Friday, January 28, 2011

Dior Leather Oud Full Bottle Giveaway

You heard this right! A full bottle (250ml) of the new Leather Oud in La Collection Couturier Parfumeur, hailed as the most refined in the bunch, has landed on my lap and it is for the taking for a lucky reader, minus a 5ml decant I am keeping for reviewing purposes.
Enter a comment saying what inspires you in the range of Dior and what does not (doesn't have to be specific perfumes only, you can discuss company practices, style of perfumery, cohesion or distribution patterns, whatever you choose!) and I will pick a winner by Monday. International participation is welcome.

Here is how Leather Oud is described by Dior: "Christian Dior searched the world, looking for the most beautiful fabrics that exist. Like the Designer (Couturier), the Perfumer (Parfumeur) chooses the most beautiful raw materials, one of which is Oud Wood from Indonesia. Highly powerful, vibrant and deep, Oud Wood is rare and particularly recognizable by the leather scents that it diffuses when burned. Using this unique wood, François Demachy created an intensely masculine fragrance, with strong character in which Leather notes intertwine with those of Gaiac Wood, Cedar and Sandalwood. An intense Woody Leather scent created with Oud Wood, a rare and precious wood with powerful animal notes that add warmth to the fragrance when in contact with the skin."

Incidentally, I have been asked by an industry magazine to comment on Demachy's work for publication. Watch out for an article focusing on my views on these pages as well next week.


  1. Anonymous14:28

    Please sign me up--it sounds amazing! xo

  2. Wow. Do sign me up.

    The thing that least inspires me in Dior is the bad attitude in some of their boutiques. I actually went into one in Boston to ask whether they had the new perfumes, and got told with a supercilious air that they didn't do much perfume at all, perhaps only J'Adore, and maybe I should try Saks instead.

    What does inspire me, more often than not, is what's in the bottle. I like Dior Homme a lot, for example. It's true that they sometimes reformulate in a way that kills the perfume, but they get it right more often than most.

  3. how lovely!

    I love love love their vintage scents and am enjoying them being more available- particularly love Diorissimo which has always been available but deserves to be at the very front of the displays.

    I also love their vintage illustrations- and their mens scents are really good especially Eau Savage and I like Farenheit which is more modern.

    What do I not like? well I'm not terribly keen on some of the Poisons but that is personal taste- I like the tendre and hypnotic formulations very much but not the classic of Eva Green one so much (nothing to do with Eva, she's lovely!).

  4. I'm always impressed by the legacy of some houses. Dior has created some amazing classics (Miss Dior, Diorissimo, Diorella) but even more modern pieces from the house garner appreciation (Poison, Dune, J'dore).

    Then there's the fact that for years Dior Addict was my signature scent... While I can't quite stomach it now -so sweet!- the two bottles lingering in my stash show that it was once Back-up Worthy in my eyes. And what truer testimony is there? ;)


  5. I haven't tried every Dior, but am quite fond of a few of them -- especially lemming a bottle of the older formulation of Dolce Vita. And Eau Sauvage of course is classic.

  6. Can't say Dior inspires me much but they certainly won me over when I saw Charlize Theron fronting J'Adore and first time I tried Diorissimo.
    I love Diorissimo. :)

  7. Anonymous14:51

    I am intrigued by the aesthetics of the bottle and the clearness. As well as by the history of perfumes of Dior and the new approach to essences and extracts. I find this a refined experience of a thousands of years old cultural ritual: perfuming.

  8. I have a favorable opinion of Dior because their perfumes are generally good and they try not to betray their glorious past.

    Of course their classic fragrances were the best they have ever done (Eau Savage, Diorella, Diorissimo, Miss Dior...), but there are modern and recent launches which are very interesting too.

    The Cruise Collection is being very successful and they are good fresh colognes.
    The Poison family are always well crafted and original perfumes.
    Another positive point is that Dior doesn't launch too many flankers with the exception of the many children of J'Adore, but even these flankers are usually quite good (like the lovely L'Absolu).

    Of course, Dior has some blunders or dissapointing fragrances too. In my opinion, the Addict line was not up to the same standard as the other Dior fragrances.

    But, in short, I have respect for this house and I would love to try La Collection Couturier, which is having very good reviews.

