Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Heeley Hippie Rose: new fragrance

James Heeley needs no introduction to perfume enthusiasts; some of his creations like Cardinal or Esprit du Tigre are considered cult favourites thanks to their unusual inspiration and technical merit. His newest launch is Hippie Rose, a perfume all "peace and love", inspired by India and the hippy movement, so you know it's got patchouli in it. But not only! "Californian desert breeze, Himalayn temples atmosphere and long shiny hair on bronzed skin" is how he supplements his vision.

Notes for Hippie Rose by Heeley:
Top: bergamot, green musk
Heart: Bulgarian rose, patchouli
Base: incense, Haitian vetiver, amber, musk

Hippie Rose will be available in Eau de Parfum 100ml.

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  1. Olfacta12:44

    Oh Lord enough with the hippie imagery already!

  2. P,

    LOL, I guess hippie trends are aimed at people who didn't live through them the first time around.

    On another "reading" it might have to do with a desire to see things with "fresh" and "innocent" eyes in our extremely cynical and rough world of today. Maybe??

  3. I'm looking for a new rose fragrance as potential signature scent... must check this out! I don't want to leave any stone unturned :)

  4. ooh anything with Bulgarian rose is a must-try to me!

  5. I can't wait for this! for obvious rose loving reasons... and because Heeley is such a great perfume house

  6. I was thinking the same thing--enough with the hippies. And many, many of the hippies I knew did NOT smell good at all!!! Nothing I'd care to imitate!

  7. J,

    you really shouldn't! Searching for a new signature scent is a long procedure but very worth it in the long run. :-)

    Have you tried Rose Spendide by Goutal (the newest one, smelling the way her gorgeous creams are aromatized?), the light Infusion de Rose by Prada, and the Rosine line (several there to explore, I like Rose d'Homme very much with its mix with patchouli)?
    I also liked a lot Cabanel's Early Roses, a beautiful blend of fresh roses.
    There's also the new Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose to put on your list to sample.

    I could also picture you in Quel Amour (by Goutal again): it's not only rose, but it's playful and young in spirit without being inspid.

    Do keep me posted on what works and what not! :-)

  8. C,

    there we go: the rose lovers. A breed apart on personal chemistry terms. You make it smell like nectar, I make it smell sour most of the time (with few exceptions). Grrrr....

  9. K,

    yeah, two birds with one stone. Can't beat that! ;-)

  10. TFC,

    so I've heard myself! But having none of the first hand experience, I suppose people of my generation idealise that era and thus are programatically predisposed to like the concept. That's probably why there is such ad copy around.


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