Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Aqua di Parma Gelsomino Nobile: fragrance review & bottle giveaway

First things first: I have a brand new bottle of the to-be-launched Gelsomino Nobile for a lucky reader, from which only a 5ml decant is missing for reviewing purposes. To be eligible, all you have to do is answer to these questions: 1)What do you find pleasurable/helpful in a frag review? 2)What are the subjects on our pages you would like to read more of? Now on to reviewing this upcoming Aqua di Parma fragrance focused on jasmine...

Gelsomino Nobile (Noble Jasmine) by Aqua di Parma belongs to the Le Nobili sub-collection: 3 women’s fragrances, all in eau de parfum concentration, with a secondary Eau de Toilette for Iris Nobile. The “Nobili” are therefore Iris Nobile, Magnolia Nobile, and the new Gelsomino Nobile. Much in tune with its sister scents, Gelsomino Nobile is also an ethereal, refined, greenish rhapsody in melodious Italian, which could be worn by lovers of all things airy and romantic who want to remain chic and effortless at all times.

The scent of Gelsomino Nobile starts on exhilarating citrusy accents with a peppery bite, much like natural bergamot and the more green neroli distillation from the orange blossom (although neither is listed in the notes), soon accompanied by sweeter elements. The vista opens into a grove of fragrant white vines, dewy jasmine (non indolic), a smidge of the greener parts of tuberose (and none of the danger), and what seems like a clean freesia accord. Although freesia accords can project as screechy and sterile sometimes, the rendering here is subdued: One gets the (illusory) waft of a budding flower, rather than the intense pong of profuse aromachemicals. It's elegant, if predictable.
This stage remains poised for the rest of the duration on the skin, gaining polished nuances of clean, skin-compatible, expensive-feeling musks from one angle; a tad more austere green woodiness from another. I had written on Magnolia Nobile that "the woody musky base is also echoing in my ears like speakers in the car left on some news-relating channel in a sub-human frequency that can be felt more than heard" and I can sense the continuation here as well. Lovers of the Nobili line by Aqua di Parma should be pleased. It's not exactly my speed, but then you know I'm a die-hard indolic jasmine lover, don't you.
The overall effect is recognisably a jasmine fragrance without, at the same time, appearing as suffocating floral or intensely projecting even though Gelsomino Nobile possesses both good lasting power and pleasurable sillage. For that reason jasminophobes or those who do not want to offend may have just found their perfect green floral for all occasions where intermingling might make a more voluptuous, more combustible white floral a bit de trop.

According to the ad copy, as announced on Perfume Shrine a while ago: "Centered around an exclusive and highly unique species of Jasmine grown only in the Calabria region of Italy, this new Floral Green-Musk style of eau de parfum creates the sensation of walking through lush Italian gardens, in bloom with Jasmine, while the breeze brings in the soft, salty air from the Mediterranean.

Notes for Aqua di Parma Gelsomino Nobile: mandarin, pink pepper, orange blossom, tuberose, Calabrian jasmine, cedar wood, and musk.

The fragrance has just debuted at Neiman Marcus and will be available worlwide in September. Available in Eau de Parfum 50ml ($108) and 100ml ($170) ml and matching body cream ($80 for 150 g).

Related reading on Perfume Shrine: Jasmine Series

Painting: Eugene de Blaas, Young Italian Beauty

In the interests of full disclosure, the perfume was sampled through a promotion.


  1. In reviews, I always find it helpful when the "official" notes are listed, versus what notes the reviewer actually smells.

    In the future, would love to read more about individual perfumers and the style of their body of work.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Thank you for the lovely review and give-away !
    Please enter me in the draw .
    My answers are exactly what Katherine said - I enjoy reading the list of notes . however I also want to know what is most prominent in the heart notes , and how much progression versus linear .
    I also love reading interviews with perfumers , since meeting many of them at Sniffa events and feeling they are more accessable now than ever before .
    Speakinmg of interviews , Mona di Orio posted a video talking for over half an hour about her new fragrances ( Nombre d'Or ) Fascinating ! I have met her , and her English is vastly improving .

  3. I forgot to mention , the video was posted on Facebook .

  4. rosiegreen14:30

    I have to agree with Katherine also. I really like it when the official notes for a fragrance are listed. There are a a few that I am sensitive to. I always enjoy interviews with perfumers. It's very enjoyable to hear about the creative process.

