Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Aura by Swarovski: new fragrance

Swarovski, the famous crystalliers, had announced their desire to launch a perfume at least two years ago. Now, this spring, after strenuous work on the concept and packaging, will see this project becoming materialized in a new fragrance for women, called Aura by Swarovski. The fragrance is a product of the collaboration between the crystal company and Clarins Group. Curiously enough, one of the greatest obstacles was the incorporation of crystal in the context of a commercial bottle. Finally a graceful symbiosis of metal, glass and decorative crystal was agreed upon, examples of which you can see on the pictures of the bottles below.

The fragrance of Aura by Swarovksi is centered around floral notes of white tuberose, garlanded by fruity accents of litchi and a background of rosy pink pepper. The jus for Aura was created at Firmenich by acclaimed perfumers Jean-Pierre Bethouat and Olivier Cresp.
The accompanying advertising campaign was produced by the New York agency Select with the tag line "aura: the grace of light" and will hit glossies and TV screens this coming spring.

Aura by Swarovski will circulate in 4 rechargeable bottle sizes: 15 ml, 36 € ; 30 ml, 56 € ; 50 ml, 76 € ; 75 ml, 96 €. The extrait de parfum will launch in 2012.
Plans for limited edition collectors' bottles as well as a line of "bijoux de maquillage" (decorative makeup items) are on the cards as well.
Distribution of Aura will begin on April 1st 2011 in France and worldwide in big department stores and select perfumeries, as well as in the eponymous boutiques of the crystal maker.


  1. Anonymous08:56

    The bottle looks a bit awkward, doesn't it? How is one supposed to spray it? Pressing the crystal?

  2. anon,

    I suppose so! It should be better looking in person as Swarovski crystals are so pretty to begin with. I feel that the metal container is a great preservation device for juice, although it does create a sort of "distance" due to the chilliness factor.

  3. Wow chilly in deed! I just came from you draw page and never dreamed it would look so space age. Old Fashioned I must be. I imagined some sort of cut crystal affair, hahaha!

    Now for the juice? The description of notes sounds pretty typical for what is on offer lately? I don't know, at least pink pepper seems to be pretty popular at the moment.


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