Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hermes Un Jardin sur le Toit: new fragrance

Hermès is not shying away from industriousness, even in the shade of risk of hostile take-overs from the LVMH Group which we had discussed this past autumn. Thankfully, this has been prevented and they're still catering to the tastes and standards of a true luxe house. On that note, they're introducing the fourth scent in the Jardins series, called Un Jardin sur le Toît (A Garden on the Roof), following the success of Un Jardin sur la Mediterranée, Un Jardin sur le Nil and Un Jardin après la Mousson.

The newest Hermès Jardin scent will include fragrant notes of apple and pear, alongside tea rose and will belong to the olfactory family of Greens. Sounds promising if only because of the seemingly constrasting themes (fruits and green? and tea rose too?).
ETA: Newer information talks about the smell of compost, magnolia (one of the strongest "trends" lately) and of weeds entering the composition as well!

For the launch, Hermès went out on a limb, inviting the press into a cooking class, a gardening lesson and then a rooftop garden at Hermès HQ in Paris. Hermès’ head cook, guided the press representatives into making a fruit compote that would include the fruity components of the fragrance (apple and pear). Then they progressed into the potting shed with the house's gardener, where they planted up Tea Roses into orange ceramic pots, which echoed of course the famous Hermès signature orange. Finally they were greeted to a rooftop garden where they smelled the green fragrance in its entirety. Ah...

Un Jardin Sur Le Toît will be exclusively available at Harrods and the Hermès Boutiques from 2nd April priced £55 for 50ml in the standard Jardin series bottles. 

A full review of Hermes Un Jardin sur le Toit is now on this link. 

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pics via Vogue blog. Thanks to Federico and for additional info.


  1. Anonymous17:26

    Rather than "For the launch, Hermès went out on a limp", I think you meant to say "For the launch, Hermès went out on a limb"....

  2. Excellent catch, thank you!! See what happens when I have less than 4 hours of sleep? Looking forward to the weekend.

  3. Liisa Wennervirta21:03

    Want! at least to try, I adore Jardin sur le Nil, the two another are not a big deal to me but I love pear as a fragrance note, and fruits and greens, that sounds interesting too.

  4. Anonymous00:44

    So far this series hasn't really worked for me, but this new one sounds promising! It will be interesting to see how the odd note combo plays out...

  5. I love sur le nil and jardin en mediterannee. Don't know about a pear note...not usually a favorite of mine in perfume. Still, will be interesting to try.

    Thanks for the review!

  6. I love Sur le Nil and La Mousson, but pear and apple don't work for me, so I don't know if I will like this new Garden.
    However, I'm looking forward to trying it! I understand that it won't be available around the world, like the other three?! :(

  7. L,

    hey there!! How are things? Should send you off a note, been a long time.

    I like Mediteranee very much and love sur le Nil so have a good hunch. I think the roses done Ellena-style are uber-refined (and tangy-fresh).

  8. Dee,

    it's in the same vein of course (light, limpid, meant to be splashed all over), but yet different enough.
    HOpe you end up liking it!

  9. J,

    pear does have a rather bad reputation. But on Ellena's hands...magic can happen! *does it show I'm a fan girl?*

  10. Isa,

    it will be available, just not right away. The launch for April is set for the boutiques (Harrods included) exclusive circuit and then it will roll over into stores as the previous ones! Hope this helps.

  11. well- a beautiful name and concept from one of my very favourite perfumers. When I first read this I wondered if it would be a vegetal green along the lines of L'Artisan's fleur de carotte a little while ago- and I do think that would be intresting- but a green tea rose, that will definitely get me excited too

  12. I also love Sur le Nil. I remember just happening upon it in Sephora one day. Very different than what I normally wear. I wonder where I would be able to smell this new one in the Seattle area?

  13. Merlin19:47

    I found La Mousson to be really special but wasn't able to see the charm in sur le nil. (Didn't get to try mediterranean). I happen to like apple and pear notes so i will have to give it a try!

  14. What a fun launch! I love the ad as well, a burst of color in a drab world. With all the LVMH shenanigans, I hope Hermès can hold to their vision of true luxury and elegance.

  15. On a swedish news website it is reported it should smell of compost, magnolia, rose, apple and of weeds. These notes are captivating!
    There's also a picture of the green coloured bottle and of the jardin sur le toit at 24 Faubourg!


  16. J,

    hopefully!! I have high respect for Hermes and the LVMH furore isn't a we painfully know from Guerlain, Givenchy, Dior etc.

  17. Federico,

    thank you very much! I have added the info and mentioned you as a source.

  18. Merlin,

    I find Mediteranee to be the most intriguing, so give it a try.
    It seems like a promising launch to be sure.

  19. such a good fragrance. love it!


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