Friday, September 25, 2009

Roundup of Upcoming Niche Releases: Herve Domar, Patricia de Nicolai, Parfum d'Empire

Despite several brands having a hard time coping with the diminished spending on luxury items there are new fragrances croping up like usual: some of them are debuting from brands fledging on the perfumery sector, others are new offerings from well-established niche players. Take some note of the following upcoming releases in niche.

Hervé Domar (optician jeweller from Paris) is issuing 9 new fragrances uniting precious stones ~naturally~ with flowers and scents (a concept which has been explored by Durbano and Bulgari among others) to commemorate his 20 years in business. The creations however have been developed by Drom fragrances, a producing company of prestigious output and with the help of Catherine Disdet and Pierre Dinand. Diamant Noir celebrates amber and incense, Diamant Brun is centered around the flower of patchouli, and Diamand Blanc shines with the lustre of rose. Grenat is dedicated to orange and clementines, Rubis interprets the sensual tuberose and Saphir tells tales of lillies. Tourmaline is dedicated to the same-hued plant of lavender, Tanzanite to cloves while Emerald is tittilating with coffee notes.
Eau de parfum, vaporisateur 50ml, 65€ and refill 200ml, 195€. And 2 Candles (Or Noir with amber incense and Or Rouge with tuberose): 190g, 42€Find H.Domar at Tel: +33146338899, Address:48 Rue Dauphine 75006 Visit the official site here and order through the online boutique. The products are also available at the boutiques By Terry (the famous make-up artist and creator) and there is a personalised service available so your bottles and candles look your own and no one else's (great idea for a gift!)

Patricia de Nicolai, a small Parisian brand that is well known among aficonados for the top quality of the products offered, is coming up with Patchouli pour Homme, a rendition that will fill the void in the line-up. The new masculine will feature notes of orange, rose, patchouli, cedarwood, vanilla and tonka bean. "As far as I’m concerned, it came out right: the note is powerful, yet chic and distinguished too. What’s more, it’s quite unusual, so it gets noticed... and remembered. " said P.d.Nicolai herself. The initial impressions from Basenotes members are: "Nicolai's Patchouli is quite unique in the universe of Patchouli fragrances, because it hasn't the sometimes sweaty, carnal note typical for many other patch frags. It's quite spicy with a nice leather / amber note in the base and a well-mannered, not overly loud patchouli in the background. Very good sillage and longevity. (via Gerald)
A new women's scent is in the works as well, based on Iris Musk.

Parfum d'Empire
has come out with two new offerings, 3 Fleurs and Wazamba. 3 Fleurs is a towering flowering inspired by love tales of civilizations past: Galbanum, crisp mint, an abundance of rose, the gauzy whiteness of jasmine, and the wildness of tuberose reinforced by a cocktail of white musk. Wazamba on the other hand evokes the sacred dimension of an inner voyage, focused on such esoteric ingredients as Somalian incense, Kenyan myrrh, Ethiopian opoponax, Indian sandalwood, and Moroccan cypress. Available through First in Fragrance and Luckyscent.

Also don't forget the scents we have already reported on [click the links for reviews and info]: L'Artisan Al Oudh, Havana Vanille and the Mon Numéro one-offs, La Maison Francis Kurkdjian scents, Calamity J by Juliette Has a Gun, Fille en Aiguilles and Fourreau Noir by Serge Lutens, Boise Torride by Guerlain Magnolia Nobile by Aqua di Parma, Vanilla & Anise by Jo Malone.


  1. So much to smell! But I already have a list of what i really want to smell:
    Havana Vanille
    Fille en Aiguilles

  2. Mike Perez22:26

    I've had a sample of Tanzanite by Herve Domar for a few weeks - since I am such a sucker for anything clove-cinnamon prominent, it was a nice diversion...although it falls apart a bit in the drydown.

    Interested to smell the others in the line, though.

    That is, whenever I get thru the already growing pile of samples, I currently have. :)

  3. J,

    you're organised!! I admire you.
    Writing about scent certainly requires a bottomless pit of memory banks to registere everything (and selectively test).

  4. M,

    hi there! Hope you're fine! :-)
    (I haven't forgotten I owe you something, but September has been HECTIC!)
    Thanks for commenting with info on this. I was told by someone who knows that the HD line is reminiscent of...other scents. Did you find so with the one you tried?

  5. Anonymous21:32

    Hi ...

    Funny ... i just finish writing an article about Hervé Domar ...

    Do you know that he is also a jeweller and optician?

    I hope you'll have a look here:



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