Friday, March 18, 2011

Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose: new fragrance

Victor & Rolf are busy launching a new limited edition for spring and summer of their best-selling Flowerbomb, called La Vie en Rose, encased in ~you guessed it~ rose-tinted glass. They call it a "sparkling Eau de Toilette". Available in 50ml/1.7oz from April 2011 at Saks and Sephora retailing from $80.
The press release describes the scent of Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose thus: "A cheerful whirlwind of tangy notes awakens the delectable aromas of the olfactory Millefleurs that is Flowerbomb. Opening on a green flash of citrus fruits with invigorating bergamot and tangerine accords, the fragrances blossoms into the dustry eager and sophisticated heart of a rose and lily of the valley bouquet, enhancing the captivating sensuality of pink peppercorns. It ends with amber and woody notes of cashmere and patchouli, which highlight the incomparable glamour of a resolutely feminine fragrance."


  1. Valentine03:52

    You know, Flowerbomb is a scent I've always quite liked, and I do like Rose. Of all the scents aimed at teens/mainstream perfume market/however you'd like to categorize it, Flowerbomb's just always stood out for me. Along with Magnetism, I guess it's my secret perfume pleasure.

  2. Valentine,

    enjoy!! And hope you like the new one. It's certainly not a shy thing and I can see how it would stood out. I don't think it's aimed at teens, even though it's sweet: it has a lot going on there!


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