Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Optical Scentsibilities: For External Use Only

Perfume can be delicious to the point of wanting to drink it. Or so would the perfume industry want us to believe. Recently the ad material of Romano Ricci's Not a Perfume by his niche line Juliette has a Gun introduced a visual that is fitting that concept; and it fits the anti-perfume name as well of course! One could say it is its whole raison d'ĂȘtre. (What's up with anti-perfumes lately, haven't Lutens and Geza Schoen exhausted the experiment yet?) We will come on board on our next post with a review on the unreleased yet Not a Perfume and a lucky draw for a decant, but in the meantime, the image reminded me of something.
Something which was so memorable (and so innovative at the time) that has stuck... Can you see the similarities?

The perfume ad above is for Franco Moschino's original eponymous Moschino perfume from the 1980s. (Incidentally, good juice!)

pics via the moodie report and parfums de pub


  1. Anonymous16:21

    Great catch! Hadn't seen any of them till now.

  2. Anon,

    thanks, there's a first time for everything it seems. :-)

  3. I very much remember the second advertisement, I bought then a bottle of Moschino. And I have a miniature now. It was a different way to promote a perfume, very original, and yes, I see the similarities.


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