Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another Serge Lutens Perfume Joins the Exclusive Line & Other News on Lutens Paris Exclusives Available in the US

It was predetermined fate...

We had talked about several Lutens fragrances joining the Paris exclusive line almost two years ago. Slowly but surely they all made their way over there from their oblong exports to the beautiful bell jars. The last one to do so is Chypre Rouge, officially confirmed as the latest to join the Paris exclusive bell jars.

On the other hand, news is going around the perfume community that the Paris exclusive line of Serge Lutens fragrances is maybe coming closer to the USA customers than ever before: Non necessitating a Paris trip but rather a phone call to Barney's at New York (dedicated tel.line: 212.833.2425) which would be stocking the till now unattainable. Good news for discerning US customers, an open question regarding the changing business practice of the house. Remains to be seen if and how this will change the perfume scenery.

$280-300 for 75ml of perfume, exclusively at Barneys New York, 660 Madison Avenue [source]

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  1. I am hoping to get my grubby little hands on Sarrasins because I love the slap of indoles in the beginning of it. Let's hope they ship to Cleveland.

  2. An annoucement is:

    Some members of the Basenotes blog have inquired. yes, they will ship. But the bad part is that they will cost $290 or so (plus shipping and tax where applicable). Which means that those of us who stop occasionally in Paris will keep purchasing there...


  3. Eld,

    from what I heard through the grapevine they will. The practicalities of the matter however remain to be seen in action. ;-)

  4. M,

    yup, the Basenoters were the first to know about this and be on the loop. This is how I was alerted as well.
    I haven't asked about the prices and practicalities since it doesn't interest me personally, but it does sound like it will be still a hassle for most. If the idea of proximity however sounds inviting, they might induce less "fury" b y fans on the exclusivity on Serge's part. ;-)

  5. Miss Heliotrope02:07

    Exclusivity must be so tricky to manage - you don't want your chic, cool, special scents to be available just anywhere, yet you do actually need to sell...

    I suppose in the modern world most of those with the interest & the cash to spend are also able to move around enough to play.

  6. C,

    exactly. Yet, I think the sales of the "cloches" (bells) were pretty good so there was no need for the change of business plan to boost the sales. It's interesting to see such a long held practice changing. It could signal all kinds of signals.

    I also do believe that anyone who sets their mind into getting what they want can do it one way or another.

  7. This is probably not the place to be asking, but inquiring minds want to know how much juice is in the bell jars? If the $290 is gonna be the going rate in America, I do want to know before I go sinking that kind of money into a bell jar.

  8. eld,

    all bells contain 75 ml. Not a bargain. Going rate in Europe is around 110-125 euros. just saying.

  9. eld,

    all bells contain 75 ml. Not a bargain. Going rate in Europe is around 110-125 euros. just saying.


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