Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Solution to April Fool's Game

It was with real pleasure that I saw you had fun with the little game on April Fool's day. It was fun for me as well and I enjoyed reading your thinking behind every guess. Thank you!

Now, on to the solutions.

The correct answer is #3: there is a DNA-developed technique in which scientists are set to create the ultimate bespoke fragrance.

The rest had some grain of truth in them, but they were ultimately false.
Madonna has been linked with her own celebrity scent for ages, but no one has ever heard anything more about it, least of all about names, colour of juice and deals. I admit to fabrication...
Gucci badly needs an in-house perfumer, if only to sort out all those same name fragrances and ressurect some of the older defunct ones (like Arte di Gucci and Gucci No.3, a lovely chypre in the old style). It was tempting to designate Sheldrake for the job...
Chanel should probably issue a parfum form for all Les Exclusifs, and especially 31 Rue Cambon, although rumour has it they went for the gigantic bottles inspired by the commercial success of the big bottles of Creed (who would have thought?). Luckily Bois des Îles and Cuir de Russie are still being made in exrait de parfum, available from their Paris boutique. Of course the issues of birch tar and Mysore sandalwood remain, but I trust they will find a way. For our sake!

Since many of you have guessed right I opted for a little random draw among the correct guesses and the winner is Elysium! Please mail me your info so I can send you your prize.

Thanks again to all for your clever guesses and stay tuned for a practical and useful primer post shortly!


  1. Wow, thanks Helg!! I will be emailing you right away!

  2. Gucci needs someone, anyone with common sense to sort out those same name scents. It`s getting embarrasing.

  3. Thanks L, just got it! :-)
    Will be replying shortly.

  4. Benvenuta, very true! Why do they do that, I wonder. Surely a slight differentiation, any diferentiation would make our life easier...


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