Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Guerlain Shalimar extrait de parfum in Baccarat: Gorgeous Limited Edition

An edition to stop all others in their tracks (remember the Shalimar Fourreau du Soir we posted about the other day?). In deep blue and in no less than heavy, posh Baccarat crystal with a blue tassel and quadrilobe cap. Only 30 bottles will be put in circulation of Shalimar parfum in Baccarat, available at la Maison Guerlain.
Feast your eyes on it! (click to enlarge)
The ultra limited edition was presented during the mind-blowing Guerlain event  "les journées particulières" (on 15th and 16th October) during which perfumer Thierry Wasser, makeup artistic director Olivier Echaudemaison and Sylvaine Delacourte opened the doors for the general public, to mystify them into the Guerlain cult.
Among the good news is that Liu (presented for the occasion in its chinese lacquer box from the Art Deco period) is and will still be part of Les Parisiennes line-up, staying in production after all.

For a chance of a comparable experience on US soil, check out the Guerlain Exclusives Experience.
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  1. OMG. It's beautiful.

    But don't want to know the price. :)

  2. That's why I didn't ask! LOL :P

  3. Fiordiligi11:50

    I was wondering if you'd seen and read about this! A gorgeous bottle but sadly the contents will not be up to the container....

    How I wish I could have managed to be in Paris for this event!

  4. It's certainly a beautiful picture; thanks for sharing.

    By the way, I found out yesterday that Dior have produced 8 Baccarat crystal bottles of J'Adore L'Or, each with a fine, gold chain-mail-style necklace. One of these will be sold in Britain.

    The price: £23,000!

    Yes, I DID just type three zeros.

  5. Fiordiligi13:56

    Persolaise, those Diors are NOT for the Western market, je pense!

  6. Anonymous16:42

    This is a thing of beauty, to be sure. But the French seem to be in denial that the Euro-zone is very troubled at the moment (including Sarkozy, who is so afraid of being downgraded that he doesn't want France to capitalize his banks, he wants the zone to do it). I cannot imagine who would actually buy this in these dangerous times. Is Guerlain tone-deaf?

  7. Anonymous16:53

    I personally think the little tassel looks ridiculous, it ruins it.


  8. The price of the Shalimar flacon is 500ml, and will retail for ca. 6500 Euros. Ouch!

  9. The bottle looks nice but I don't want to know what it would cost me. I just bought a full bottle of Memoir for women and had to replace a broken cell phone.

  10. Cobalt glass glans penis--all tied up, too-- gotta love it.

  11. What a stunning bottle! I absolutely love this shade of blue. Magnificent!! (but I agree with Calypso that the tassel is a bit weird...)

  12. I wonder why don't they make pretty bottles for the garden variety stuff. The bottle for Insolence is an abomination.

    In fact, I wonder why don't they make nice garden variety stuff at all.

  13. That's a truly gorgeous bottle.......with a mustache.

  14. D,

    I make it my business to inquire about such things! ;-)

    Yes, the event was certainly jam-packed with info and glorious presentations.

  15. Persolaise,

    ouch!!!! I can't figure out how they do these things: a one-off with the price of furniture.

  16. D,

    you're correct! I assume that the Middle East and Mafia-type Russians acquire most of these. Like haute couture sorta. :/

  17. Anon,

    truer words....

    You should catch the latest video clip I posted at my other blog, the Greek-focused one. ;-) The "experiment" is catching on, in France as well.

    Like I said above, these are moves to justify "luxury" meant for people with cash to launder.

  18. Calypso,

    maybe, but that tassel is an integral part of the baudruchage of the parfum bottles: all extraits have tassels and this is a replication of an old motif.

  19. Dimi,

    thanks (I guess) for bring us into the reality zone. OUCH!!! I mean, geez. So costly.

  20. Eld,

    if you're following comments, you'll have seen that Dimitri above kindly replied to this question.

  21. Melissa,

    too cute! A sort of "rooster" ring? ;-P

    Seriously though, the quadrilobe top is standard Guerlain. I kinda thing the original inspiration though isn't too far fetched; organic forms and all.

  22. Frida,

    the shade is what caught me in my tracks as well. Isn't it simply jaw-dropping beautiful? It's blue as it's supposed to be.
    The tassel is essential though, to hold the string and the membrane that closes the extrait de parfum.

  23. L,

    good question!
    I would be perfectly happy with quadrilobes for everything extrait, to be honest. And possibly those Parisiennes bees bottles with a spray attachment for the rest. Keeping it uniform.
    The Insolence bottle doesn't bother me too much, since I like the juice. (does it look like "unclean dishes on the sink" to you too? )

  24. Stelma,

    LOL, what a cute thought! Yup, it does look like a mustache. (Rochas should see that!)

  25. Helg, I must admit that there are bottles I do like for their own sake. Parure comes to my mind and one day I'd like to own the bottle. Or the classical Lancome bottle with the etched glass stopper. Or Coty's Complice. I recall two modern bottles which are not entirely geometric and which I really like: Vero Kern's extraits and Flower by Kenzo, preferably the Oriental version. (I should get a bottle before it's entirely gone). Many of the ambitious creations are just too overdone, as if the designers tried too hard.

  26. Anonymous14:57

    if you're following comments, you'll have seen that Dimitri above kindly replied to this question.

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