    Thank you for this draw :)

  9. Woof)) Sign me up.
    The thing that least inspires me in Dior is the bad reformulation of their great perfumes of the past - Diorissimo, Diorella, Diorama & Diorling. We all know 'bout IFRA but nevertheless...
    What does inspires me is ..well .. their sense of style that let us hope for another great breakthrough

  10. What inspires me, or rather has inspired me, about Dior has been those occasions where they've taken a real risk. Fragrances like the original Poison, Hypnotic Poison, Addict, Dior Homme, and some of the original Dior Homme Colognes have all, in there way, impressed me with how interesting, even gutsy, they are. If nothing else you certainly can't accuse them of lacking style. There's nothing wishy-washy about them, nothing that feels like only a partial effort, and they don't come off as an effort to please everyone with how pleasant or likable they are. If that leaves the perfumes open to criticism, then so be it I say.

  11. Wow, sign me up, too! What inspires me about Dior is that at least they try to keep hold of their heritage of amazing perfumes -- the re-releases of Diorling and Diorama were both very good (I mean the ones that came out in Europe a few years ago in the traditional houndstooth-capped bottles). What doesn't inspire me is the perfumes with names like "Dior Me" that are marketed as if they were a new "it" handbag and are obviously disposable trash.
    Thanks for hosting the draw, Marina!

  12. I'm excited about La Collection Couturier; they seem to me more in line with classic Dior elegance and sophistication. I had a hard time stomaching the trashy-chic look that the house was presenting a few seasons back. I'm sure that it was profitable, but knowing the history of the house, it was painful to see.

  13. Anonymous15:06

    The 2 Dior fragrances I lover the most is vintage Miss Dior & Dolce Vita. Miss Dior is one that I don't wear every day but when I pull it off the back shelf I'm always so blown away at how gorgeous it is. Almost to the point of making me weepy. I've tried the newer formulation but it just doesn't have the same affect. It's especially lacking in that stunning dry down.

    I'd love to be entered in your drawing. I NEVER EVER win anything but I keep trying.

  14. The Dior image and print advertising inspire me, particularly some of the outstanding photography. Also, I am inspired by their great classic fragrances. What does not inspire me about Dior? The attitude of some of the sales reps, as Fernando has already mentioned.

  15. Anonymous15:15

    I love the elegance of Dior. I have been on a Diorella kick recently, and the fresh opening of lemons, lemons, more lemons and then kind of a snapped lemon branch makes me think of summer, not in a place I have been, but of a place I'd like to visit.

    Years ago my mom and I were shopping, and she saw the Dior display. She chose a light luminous lipstick for me-it was completely different from what I would normally buy. I loved the effect it had on my face but the real reason I love it is because of the memory of shopping with my mom.

    I don't appreciate Dior's seeminly dumbing down of its skin care line. Years ago they had the very best body exfolliant in the business-a tiny bit would give enough lather to do the whole body. It smelled outrageously beautiful, like roses in a garden. The matching cream was second to none-it made my skin softer than anything. The package I bought also had an Eau Svelte-a bracing lemon-y eau de cologne. It was a wonderful trio. When I finally had to replenish my stocks they had the Bikini line, which I loathed. The exfoliator didn't do its job and the cream was to runny, as if the ingredients had separated. Why it was called bikini is beyond me-it was for the body. I hated it! And have yet to find a body exfoliator that was half as good as the original.

    Whew-rant over! And thank you for the opportunity to win one of the new Diors.

    Have a good weekend!


  16. I am dying to try Leather Oud and the others from the new Couturier collection. I"m so tickled that the exclusive Dior Homme Cologne bottle design (apparently attributable to Hedi Slimane, who creative-directed Eau Noire) lives on! I do worry, though, that the surviving original colognes (Eau Noire, Ambre Nuit and my beloved Bois d'Argent) have been tweaked beyond recognition... Has anyone smelled their "new" iterations?

  17. I haven't tried any of the Dior Colognes unfortunately, but I do love Dior Homme. For a mainstream fragrance it is very good and original in my opinion. I would love to true Jules, which is so hard to find outside of Europe these days, I am told.

  18. Zazie15:32

    Dior - well, I liked some of the most visionary (voir: crazy) collections from Galliano, though its been several years since the vision has faded, sunk against the pressure of $$$. In a similar way, I admired from afar some of the most daring jewelry pieces from Dior's Victoire de Castellane, and loathe the copycat skull rings, and the girly little disposable jewelry that Dior is selling by the tons. Maybe only Tiffany is more McDo than Dior in attaching a strong brand to cheap stuff. Jewelry should be made of dreams... Perfume wise, I'm very curious to try Dior's 1947 new look fragrance...and of course, I'd love to be lucky enough to win this leather oud. Just because I love leather perfumes...Otherwise, Dior perfumes for me have an appeal factor I don't own, and not even like, any of those I tried.

  19. cheiroso15:40

    Wow, this is a popular giveaway! Haven't seen so many posts so soon since you gave away that Andy Tauer Orange Star.