  5. Anonymous14:35

    I'm still a bit of a novice so I like those parts of a review that can convey to me, with a large brush-stroke, the most significant/dominant aspects of a perfume. I like to hear also about the nuances and more subtle elements of a scent, but at this point they are not as helpful to me. For example the description of J.C.Ellena's style as being 'veil-like' and 'transparent' has helped me more than a precise analysis of how that particular Un Jardin evolves on the skin, or how the various spices interact. Ultimately though, I hope my nose matures enough to fully appreciate all that too!

  6. I find it helpful when reviews mention other perfumes which smell similar to the reviewed frag. If I read something like "it smells like Light Blue", I know what I can expect :)

    And I would like to read more about best sellers and favorite perfumes around the world, and how different cultures appreciate different scents. Yes, I'm curious!

  7. 1) As the others mentioned, I like the list of notes, which ones are dominant. I also like it when reviewers compare fragrances to actual experiences, places, flowers, or other things in the world. Because I'm new to perfume I need this sort of comparison.
    2) I don't think there is anything I would like to see more of on these pages. You seem to cover the many different aspects of perfume and the perfume industry. I really enjoy this blog!
    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the draw.

  8. I really appreciate when a review mentions similarities to other fragrances.

    I love, love, love the reviews & histories of classic/vintage perfumes!

  9. AS an earlier commenter said, a review of the perceived notes vs. the listed notes is very helpful. When a review says, " it smells alot like..." I fond that gives me more of an idea of what this perfume should smell like.
    I enjoy articles on perfume making, materials used, and the history of perfume.

  10. I enjoy the top, mid and bottom notes and love those 3 'acts', especially the bottom where it will dwell on me.
    Also, I have an interest in what are hits and misses in other countries or even states in the USA, or their preferences and why you think so.
    Please enter me and thank you for this review too.

  11. In reviews, it is always helpful for me when the reviewer describes not only what the fragrance smells like but also how it feels. There are so many fragrances with similar notes, but the feelings and moods evoked can very dramatically!

    As far as articles go, I tend to enjoy articles on raw materials--especially synthetics. These articles essentially help me develop my perfume vocabulary and increase the range of materials I am able to pick out when trying fragrances myself. In the end, they help me enjoy the experience of perfume all the more!

    Thanks for the wonderful posts--your articles and reviews are consistently my favorite on the internet!

  12. Like most of the comments above, I like to see the official notes and a description of what the perfume actually smells like, including references to other smells, materials in life and comparisons to other perfumes if that makes it clearer. I also really enjoy your in depth discussions of particular perfume materials and what they smell like, which are so helpful for those of us who might never have smelled benzoin or ambergris, etc. outside of perfume.

    Thanks for the draw!

  13. Anonymous15:54

    Dear E,

    This might reveal my highly doubtful credentials as a perfume lover but...what I find most helpful in a frag review is linking the "story" of the fragrance to a person in history, fiction, etc. That really helps me "get" a fragrance. Listing notes is helpful but in the end a perufme is far more than the sum of its parts. I would love to see more juicy articles that educate us about the different ingredients, etc that go into a perfume.

    Seeing jasmine, tuberose and orange blossom together in one fragrance usually makes me run the other way, but I would love to be entered into the draw.


  14. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway, E.

    And I am joining the "official notes" bandwagon.

    I also appreciate other perfume references and love reviews on vintage scents, too!

    Thank you for entering me in the drawing and good luck to everyone!

  15. Fernando15:59

    In contrast to some of the other commenters, I find the official list of notes pretty useless, mostly because I often don't know what the things being mentioned actually smell like. References to other perfumes help me more. I also like to hear your impression of the contexts that the fragrance seems to "fit". Does it go with night or day, with men or women, and so on.

    I like reading about classic perfumes, how (or whether) they have changed over time, how to know when a bottle was probably produced. The posts about ingredients sometimes interest me, the ones about "notes" hardly ever do.

    By the way, I often enjoy the images you choose for your posts.

  16. Maureen16:05

    I find it helpful when you compare fragrances and especially when you review inexpensive ones I have very limited fragrance funds.
    Please enter nm ein the draw . Thank you.

