Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Serge Lutens Santal Blanc: Paris exclusive line in bell jar bottle

Just the other day I was saying how my rumours of more than two years ago were slowly materialising one by one. No need to gloat or repeat myself, just a confirmation that reportage goes a long way and things take an extremely slow route when getting changed: Santal Blanc, a former Lutens export fragrance is becoming a Parisian exclusive in the bell jars. (there's still some stock on the oblong export bottles, so grab those if your life depends on it). It's official folks, stop denying it. And yes, I know one needs a compass and a guide to make way out of the changing policies of the Lutens line. *sigh*

You know what follows right? (Don't say I didn't give you ample warning)


  1. Very pleasing looking bottle. I would get it for the bottle alone.

  2. Indeed, those Lutens bell jars are very pretty to look at! Pity they're only sold in the Parisian boutique, but it justifies the trip I guess.

  3. Anonymous18:04

    Hello, I was in Paris end of march on a perfume trip with 12 other perfumista's! I bought a bell bottle of Fourreau noir and we all received a cute little bag with almost every perfume in a solid and (among others) a sample of l' eau froide. It was heaven on earth to be in the shop, on the first floor, where mr Lutens normally speaks to the press and no customers are allowed. We were informed about the perfumes by mr Suleiman who told us beautiful stories.the shop is stunningly decorated. If you ever have the chance: go there!!!!

  4. Anon,

    thanks for sharing your experience with the seraglio that is the Lutens shop. I find the purple decor totally hypnotizing, its mysticism a great compliment to the oriental theme of the perfumes.
    How lovely that you had such a wonderful trip!!


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