    I have not had much experience with Dior, but I sought out and bought Eau Sauvage without even smelling it because I trust Edmond Roudnitska. I love it. Makes me think of lemon grass. And of course I want to smell Diorella at some point.

    Please enter me in the drawing. Fingers crossed.

  20. I'm completely besotted with the New Look from this collection, which is the only one I've smelled. I've been so pleased about these new perfumes - I've always loved the fashion from the house of Dior, but I never had a fragrance from it that I really loved. (I know - sacrilege!) I plan on wearing New Look a lot this spring - with a full skirt and a fitted jacket. I'd love to try the Leather Oud.

  21. Sointu16:06

    I really like the "Les Escales" collection, they are summer in liquid form. I like all of them, but for me, Portofino is the one that makes me instantly think of summer. One thing that's annoying me is that they haven't made the perfect winter scent! :) (well, i haven't explored all of them yet, maybe there is one for me after all...)

  22. Wearing one of Roudnitska’s vintage Diors has a timeshifting, image evoking effect on me. Diorella is a fur coat tossed on the back of a chair at a Paris nightclub. Diorling is a leather handbag at the races at Longchamps. Miss Dior is a front row seat by the runway at the New Look is introduced. Diorissimo is a green, shaded garden for refuge and renewal from all those pleasure seeking activities. Diorama is the sunnier part of that garden, with a view of the Mediterranean and a picnic served under an arbor.

    More recent Dior perfumes by other perfumers have not had anything like that effect on me, summoning instead accountants’ spread sheets and soulless marketing strategies. Still, I am encouraged by the latest Diors, which seem to at least remember what has been lost. Some of these memories are a bit too thin and attenuated, but Mitzah does have a deep golden glow of elegance. Leather Oud is the best of them all, indicating that Dior might have a future as well as a past, venturing with its oud beyond the continent into a wider world of new passionate experiences.

  23. wow, please enter me the draw- this is fantastic
    I do like many of their masculine fragrances and I remember being impressed as a child by the beauty of diorella ( some 30 years ago...)
    not too much by the modern feminins
    I plan to try " Mitzah" though...

  24. maureenC16:39

    Diorissimo was the very first fragrance that I bought for myself many years ago. While diorissimo and I have long parted ways, it brings back happy memories every time I catch a sniff of it.

  25. I have very little experience with Dior. The only scent I have smelled personally is Miss Dior Cherie, it is very nice but not for me. Please enter me in the draw. I really love leather and oud.

  26. Someone asked a while back in a thread, if you could only buy from one, what designer house would you choose? At the time, I chose Dior, because there are many they offer that I really like. That said, I have yet to own a single Dior scent (although I have been circling around Dune for about a year). I do pay more attention to what Dior has to offer, more than other designers (although perhaps Hermès offers more I can't imagine being without).

    What has kept me from buying, perhaps, is talk of reformulation and cheapening of the line. I should just not think too hard and get what I like.

    Anyway, sign me up for the draw because, as usual, I am very interested!


  27. I have had a chance to sniff the whole new La Collection Couturier Parfumeur from Dior and it's one of the most underrated new line in the fragrance world. Other wonderful creations like Eau Noire, Bois d'Argent and Cologne Blanche have been included again which is wonderful. Mitzah is a beautiful sensual amber scent, New Look 1947 is a beautiful tuberose floral bouquet scent (not a "in-your-face" tuberose), Granville is an ethereal lilting fir balsamic scent to name a few that really caught my attention to this new line. I'm glad where I live, Las Vegas, that this line is here for me to enjoy and consider.

    Sign me up!
    To me, this line truly does rival Chanel's Les Exclusifs.

    The Leather Oud fragrance is my no#1 favorite from this line. It puts others oud fragrances in the artisanal/niche market to shame. This is oud with the right amount of leather done right.

  28. I've recently fallen for Dune, so I would say that I love that they still have this offbeat fragrance on the market.

    I'd love to be entered into the drawing. Thanks

  29. Please enter me into the drawing too.

    I have a smattering of Dior fragrances (Dune being one of my "go to" fragrances when I'm stumped what to wear), and the thing I LOVE about Dior fragrances (particularly the older/vintage fragrances) is they seemed to be the niche fragrances of their time....they seemed less afraid to challenge the consumer with unusual scent combinations and truly beautiful, high quality ingredients. It's no surprise that what I don't like about Dior fragrances is when they try to appease the masses with generic fragrances that seem to be more about the bottle, the model and ad then about the fragrance.

  30. Anonymous18:30


    Oh, HELL YEAH.