  17. Thanks for the draw! I won't be original, but I also like when a reviewer compares a fragrance to others, either to say it smells like it or to say it doesn't. It helps me situate the fragrance if I know the others, or if I don't know them it helps me situate *them*! As to what I'd like more of... Add me to the lot of those who like to learn about raw ingredients!

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  19. the thing that i enjoy most is a really good description of a fragrance, from its notes to the evolution it goes through on the skin. it's also nice to hear any interesting information about unusual ingredients or unusual combinations thereof, as well as any history that relates to the scent and its components.

    something i'd like to read more about would be the process that a person goes through in order to become a "nose", and how they blend different notes to obtain certain results. i know it's not nearly as straightforward as simply putting "x" number of drops of this and that in a bottle...i'd love to hear more about the sleight-of-hand (or nose) that goes into producing a given scent or note and how proportions of ingredients get determined.

    do please enter me for the gelsemino nobile drawing!

  20. dleep16:46

    I also love to read the notes and how the perfume develops on the skin. I know perfume smells different on everybody but it gives the general idea. Thank you for this generous give away.

  21. I also like the notes of the selected perfumes and how they develop on the skin. I would also like more interviews with the perfumers. Please enter me in the draw

  22. 1) I find comparisons very helpful in reviews. Just read a lovely review by Katie P, comparing Guerlain's LoV to others she owns, which really helped to draw the fragrance for me.

    2) I love this site - it's so informative. But, I wouldn't mind seeing more reviews.

    Great job!

  23. Naavi17:31

    I don't find a list of notes a particularly important feature of perfume reviews because I can easily look up notes and their prominence on basenotes and fragrantica. It is the reviewer's impression that catches my attention. Being a very emotional person, feelings that a perfume evokes are the pivotal element of the whole perfume experience. Also, reading about the history of a perfume, its different formulations, bottles and concentrations is my second favourite.

  24. brigitte17:35

    As some other readers have mentioned, the exact notes of a fragrance and similar scents to the fragrance being reviewed would be wonderful in a fragrance review. As far as subject matter I would love to read more of the history behind some of the vintage and modern fragrances adored by all perfumaniacs.

  25. Thank you for the chance at winning Gelsomino Nobile!

    What I find most helpful in a perfume review is a comparison to what is already available. Although the notes are helpful - often times they are blended in a way that creates a larger "sum of the parts" then actually perceiving the individual notes.

    As someone mentioned before, I would to learn more about how scent is used (and used by) in other cultures...especially where gender is concerned.

  26. Again, real notes!
    I love to know the Nose...
    Please enter me in the draw!

  27. Naavi17:49

    As for the second question (I forgot to answer it earlier), I'd like to read more about vintages and maybe about perfumes featured in books, music and films.

  28. thanks for the draw, I'd like to be entered
    1.a-pleasurable- I enjoy very much the emotion and wonderful literary style of some posts- b. as much as possible information about notes, similarities with other perfumes
    2.history of perfumes, perfumers, about the taste development

  29. Anonymous18:06

    The notes themselves are useful to a point, but how the underlying chemical reactions affect the final product is more important. Therefore, I like comparisons to: other fragrances, art of all types, architecture, music, clothing, personality,anything that provides a connection to the emotion of the fragrance, as opposed to simply the smell. Along these lines, it would be helpful to understand the blogger's personal biases, for lack of a better word. I've been reading your blog long enough (it's one of my two faves, along with 1000 fragrances) to be familiar with your preferences and point of view and how you and I differ and relate in those, but someone just googling a review would not. Perhaps a little pre-review statement of where you were at prior to first spritzing would be helpful (e.g. "As I generally love amber...." because then I know we're definitely not coming from the same place). So, context, I guess is what I'm trying to say, is important to me.

    Other topics? I LOVE mention of the briefs. It tells me what the company was going for. I LOVE reading about what different scents convey to people in the industry. So, for example, how does Grossman feel about lily of the valley in fragrance? What does it convey to her? Not so much about what they've produced, but also about what they don't work with as much or tend to avoid and why. Another topic might be perfume choices. What you smell on others and how it affected you at the time. Your personal choices in perfumes and how those worked or did not work and why. Also, Helg, how about a paid service where you more directly assist your readers with their personal perfume selections? Either on line or through a visit? Another topic: how does a perfumer go about creating a bespoke perfume? The questions? The process? Please do enter me in the drawing! Thank you for a lovely site; it is so well done and informative.

