? I think it should be. This could be a re-issue of the unfairly unsung vintage Ivoire, but in all probability it should be a totally modern composition that merely utilizes the retro connotation to instill a sense of patrimonie into the proceedings. Taking into account that the latest Chanel parfums have not strung by heartstrings, I remain sceptical, but would like to sample nevertheless.

Of course they might be trademarking things with an eye into stopping the competition. Coco Noir still hasn't been publicized...

EDIT TO ADDSashimi87 has posted an actual photo of the bottle of Chanel Les Exclusifs 1932 on Instagram, as per my reader Wit Siamaise. It's too good not to show to you  (plus it corroborates my info) and I hope she's fine with it appearing here.

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  1. I think Chanel should have had the the early releases (Cuir de Russie, no. 46, etc) in circulation long before they started this business of Coco Mademoiselle, no. 5 Eau Premiere. Playing the flanker game some of their most famous perfumes kind of makes me sad.

  2. I'm at a loss as to why they are succumbing to the flankers business so seriously, as they have so many fragrances in their archives. Like with Guerlain, the mind boggles.

  3. I saw an attractive lady holding it in Instagram.

    So it is confirm to be new les exclusifs ?

  4. That seems like conclusive info, doesn't it? Thanks Wit Siamaise!! :-)
    Adding the photo and your alias credit in the body of the post.

  5. Anonymous06:55

    Just bought my "Chanel 1932" at Chicago's Chanel store ! It was love from the first sniff. The scent is very soft and elegant to my nose, with not to much powder at the drydown, which is somewhat a minus in my opinion. The perfume is very distinctly Chanel, but not at all a retro scent. If new No.19 Poudre is a "green" kind of scent, and I personally like it even more then original No.19 (please don't hate me), "1932" is much softer and creamier to me. I do smell jasmine underneath the softness, but not too much. It is, like I said, creamy and silky scent, which would do great in any kind of climate and all four seasons. Unlike Beige and Jersey which I did not care for at all, I personally think it is a great addition to the Les Exclusifs collection.


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