    So far I've got a 10mL decant of Mitzah from the new line-up, and it's quite beautiful. However, it has a very familiar smell---it reminds me of the aroma that greets me when I open up my perfume cabinet. Nice, but I've already got all the components.

    What inspires me is that I've heard some people say that Mitzah is the *least* in the collection. If that's the case, than this is a very fine collection indeed. Who needs anything more for inspiration?

  31. Geordan18:34

    To my knowledge, I have not tried a Dior outside of Poison (and perhaps J'Adore). I am inspired by big, black Dior sunglasses. They are the epitome of old Hollywood chic. A pair of Dior's can pull a very bland outfit together in "simple chic". I would love to be in on the draw for this, as I am anxious to try their knew fragrances, and I love leather.



  32. Wow! What a great giveaway!

    Dior is one of my favorite houses, with my love of Diorling, Diorella, Diorissimo and Miss Dior being well known in and out of perfume circles. As far as the House itself, I don't think there has ever been a look as fabulous as New Look, no matter that only a handful of women could pull it off (my waist is the size of the average New Look model's hips! LOL!). But no matter - the look still remains elegant, beautiful and timeless, much like the scents. I've tried NL1947 and Granville - they're 'okay'. If the leather in the Oudh is seamlessly blended, it could be the crown jewel of that collection!


  33. dleep19:03

    I would love to be in the drawing - I love leather. I currently own J'adore, Hypnotic Poison and Dior Addict. Such a classy house. One day I would love to try some of their vintage scents. I feel very feminine when wearing their scents.

  34. I admire the house of Dior for its vision in perfumery over the course of decades: How many houses can boast the pleasures of Eau Sauvage, Poison and Dior Homme, just to name three completely different milestone fragrances from three different decades? More recently, Hedi Slimane did us guys a favor when he took over Dior Homme, what with that signature slim style he created. And he did me a great favor in creating the dreamy (and increasingly hard-to-find) Bois d’Argent, which has been something of a signature scent in recent years. Loving both leather and oud, I can imagine the new Leather Oud to be quite my thing.
    Thanks for doing this giveaway, Helg.

  35. When I was a young woman, in my twenties, I used to wear Diorissimo. And for me that scent still exemplifies the beauty and elegance of youth, skin ready to be touched, romance on the cusp of being born, promises and possibilities hovering in the air.
    Nowadays I'm in my forties. And Diorissimo - the vintage version - is not for me anymore. What suits me now, are (again: vintage) Miss Dior and Dioressence - adding a je ne sais quoi to the patina of experience, wisdom and elegance I succeeded to built up in the years between youth and maturity.
    Furthermore I very much love leather and oud and I am really curious to find out how the venerable house of Dior handled those.(And I agree with Michael - what a very varied oeuvre did Dior make!)

  36. I haven't tried many of perfumes from the Dior line. I have a small bottle of J'Adore, which is a favorite. I recently was given a decant of vintage Miss Dior which was heavenly(inspiring me to want more!;-). I loved Eau Sauvage on a boyfriend long ago... These new scents sound wonderful! Inspiring!

    Please enter me in the drawing-Thanks for the chance!

  37. This is my first post on this site, so thank you for this opportunity and greetings to our host and his guests.

    I'm excited about this draw because Dior is a house that I very much like. It seems to me that Dior's perfumes are most often a simple but novel statement. On the men's side, Dune pour Homme is striking for its understated sweet freshness (fig leaves), while Dior Homme has become a highly respected classically structured scent that still manages to venture onto unchartered territory.

    Perhaps the "bad" side to this is that understatement is not often compatible with strength of voice. People tend to forget about Eau Sauvage or Dune pour Homme because, although innovative when they came out, they were never ostentatious. But perhaps discretion is a sign of good breeding.

  38. Please sign me up! Poison mini and full size J'adore were the first two Dior scents I ever owned. Dior continues to inspire me by their legacy, and current innovation. Just hearing "Dior" brings up beautiful and elegant imagery. I love their ad campaigns!

  39. Anonymous21:01

    Dior has always been a house of style and elegance. I will always love the alluring power of Poison. Please enter me in the draw.
    dremybluz at

  40. Many of the house's newer scents don't live up to its reputation, but in the eighties, when I starting wearing fragrance seriously, I was in love with a number of Diors: first Eau Sauvage, of course, and then the stunning Eau Sauvage Extreme. I thought Poison was earth-shatteringly good, and later on Fahrenheit, Dune, and Dune Pour Homme, as well as the reissue of Miss Dior. A few years ago I fell head over heels for Midnight Poison, so they've still got it.