  30. Your reviews are an education for me, and I appreciate them very much. You analyze and describe the fragrance in a way that helps me understand the constituent parts, and you also tell us your own opinion. You do what all good reviewers (of anything!) should do. Thanks!

  31. Personally, your impressions of the notes of a perfume tells me more than the official "list" of notes. Also when you link your overall impressions to a book, music, art and so on...that helps me get the mood of the scent. I really like to learn about the different ingredients.
    Thanks for the draw!
    Eva S Sweden

  32. I like the fragrance comparisons because I am terrible at guessing about fragrances based on the notes. It gives me a frame of reference.

    I like your twin peaks series and your scents for occasions series too. It's fun to make a list and try some new things as well as revisit old ones.

    Thanks for the drawing!

  33. Anonymous19:57

    thank you for the draw!
    1.I like when the reviewer points out similarities to other perfumes, describes the image, historic times or personality that particular fragrance evokes to him or her,the emotional impact of the fragrance, the way the fragrance develops or not.Also, the practicalities:tenacity, sillage, price.
    2. fragrance reviews.fragrance comparisons.different perfumes histories. juicy details if there are any.also a list of the best websites for shopping perfumes. where can you find the best deals? I would like some European on-line sources. The USA shipping fees can be prohibitive

  34. Anonymous23:07

    Goodness me, what a lovely and enticing draw offer.

    Everyone has said what I'd say too!

    Rather than the official notes (especially if they are of the "Angel's tears and Unicorn breath" variety), I like to see what notes are discernible, and it's great when reference is made to other scents that share characteristics too.

    I'm also a fan of the recipes that you occasionally provide - it's a extra way to enter into an appreciation of different cultures and traditions. More tasty veggie-friendly dishes, please.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  35. maureenC03:30

    I always like reviews to list the main notes, and note similarities to other fragrances on the market (if available). As others have noted, I would really appreciate reviews of older and vintage fragrances. Please enter me for the draw. Thank you

  36. Anonymous03:33

    First of all thank you for this giveaway.

    1)I love tech reviews. It is great knowing the composition but I prefer the overall feel and how notes interact with each other. How a fragrance compares to others in the same category.

    2) Perfume history, vintage frags reviews and interviews with "noses" and their take on trends, future paths and if it is possible to "educate" the mainstream market, etc.


  37. I have to say, you really do it all on your blog which is why I read it so faithfully. I too like to know the notes and similarities to other perfumes as I am always learning. I know you already do a lot of classic and vintage reviews, but I love to read those and there are always ones I am interested in trying but like to read up on them before I invest. Love this blog! Thank you so much!

  38. I agree with many of the comments already made. In fact, this review of Gelsomino Nobile is a great example of what I like in a review. A list of the notes, your impressions, the development and how the notes come across both individually (non-indolic jasmine, expensive-smelling musk) and as a blended whole.

    I also love your pieces on vintage/cult scents and the Materials Explained. I come back to these fairly frequently.

    Oh and I would love to be entered in the draw. I tend to like my jasmines a little more indolic, but my colleagues don't! They would thank you if I won.

  39. Mimi Gardenia06:51

    Lovely review, E ! :) My latest jasmine love was Nuda by Nasomatto - gorgeous ,highly wearable and no idoles to speak of.
    Please enter me for the draw. I didn't like Iris Nobile much but this one sounds beautiful . Iris Nobile was very strong on me.

  40. Anonymous06:54

    I would have to agree with melisand61 above that this review is a good example of what I like in a perfume review. I also appreciate that you add what your personal preferences are, eg "but then you know I'm a die hard indolic jasmine lover" so I can get a better sense of shared likes or dislikes.
    And I like that you include some of the ad copy and official list of notes -- I could check elsewhere, but it's nice not to have to. I agree that references to other scents in the same line, by the same perfumer, or with similar notes are very useful.
    As for what else I'd like to read on the site. I love the 'Series' on Jasmine. Leather, etc, and the 'material explained' entries as well as the interviews with perfumers. I think in the last 5 months I've read everything in the archives.
    Really, keep up the great work and thank you for the draw opportunity.

    -- Lindaloo

  41. Marte11:07

    In reviews, I like that the official notes are listed, and also comparisons to similar fragrances or other perfumes from the same brand.

