Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thierry Mugler Les Parfums de Cuir (The Leather Collection): new fragrance editions

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of French fashion and fragrance house Thierry Mugler, The Clarins Fragrance Group has added a new twist to the brand's classic fragrances with the release of The Fragrances of Leather collection.
The new line-up includes vamped up, leather-ied in fragrance terms (if you're not sure what these are, look it up in our Leather Fragrances directory) special editions in the following best-selling fragrances: Angel (a gourmand with added notes of iris and apricot), A*men (uniting patchouli with leather), Alien (with added amber and dried fruits) and Womanity (highlighting the existing labdanum into a protagonist in the new formula). Leather is a fragrance note that is making a come-back (about time!) as witnessed by the launch of Bottega Veneta eau de parfum (and probably Louis Vuitton  perfume next), catapulted by the niche sector into the mainstream.

 The launch of the new Mugler fragrance editions is set out for October 2012 with a new design for the feminine bottles and the familiar black one for the masculine A*men in ambery juice shades.

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  1. Anonymous20:22

    Hi E!

    Thanks for the heads-up. I will sample these.

    Leather is not my favorite note. However, when we were in Spain last year, I happened onto some obscure antique shop and I picked of a bottle of the original Cuir de Lancome complete with its original box and just a teensy bit of juice in the bottom of the bottle. The juice is thick / viscous and so beatifully dark. And let me tell you what a pleasure it was to sniff a leather like that! There is nothing like it in the perfume world today. I covet that bottle and take a sniff from it every now and then.

    Do you know what materials they used back then to make such a beautiful, deep and true leather note like that?

    In my class, I heard that poplar balsam and birch tar make a very good leather note.


  2. brie23:02

    Leather and perfume-a winning combination. I happen to like Angel so I will seek out this sample. Are those the bottles they will be using? I quite fancy them as they look very substantial. (the Angel star never sat quite right on my dresser!)

  3. Miss Heliotrope02:51

    The bottles look twisty too.

    & if leather is becoming the next big thing, that will be wonderful -

  4. Dawn,

    hello honey!

    Yes, they do sound interesting and from Mugler fragrances I expect something exciting; they don't cater to the lowest common denominator, even if they don't always grab my love ;-)

    Lancome's Cuir is truly sublime, there's a review of the old vs. new on these pages, if you use the Search function, if you're interested! ;-) You're lucky to own the vintage bottle as well, these were so pretty and retro looking with their enamel pictures down the sides (is yours like that?) I had posted some on the Kypre de Lancome review.

    To render a reliable leather note, most perfumers in the past used birch tar (tarry and like Chanel's Cuir de Russie) or quinolines (like the green sharpness in Bandit). Now that birch tar is regulated due to allergens, they often resort to a bit of cypriol/nagarmotha or synth blends. Poplar balsam should also do. Maybe modified with a bit of safraleine for a suede feel or some cassie for smoothness.
    There's a Leather as Fragrance Note Raw Material article with lots of info on this link. Hope it helps!

  5. Brie,


    Yup, those are the bottles. They stand up just like the ones used for the various "floral" editions of Angel (remember those?)
    The star had its own little standing help receptacle (a sort of pencil case in horizontal format it looked like) as far as I recall, but I never purchased one. :-O

  6. C,

    I'm crossing my fingers for leather becoming the next big thing!! It should be about time.
    I have been thrilled with Mon Cuir by Ramon Monegal lately so if that's any indication, I hope we see more of these blends out!

  7. Eva H.19:36

    I cannot wait for these to hit the stores!


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