Monday, March 26, 2012

EVAmour: new fragrance

"My first memory of fragrance is my mom," she said. "She wore Charlie but I actually never wore perfume. I would always sneeze when I smelled it and just never found one that worked for me, which is why I wanted to develop my own." And while her debut fragrance was meant to evoke a clean, just out of the shower feeling, this one is "seductive, playful, sexy, and mature," Longoria explains, adding that when she starts making a scent (it takes about a year), she works with a perfume house and tells them what she wants the end result to be—emotionally.
"The perfumers would say, 'oh you mean a spicy musk.' But that's Chinese to me so they would send me samples, we'd go back and forth—but in both cases, I ended up going with the first try!"

Thus goes the article on Allure, chronicling the route that Eva Longoria would take to "co-create" her latest fragrance, called EVAmour. The second celebrity perfume by the "Desperate Housewives" star features notes of bergamot, apple, red currant, vanilla, amber, and musk.


  1. Yeesh, what a stupid name. Then again, after reading her creative process, it does seem to fit.

  2. I am gonna state the obvious here and say how much I am bored of these celeb perfumes/co-creations. I also hate the fact that famous actresses have also become the faces of perfumes. That said, what would you say for example if january jones did a mad men perfume? also we see a lot of women doing this, but what about men? It seems like an unexplored territory or am I wrong? For example, so and so actor, ie gerald butler creating x perfume. would men buy?

  3. Not another celebrity scent! This was probably really old 20 years ago.

  4. Anonymous23:32

    She doesn't know what spicy musk means? Give me strength. Words fail me, on so many levels.

  5. R,

    can't say I was crazy about the name myself.

  6. LD,

    lots of men in the celebrity perfume business, I believe, even Bollywood ones. We just don't hear about them as much, I guess (or I don't always feel the need to report on them, because the concepts and marketing are so mind-dumbingly dull)

    Celebrity scents have been here for a VERY long time and some specimens have created amazing results (thinking of Deneuve, the first Pavarotti etc) so I'm always hopeful. That said, I can't say that I'm especially psyched on Eva's trial, especially since she doesn't wear perfume routinely herself and the notes sound like they're just the thing to trigger allergies. (irony?)

  7. Eld,

    alas, even though there seemed to be a small curb a couple of years ago, celeboscents are going from stregth to strength lately (it's the second biggest growth sector in the business after the "niche" stuff) so we won't be spared any time soon.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news... :P

  8. Anon,

    I thought the same thing, then stopped myself; you'd be suprised at how incogruent and diverse the definitions for both "spicy" and "musky" are in the general population! It's mind boggling, I assure you. (One would think that at least spicy would be obvious thanks to food, but no)

    I had picked an instance on this article, prompted by something said on Facebook on musky scents and had elaborated on perceptions on musk in yet another.

    This is why I (perhaps boringly) insist that an education into the vocabulary and inner workings of perfume consruction goes a long way into a better appreciation.


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