    I think you have a very good balance of topics on this blog, but I especially like the series on different notes, and reviews of vintage scents.

  42. It is useful to know it is not indolic and I always admire your observations about notes like so many others said.
    Love to read about historic perfumes.

  43. Elaine Reisman14:36

    I love this daily post. The world of scents is one of my favorite things, and finding about new scents as they come out is exciting news. I have been collecting scents since I began working in the late sixties. I have a keen nose, and I depend on your reviews to find help me decide if I think I will like a particular scent, or, not. I also love hearing about the history of scent. Please include me in your give away.

  44. I do like to read what notes the reviewer is finding in the perfume; I find perfume so much like wine in that one taster will find a note in a wine that is not so apparent to the other tasters, which makes the whole game more exciting.

    I enjoy the scented escapades in the kitchen posts immensely - perfume you can eat! I would love to see more of those.

  45. Chuff17:29

    What do you find pleasurable/helpful in a frag review? I like to know official notes and what the reviewer smelled along with an emphatic rating. I know it's personal preferance, but I read a lot of descriptions that are so objective, it's nice to hear whether someone really liked a scent, rather than a wishy-washy's nice but...

    2)What are the subjects on our pages you would like to read more of? Ratings!!!

  46. 1)I love the smeller's perception of notes and what family of fragrance that the juice falls into. I also like reviewers personality to come through in the review.

    2)I love reviews and the note/genre articles (orange blossom or chypre, etc.)

  47. 1. There seems to be a trend: Comparing the official notes to the notes noticed by the reviewer would be very helpfull.

    2. I would like to see more of the smaller indie perfumers, without a global distribution network.

  48. 1. I really value honesty in perfume reviews. When a reviewer is willing to say negative things about a given fragrance, this helps me to trust them more when they have positive things to say. (Some reviewers seem like they just love everything, which makes me wonder.) This means that I also value reviews of perfumes that the reviewer did not like, to balance those that the reviewer did like.

    2. Your site is a treasure trove of information about perfume ingredients (I think I've read through all those posts by now). More of that would be wonderful!

  49. 1) As many others have mentioned, learning the notes of a scent is something I find most helpful.

    2) Love reviews/articles of vintage perfumes!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. I'll echo the others in appreciating seeing the official notes as well as what the stuff really smells like.
    I always enjoy reading reviews/commentary on vintage perfumes. Thanks for the draw.

  51. I like to hear how a fragrance compares to others of a similar construction. Also, it helps a lot when there's a mention of the quality of the materials. Basically, anything that helps me decide whether I really need a sniff, a split, or just a pass.

    The raw materials articles are great! I can never get enough of those. Also, reviews of vintage fragrances, detailed discussions of fragrance familes, and histories of perfume houses. Thanks for the draw! Summer brings out the jasmine freak in me. ;)

  52. 1)What do you find pleasurable/helpful in a frag review? I love to see fragrances ranked. Either by notes or quality or by popularity. 2)What are the subjects on our pages you would like to read more of? I would like to hear more articles about whole categories of perfumes. Compare and contrast say classic green florals through the years. Something with more breadth than just reviewing a single perfume at a time.

  53. Anonymous03:00

    I find it helpful in reviews to have a good description of the _actual_ notes and I like when that includes chemicals and synthetics, the perfume’s development over the time it’s worn, and also after that to get the reviewer’s honest subjective opinion.

    As metioned by others above, I like the articles here focusing on materials and those drawing parallels between different perfumes. Special request for a "twin peaks" on Tom Ford’s Noir de Noir and Guerlain’s Chypre Fatale, maybe it’s me but I recently had some déjà vu there! ;)

    Please enter me in the draw, I think Acqua di Parma is a great outfit.

  54. Anonymous03:00

    LOL, forgot, the Anonymous comment right above this one is mine.

    -- Nicole

  55. Anonymous04:41

    1) What do you find pleasurable/helpful in a frag review?
    I find witty snappy writing pleasurable, but it is not necessarily helpful! As for helpful in understanding a fragrance I haven’t smelled, a discussion of development and the reviewer’s general impressions are helpful. Also reading similarities to other scents or how the fragrance fits in with other works by the same perfumer or general trends is usually helpful.

    2)What are the subjects on our pages you would like to read more of?

