Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Exciting News!

As always we have the extreme pleasure of bringing you news that will delight or trouble, depending on your tastes and expectations.
Without further ado, here is the latest:

1. Madonna who has been rumoured with issuing her own celebrity scent for ever (and who is by all means a fragrance hoarder) is finally doing just that: She has striken a deal with Coty, brand to the stars, and will launch a fragrance named "Enlightment Forever". Inspired by her own spiritual journey through the years, it will be coloured bright red to match the little red Kaballah bracelets the stars are wearing with a cap in orange, colour of spiritual awakening. Despite Coty's average licences for celebrity perfumes, Madonna's will be featured only at select doors and will retail at the higher end of the price range, perhaps as a nod to her upscale British living.
She has plans of issuing children's scents next, inspired by her own offspring. Best of luck to her!

2. Chris Sheldrake, the prodigy behind the Serge Lutens line and up till now collaborator in the creative department of parfums Chanel, has announced artistic disagreement with Jacques Polge and is leaving the house. Rumours want him to become the in-house nose of Gucci, following in the steps of Duriez for Patou and Ellena for Hermes.
Effective come June of this year. Can't wait!

3. Scientistis and perfumers collaborate on the ultimate personal, bespoke scent. A concept of a fragrance based on a person's individual DNA. Yes, it's as you heard: a cotton swab will take a small sample from inside your cheek CSI-mode-like and then perfumers will work on accords that suit your individual chemistry and of course tastes (you will be asked, I presume). The service promises that after use of a person's DNA, no data or specimen is kept but they are destroyed to protect individual rights. The idea sounds terribly futuristic but wonderful, no?

4. Chanel has announced they are issuing a parfum version of their most lauded perfume from Les Exclusifs: 31 Rue Cambon. It was about time! I always thought the Eau de toilette was doing it a disservice being so light and fleeting. Unfortunately to do that they are officially discontinuing the parfum strength of Bois des Iles and Cuir de Russie, due to allergen issues with birch tar for the former and environmental issues with Mysore sandalwood depletion for the latter. It was a long way in the coming, as we have discussed before... Sad, though.

But don't despair! Not everything you read is true. It's just phrased to sound like it, in typical perfume-industry mode. You did look at the date above, didn't you?
So, a little April Fool's GAME: spot the true from the false and you will win a decant of a niche scent. Alors!

Artwork La Joconde by Gelitin, courtesy of the New York Times


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  2. i meant to say that 3 is the only true one!

  3. Thank you for your participation, haus!
    Let's see what the others will say ;-)

  4. Enlightment Forever, LOL!
    I vote for 3 as true, the rest is false.

  5. Thanks Benvenuta! :-)

  6. Anonymous10:00

    I also think only no. 3 is true!

  7. The first one could be either way, but whatever scent she will be launching I don't think the color will be red and the name sounds too funny too.

    Sheldrake leaving Chanel? I don't really believe this one.

    The DNA scent sounds... a bit to much... but I think this one is true.

    31 Rue Cambon in parfum strength, this is probably too good to be true. Oh no, please don't say that Bois des Iles will be gone, Paris only is bad enough, so the rumor about BdI I refuse to believe!

  8. Anonymous11:03

    I think that Madonna will name her scent with some Kaballah word, difficult to pronounce.
    And n.2 can be true. I am a football fan and many coaches are leaving the clubs every year, so maybe one perfumer wants a change too. BTW I think that especially Gucci needs the change!
    Have a nice day!

  9. Elysium,

    love the way you break down the thinking behind all of this! :-)
    I will announce the correct answer later on, when everyone has had their chance.

  10. Lavinia, thank you for your guess and your suggestions (and doesn't Gucci need a change, indeed!)

  11. 1 and 3 are false and 2 and 4 are true? am I right? Have a nice day

  12. Thanks Jane for your guess! Have a nice day too!
    I will announce the correct answers later on.

  13. Alright, I can't resist, and what better activity when one is taking a sick day off from work? My complete guess is that one and two are false; 3 and 4 are true. Thanks! :)

  14. Anita, thank you for your guesses and feel better soon!!

  15. Hi there,

    My guess is that only #3 is true.

    Thanks for the fun game!

    PS Love your blog!

  16. Sue,
    welcome and thanks for your kind comments.
    I am glad you liked the game.
    Check back later for the correct answers!

  17. Anonymous16:58

    Ok, number 3 is false is my guess.

  18. Thank you Maltesia for your guess!

  19. Anonymous17:12

    number 3 ie true, the rest is false :) thanks for fun!

  20. Thank you for your guess Elve and glad it was fun for you!

  21. Anonymous21:21

    number three is true?
    I think it's a total scam, but I believe I have heard of it.

  22. I also agree that number 3 is the only true one. Thanks so much for the game! :-)

  23. Thanks for the fun game! I'm going to buck the trend here and say that only #1 is true.

  24. I think that only number three is true!

    Thanks for the fun post,


  25. Anonymous22:28

    Joining most everybody else here in guessing # 3.

  26. Anonymous01:07

    I will say they are ALL false!

  27. Anonymous01:28

    I believe #3 is true.

    I think #4 is false...Maybe if we all wish the first part of #4 is true it will become true (please make perfumes out of 31 Rue Cambon and Bel Respiro, but do not discontinue the others)

    I think #1 is false, but maybe it is true. I vote for no more celebrity perfumes (unless they are very good). There was a rumor last year about Madonna launching a perfume, maybe.

    I don't want to believe #2 is true. I like Sheldrake at Chanel, then we can get our 31 Rue Cambon in perfume concentration.

  28. Anonymous02:33

    Hi Helg! Great post - I think #3 is true, the rest false.

    Lindsey9107 (MUA)

  29. Anonymous03:24

    I also have to say that #3 is the only one that is true. I've never heard a rumore about a Madonna scent before; I'm sure it would be interesting. I liked this idea for a post, by the way!

  30. Yay! For the most part...

  31. Anonymous08:16

    Forgot to say I believe #3 to be the true story (wasn't clear in my above post).

  32. Claudia, you're welcome.

  33. Iris,

    thanks. You seem to be quite sure :)

  34. Mark,

    thank you for participating.

  35. Sabina,

    indeed many voted for #3.

  36. anon,

    LOL, you give me ideas! But no.....

  37. Anon,

    indeed Madonna has been linked to her own perfume for a long time.
    I agree about the Chanels.

  38. Lindsay,

    glad you liked it! Thanks for your guess.

  39. Stephanie,

    it was fun composing this post, I can tell you!
    You're in.

  40. Dain,

    yay for the most part is what I'd say myself ;-)

  41. Dear Sabina,

    thank you. I inferred that, don't worry, you were perfectly clear.

  42. This is the official end of the comments for this game. Thank you to all who participated!
    I am posting the solution in a seperate post today.


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