Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lady Gaga shoots her Perfume Ad Commercial for Fame with Ridley Scott, NOT!

To promote her "Fame" fragrance, on which I have reported in detail on this link and on that one as well, Lady Gaga reportedly tapped Alien and Prometheus director Ridley Scott for a shadowy, futuristic clip (as per The Rolling Stone). Scott is no stranger to advertising for perfume: Let me remind you in passing he was the mastermind behind those indelible commercials for Chanel No.5 titled "Share the fantasy"...
However the credits I see on a video on Youtube which looks official (uploaded by Haus Laboratories, the company that produces Fame by Lady Gaga) credit Steven Klein as director with ~beauty purists will be thrilled~ makeup by Stephan Marais while the production company is listed as Blackdog (and not Ridley's familiar Scott Free). Ahem...

The full film, directed by Steven Klein, is expected to debut later this month, via

Dressed in a black jumpsuit, Lady Gaga twists herself before tiny men swarm her naked body. The perfume has been touted as "The First Ever Black Eau de Parfum" and is "built on three main accords: dark, sensual and light" out for launch in September 2012.

 What do you think?


  1. Anonymous23:15

    Wow- Doesnt really induce me to explore this fragrance. In fact, I may have nightmares just from viewing the ad. Who knows what type of calamity would befall me if I actually sprayed black juice on myself?

  2. According to the internet, Black Dog was founded by Ridley's son Jake Scott, who works primarily in music videos.

    And the black juice thing still creeps me out.

  3. Miss Heliotrope02:55

    I'm not sure I get out enough to appreciate this film clip/ad. I know there are people who adore the idea of black perfume. They don't have to worry about me competing for it - I keep thinking scented sump oil.

    & it keeps reminding me of this old Australian ad:

  4. The look was good but .... I was very let down when that woman came on and said "Gaga , Lady Gaga" etc..... she has this "ordinary " voice !!
    If you are going for the "arty shock" look and value- get someone with a interesting and strange voice!
    Thats what I think Helg :)

  5. Anon,

    ha! The black bit does "scare" me a bit myself (sounds like it would stain, though they assure us it won't). Still, it's interesting to see something different in advertising perfume. I'm so bored of all that "sexy" "romantic" stuff...

  6. Patuxxa,

    yes, and thanks for the detailed info, but in every single Ridley Scott directed film I've seen in the last 10 years it's the company behind the production (not the only one mind you, but there in the credits very perceptibly).

    Yup, the black juice is going to be controversial, I can see that!

  7. C,

    I kinda like the idea of dangerous in relation to fragrance; don't most perfumistas? We always seem to nostalgize about the era of dangerous women with lethal perfume to boot, so why isn't this more appealing than boring stuff around? I suppose because danger then was tied to glamour and not necessarily bodily harm or such? Who knows.

    Cute commercial btw! Clever too! Didn't know about it, thanks!

  8. M,

    excellent point, indeed! I guess it was very important to stress who the artist behind this new celebrity juice was beyond any doubt (with sooooooo much celeb juice out there!). Hence the ordinary voice. Or perhaps they didn't think a voice transformer would be appropriate for mainstream audiences.

  9. You are quite right, I am a fan of Ridley's movies and the Scott Free logo is quite familiar; I was trying to say that maybe someone got their Scotts mixed up? :-)

  10. Patuxxa,

    thanks! The Rolling Stone from where the news info initially got leaked (and which I link within the article) sure mixed it up. This happens sometimes, it's no big deal, I suppose in an ever changing, fast-paced world where things change at the tick of a second.
    The official reps have since contacted me with an affirmation on Steve Klein directing the clip. So it's conclusive now.

  11. I actually liked the commercial. Different, definitely eye catching with amazing effects. The screams, sounds and shots makes it stand out even more.

  12. I actually liked the commercial. Different, definitely eye catching with amazing effects. The screams, sounds and shots makes it stand out even more. Makes me curious to try

  13. I agree with Stacy, I think its very cool. The sounds and screams really stay with you. I however don't know what to think of the perfume. I'm all for shocking and new but black juice just may not be for me. I for sure want to smell this, but being the "spray with abandon" type of perfume applier that I am, I can't get past the inky black on my clothes and skin even if it does disappear.

  14. Merln11:16

    Wow, Have to admit - I LOVED it! I even liked the voice saying 'Gagga' - though I thought following it up with 'LADY Gagga' ruined that a bit. Only, its going to be hard for the perfume to live up to it...

  15. Peer11:23

    stacy, I liked it too for the most part. The tiny men bit is brilliant.

  16. stacy,

    another one who liked it is me. The voice over maybe less. But overall interesting!

  17. Anonymous15:11

    About the boring normal voice, it just happens to be Gaga's own and there's nothing much she can do about it.
    About the risk of staining: It won't unless you're spray directly on pure white fabric. I nearly soaked a blotter with Fame and it dried to a faint pale grey

    best regards,

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Wrote in wrong spot, sorry.


    delighted to see you here, missed you!! How are you?

    Fascinating info, thanks!! (glad to hear it pales out especially, as I want to try it)

  20. Merlin,

    apparently, the voice is Gaga herself. (which was new to me). I can't deny I like the overall theme.

  21. tati,

    I agree with you.


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