    I love your technical discussions of materials! I don’t understand the chemistry, but they’re still interesting. None of the other blogs include this kind of writing. It makes me realize there is so much more to the art form of perfume than, well, art! The science and craft are important, and your discussions give me an inkling of those other aspects.

    Thanks for the contest!
    Laura M

  56. 1)What do you find pleasurable/helpful in a frag review? I'd say that I find comparisons with other similar fragrances MOST helpful. But I always enjoy an evocative review that sets a moods and is a piece of art. 2)What are the subjects on our pages you would like to read more of? As far as subjects I would like to read about... I think your blog does a good job connecting the world of fragrances to the world of fashion (maybe the best out there as far as fragrance blogs) and I would like to see more of your thoughts on those topics.

    Thanks for entering me!

  57. I, too, like to know the notes.
    I also enjoy reading about how a scent makes you *feel* and what places and situations that you might identify the scent with.

    I really enjoy the focus of your wonderful writings. I like both the current news and perfume reviews.

  58. I like to read how the scent evolves over time, should it be dabbed or sprayed, are there various formulas and are they different? Does it smell similar to another scent?

    Future ideas, would love more Twin Peaks posts. :)

    Thanks for this special draw!


  59. Anonymous10:57

    Thank you for the draw; this sounds quite interesting and pretty.

    In reviews, I like to read both a mix of "the facts" and the reviewer's impressions. When done well, I also like to read stories or memories inspired by scent.

    I always enjoy the technical posts you do which teach about different aspects of perfumery.

  60. 1) It helps me imagine the perfume (in my nose!) when I hear which perfumes it's similar to
    2) I always love the posts, but I'd like to see more discussion on how to date certain vintage bottles with pictures.

    This sounds great! I think it's going to be my favorite Acqua Parma perfume so far! Jasmine plus orange blossom sounds amazing. :)

  61. 1)I appreciate a historical overview of a fragrance and its development from what came before, as that helps categorize it for me and determine if I will like it.
    2) I would like to see more biographical information about perfumers, or about famous "users" of a fragrance. More stories, you're good at it!

  62. Julia15:05

    I enjoy the poetic associations, comparisons and historical information I often find in your blog, especially about the classic scents. And I love the choice of visual of art which accompanies the reviews -- although not of immediate assistance, it offers inspirations and places perfume within a bigger cultural picture. (The review of Cuir de Russie comes to my mind -- I loved all those images of women, young and old, in furs).

    Thanks for the draw!

  63. Cathy E.17:00

    Thas for thr draw. I enjoy when there is mention of personal preferences and personal chemistry in relation to the given notes and I would love to see a fragrance consulting service by you, as someone suggested above. Please consider it!

  64. I would love to see the list of the top notes, middle notes, and base notes. I also want an honest review about how long lasting the fragrance is.

    In the future I hope I can see a celebrities, artists, models, or interesting public figure talk about their perfume of choice

  65. I find it very helpful to read about how a new fragrance may smell similar to other fragrances so I can better imagine the scent.

    I would love to see more posts on less well-known fragrances that might be worth sniffing.

    Thanks for your draw and your valuable reviews.

  66. Victoria02:04

    1) I enjoy seeing the history behind a fragrance or brand. I love stories, so I really enjoy hearing about a perfume's story.

    2)I think my favorite things are the fragrance reviews, but I would love to see more lists, like your list of favorite orange blossom fragrances. I don't have access to a variety of perfume, so I like hearing about new perfumes that fit within whatever mood/note I'm interested in.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I love floral green scents.

  67. class flirt21:12

    to be completely unoriginal, i find myself jumping down to the tech list of notes before even reading the review. what i find 'pleasurable', however, is the poetry and romance of fragrance reviews...i mean, we're not movie critics here...lets make it lovely! i also enjoy the rare total PAN review- it seems that disliking a scent often brings out the real writer within.

    i enjoy the history of the houses, even the newer 'indie' houses. and would love to see more interviews in which the perfumers discuss their craft.

    thx for the generous contest...fingers crossed here.

  68. I find it extremely enjoyable how you break apart the components and describe each note for the novice and the experts alike. The insight is very important in developing a clear picture of what makes scents unique and utterly pleasurable. I would love to read candid reviews that perhaps have a rating, something like wine ratings. Thanks so much

  69. Hello, dear Elena! Long time... I'm so remiss in all my blog reading lately, though I've cruised by here from time to time.

