Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dior Escale a Parati: new fragrance

Christian Dior and their head perfumer François Demachy are continuing the Cruise Collection of "Les Escales" (port of call) fragrances for summer-wearing with Escale à Parati for 2012. Previous offerings in the Cruise Collection include Escale à Portofino (2008), Escale à Pondichéry (2009) and Escale aux Marquises (2010).

Escale à Parati by Christian Dior finds its inspiration in Brazil; not coincidentally, taking in mind that Brazil is the most rapidly growing fragrance market (remember the launch of Batucada by L'Artisan Parfumeur?). Parati (or Paraty) is an historical tourist town in Brazil, situated on the Costa Verde near Rio de Janeiro.
Dior's Escale à Parati is meant to be shared between the sexes, providing a light air inspired by the Costa Verde and its atmosphere of fun, dance and music. The fragrance includes citrusy and woody notes of bitter orange (bigaradier), lemon, petit-grain, rosewood, mint, cinnamon, red berries and tonka bean.

Available as 75 and 125 ml Eau de Toilette from June 2012 at major department stores.


  1. MariaA11:50

    From the previous 3 ones the Pondichery was the only one I liked. I hope this one is a good one also.

  2. M,

    hope you enjoy it!
    Many people like the Portofino, which is more cologne-y to my nose.

  3. annemariec22:29

    I wonder if this one has anything to add, or has the Escale idea had its day? I liked Portofino but in the end I gave my bottle away to a make friend who, fortunately, loved it. But I will try the new one. I remember that the Escales were quite reasonably priced.

  4. AM,

    they certainly do keep churning them out, don't they.
    I think the Brazil theme is catchy and we will be seeing much more releases with a comparable "theme", though if you break down the notes there's nothing inherently Brazilian about it, really. (tonka beans? But it's such a popular classical ingredient...)
    I'm always up for a good "cologne" or variation cologne for warm weather wearing and don't find the idea in principle a bad one. Can't say I was seriously thrilled with any of them so far (Portofino is nice but I'd rather wear Eau de Guerlain in that genre), but open to be surprised.

  5. Anonymous10:48

    I loved the Portofino for summer time, it was so fresh and citrusy yet for all its simplicity was rather sophisticated scent...Dior after all.


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