Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TopNotes: Scent Education at the Click of a Mouse by The Fragrance Foundation

A core mission of The Fragrance Foundation is its commitment to educate both the industry and the consumer about fragrance. Therefore, the Foundation is very pleased to announce the launch of TopNotes, an exciting new online educational course and resource developed specifically for those who want to keep on top of the most current information and trends in the ever-changing fragrance industry.

Mary Ellen Lapsansky, Vice President of The Fragrance Foundation and the guiding force behind the continuing education program notes that “both industry insiders and consumers who have a passion for fragrance will be able to able to keep their fingers on the pulse, tap into trends, scent styles, new notes and track top sellers with the TopNotes course. We have collaborated with the best minds in the business to deliver up to the minute and comprehensive insights.”

TopNotes was conceived to build on knowledge gained through the Certification Program for Fragrance Sales Specialists - justifiably considered the industry gold standard for fragrance education. Registration for TopNotes is $50.00 per person, open to all and all are welcome. The program cycle begins live online today with TopNotes Course #1: Olfactive Trends 2011 – 2012 and covers the following topics:

➢ Current Consumer Insights.
➢ Historical Reference & Current State of the Fragrance Industry.
➢ Why do olfactive preferences change among consumers?
➢ Historical references & key fragrance launches of the past.
➢ Women’s and Men’s Olfactive Preferences.
➢ Top 20 Fragrances, USA and Global, as reported by Givaudan iPerfumer.
➢ Future Olfactive Forecasts.
➢ Olfactively-significant recent fragrance launches.
➢ Women’s and Men’s olfactive forecasts.

At the end of the course, participants can further assess their understanding of what they have just learned by answering the “Key Learnings” questions. No scores are given, questions are either correct or incorrect with a correct answer provided if that is the case. Once the “Key Learnings” have been completed, a Certificate/Proof of Participation will be generated, available to save or print.
The content for each course will be updated every 12 to 18 months as new trends emerge.

Future TopNotes courses will cover: consumer buying habits, global fragrance preferences, new ingredients and new technologies in fine fragrance creation. TopNotes is a valuable new fragrance resource just a few quick clicks away at www.fragrance.org educational programs.
You can register at this link.

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  1. Merlin11:06

    This is quite exciting, but it sounds like the other course, for 'sale specialists' is the fundamental one - and the one amateurs would benefit the most from. But how accessible is that, given that it is a prior requirement?

  2. Anonymous21:14

    TopNotes is vaguely similar to BaseNotes and it is definitely sign of a very bad taste of Fragrance Foundation. That institution is deteriorating so fast. I have not seen anything interesting they did online and their FiFi awards are not transparent without real correlation with reality what consumers like and what is really good and new.

  3. Merlin,

    this is an interesting question. I suppose that since they say "open to all" it shouldn't pose any prerequisites. But then, it would be best to email and ask. That should make them be very clear in their next press release. :-)

  4. Anon,

    I don't put much faith in which perfumes earn popularity awards myself; apparently you don't either. Like the Oscars, the industry is congratulating itself, with a few exceptions here and there. ;-)


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