    In a review, I always find it helpful if a frag is compared to others so that I can find some point of reference. I know it's difficult so as not to create false expectations of similarity, but I really find it very helpful.

    As for subjects I'd like to read more of in your pages: I really think you cover a good, wide range of topics. Honestly. I do enjoy your discussion of raw materials and aromachemicals, but I don't find anything particularly lacking. I just need to spend more time here!

    Best wishes to you and thanks for the draw opportunity! (I will say that I decided I love Magnolia Nobile but I gave away my Iris Nobile EdP because it was not to my taste; I enjoyed the EdT better.)

  70. I like the technical info. The notes and what chemicals make the thing smell this way... and then feel free to go on about your impressions and reminiscences. I'm ambivalent about the stories behind a fragrance, most often they seem to be just marketing gimmicks... and I could care less about Famous Model featuring in adverts for a fragrance or Celebrity Nobody wearing it. I'm not a people person.
    In other words, write reviews and things as you've been doing and toss the info on advertising campaigns, celebrities and stuff and I'll be okay.

  71. Anonymous16:12

    I think that a perfume review is all about the personality of the reviewer. You just find the ones that you can "read" their codes, read through their lines, and stick to them. There is no univeral templeate for that. So please don't change anything.

    What I enjoy most in Perfumeshrine is the technical articles like the ingredient series and the seriously chemical stuff. These are unique source of information. And I also enjoy reading about old releases, not necessarily discontinued or yet classic. Some of those fragrances are gems and it is nice to hear about those.

  72. Thank you for this exciting draw!

    1) In fragrance reviews I find it very helpful to read how you felt about the fragrance, was it "loud" or "quiet", was it "soft" or "sharp" (from my discourse you can see that referring to the other senses would be helpful for me). I also love the referring to the experiences with notes. For instance, an iris note may be buttery, powdery, carroty, etc. and I'd like to know which one it is. In this review it was great that you discussed jasmine and talked about how indolic/non indolic it was. Which brings me to another point -- it is good to know whether the reviewer is an indolic lover or struggles with iris. Once I discovered an iris "which is nice for people who dislike iris" and a "good lavender for those on the fence with lavender". I find helpful comparisons to other fragrances as well.
    2) I think your blog is perfect as it is, a lot of interesting pieces, a lot of variety, reviews, material discussions, discussions of the advertisement and industry and personal thoughts. I love it all. What can I suggest? To keep it up, I guess. I love it.

  73. 1) In a review, I like to see the listed notes provided by the house, the notes you identify, the perfumes tenacity & diffusion, a picture of the bottle & packaging when possible, information about the perfumer & house, how the reviewer would compare the perfume to other fragrances in the same class or with similar notes, and if the reviewer liked it: all things you usually cover! I very much appreciate that you let us know where the perfume is available, and the cost & bottle size. It's also a nice gesture for your readers that you are doing giveaways of decants or bottles provided by the manufacturers. I would be thrilled to win this draw, in fact ;)

    2) As many of the other comments stated, you have a nice mix of articles on your blog. I enjoy the variety, the interviews, and that you review older perfumes, vintage fragrances (thank you for discussing changes in bottles & formulations over time!), and the latest releases. Indexes are super helpful, yours on the right side are great. Your blog and a few others are important "research" sources for perfumistas who want to learn more about a house or type of perfume (I count myself in that group), and I am sure you can see from your pageview data, that your older articles still get a lot of viewers even years after they were written.

    I also like it when you do "best of the year", including your current favorites for different seasons, best new launches, etc, in concert with the other top blogs, and you all link to each other.

  74. Natalia02:34

    1) i enjoy reading about how fragrance was created, what was the inspiration behind it, who was the perfumer and what are the official notes.

    2) i enjoy lists a lot - summer fragrances, rose fragrances, etc, and also about individual perfumers. and, of course, perfume reviews :)

  75. Susanne Tygesen07:26


    In describing a fragrance i always find it helpful if the notes are named and if the scent is simmilar with another wellknown fragrance

    I LOOOVE the fragrancex of Acqua di parma , so i really home i win the Give away faboulous new fragrance

    Kind regards


  76. Amazon has always been 100% trusted by me and I have a good experience with them. So if you are going to buy Acqua Perfume, Amazon is the best choice for you.


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