Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Juliette Has a Gun new trio: Lucifer, Marilyn & Mary Jane

"Candles always fascinated me. I do not know, if it is a kind of neurosis, but I can't wait at the idea of receiving a new one. As soon as I lit it , the charm of the light and the smell incite me to want to buy more and more. And because I like making only what I love, I could not resist the desire to create my own candles. I wanted to present them to you as a Triptych - now, it belongs to you to discover it ". Thus introduces Romano Ricci, founder of Juliette has a Gun line of fragrances, his new trio of candles, fit for creating a romantic atmosphere this Valentine's Day: 48 euros for 200g each in silvery pots bearing text on the outside.

Interesting... if there is a God, how there could not be also a Devil. How the white could exist without its opposite side, the black?
I wanted this candle to embody something which is-in the end- natural.
Aren't we all sinners?
Straight to hell!
A scent of fire and live embers. A wood fire scent!

Marilyn Monroe - With her beauty and her sensuality, she is the icon of "Glamour". But Marilyn was more than a fantasy of the 50's. She was the biggest star of theses times, and remains, unquestionably, the most famous woman of the XXth century.
This candle with notes of red lipstick delicately powdered is dedicated to her, so she can continue to be among us. Notes of iris and violet.

Mary Jane
Mary Jane: what a tender name for a drug...
For 5000 years, numerous persons use the resin consisted of pressing Marijuna. Are they wrong? Certainly! If we inhale it, we are invaded by a feeling of happiness, we feel suddenly more artistic, or...simply better.
The Marijuana - center of the male imagination? According to french writer Charles Baudelaire, it could be responsible for our " desire of immortality ".
The scent of hash, with notes of oud wood and pine resin.

Pic via maisonclothes. Thanks to my reader ashraf for additional info.


  1. Any idea about the notes? And would you know where these are available?

  2. Marilyn sounds cool

  3. In order to drop that much cash on these, I'll need to know what they actually smell like. :) I really hope they release more information! They all seem to have potential, at least conceptually.

  4. Ashraf,

    there is no actual info on notes yet (weird), and of course I will add to the post when they do become available. But I can tell off the bat with some certainty that Lucifer will be either incensy-smoky or leather (or better yet both!), Marilyn will be a feminine floral with violet-rose and Mary Jane a herbal-fresh with possibly notes of angelica or tea. ;-)
    Let's wait it out and see.

  5. K,

    Marilyn should be the home equiavalent of a pin-up girl's dressing table: I predict rose-violet and powdery notes with a retro touch. Sounds very nice actually!

  6. Carrie,

    they should eventually reveal more. When they do I will add it.

    You think they're expensive? I thought they're quite sanely priced (in this insanely price world, mind you!) for 200gr candles (that's 60 hours burning time). Diptyqye, Goutal, OJ, L'artisan and Cire Trudon are much more expensive for the same quantity in my experience.

  7. You were pretty close! I found the following notes on their E-shop:

    Scent: Lipstick - Powdery
    a delicate iris and violet scent

    Scent: Fire - Live embers
    A wood fire scent

    Mary Jane:
    Scent: Hash
    scent of Oud wood and pine resin

    I have to say they all sound pretty good!

  8. Ashraf,

    thanks!!!! I will be sure to add those.


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