  41. In the past, the house of Dior is one that never particularly interested me (I always thought of the perfumes, such as Diorissimo) as being too "ladylike" for me (with the exception of Eau Sauvage, which I do love). On the other hand, the recent releases sound so intriguing that I'm ready to give it a second look.

  42. What doesn´t inspire me is that I have yet to find a perfume of the Dior line that I like...of course I have yet to try Diorella which seems a likely candidate. :o)
    I do adore the style most of their commercials - and it doesn´t hurt that they chose beauties like Charlize Theron or Eva Green who are not your usual Hollywood darlings..
    Please enter me in the draw, the combination of leather and oud sounds so delicious.

  43. alexp21:30

    The era of Eau Savage, Diorella and Diorissimo(how I miss the perfume) on the bright side and the reformulations on the other not so bright side
    Please enter me into the draw

  44. london21:32

    What inspires me? One word would do: Diorella. I like the consistency in design of the packaging of the different ranges: the houndstooth for the oldies but goodies, the apples for the Poisons and now the new collection. What I don't like are all the flankers. I don't mind the Poisons which all have a distinct identity but the Addicts are just plain dreadful and the J'Adores are just confusing as the point of them seems to be to improve on the original and surely the people who like the original already like it and don't want to be told that it uses cheap ingredients and here's a new better version which you'll only be able to get for a while and then you'll have to settle for the cheap one again. Anyway, please enter me in the draw!

  45. ElizabethC21:41

    I have not yet tried many Dior perfumes but I am absolutely fascinated by their older perfumes and plan on exploring them soon. I also adore their Dior Eau Sauvage poster with the man in slippers! Please enter me in the drawing.

  46. Valentine22:02

    I am inspired by the warmth and commercial appeal of the vanillic Hypnotic Poison, since I love the scent family but have a difficult time finding something wearable in the dept. store perfume shelves/counters.
    I am least inspired by the brashness and overt sweetness of some of the scents, since I think it opposes the brand's luxurious and streamlined base.

  47. Oh, Happy Day!!! Leather Oud Giveaway!!! My favorite Dior is Diorling (leather lover), but I have deep and lasting infatuation with Farehnheit. Twenty years ago, before I had even realized my perfume obsession, Farehnheit grabbed me and never let go. A friend's brother had a bottle in their bathroom, and I would sneak sniffs of it every chance I got. I have my own bottle now, and it's still one of my very favorite masculines. I would love to win your bottle of Leather Oud, and thank you for being so generous.

  48. I first read about oud on your blog and fell in love with the idea of the fragrance. That these ancient twisted agarwood trees could hold such a magical scent... well it is divine, isn't it. The combination of scents in the perfume are not unlike Dior couture... elegant and rich with refinement. I would love the perfume!

  49. Steve S22:53

    Dior has been releasing game changers quite consistently over the years: Poison, Dior Homme, Fahrenheit, just to name a few. Keep up the good work!

  50. Dior isn't a house I've given much attention to, much to my surprised because sitting here thinking about it, I've realized I own four bottles of their scents. I'm inspired by the history of the line, much like Chanel. I can't speak much for the fashion, but those like Eau Sauvage really give me hope for the way I wish people would smell. I had a moment of realization when I finally "got" Eau Sauvage, and wow do I wish people around me would smell like that. I would hope that some of their exclusive line would go back in time a bit, but I respect the difficulty in making something "past" into something "modern." I get the feeling that there's more "modern" in the line than "past". But, the past does inspire dreams.

  51. Exciting draw! I don't have much experience with Dior, so I can't say anything inspires me - I can appreciate Dior Homme and Fahrenheit, but I don't wear them much. I'm hoping that this will be my first love in the line.

  52. Dior have always remained on the cutting edge of couture and are revered (in my eyes) as apostles of modernity. From their fashion to their perfume, Dior remains to this day one of the greats!
    Fabulous giveaway E!
    Kalo savvatokuriako, D.

  53. Dior will first and foremost be New Look to me...mostly because of a lovely association with a fashionisto friend who, when I haltingly tried to describe the dress I had hoped to find for my wedding, immediately said "Ah! New Look goes to a 1950's cocktail party!!" I learned later why he had hit the nail on the head.

    When it comes to perfume, I am a fan of the vintages, and appreciate some of the more recent creations that pushed boundaries (Dune, for instance). While it does not push boundaries, per se, I am a fan of Cologne Blanche, and am sorry to see it go.

    Will look forward to your thoughts on the wardrobe.

  54. Lovely give away! I'd like to win it. I love oud and leather.

    I've loved their vintage fragrances such as Miss Dior and Diorissimo, and even one that is more modern that is more difficult to find.

    I'm not sure there is anything I dislike.

  55. Wow, what a fantastic draw!
    Please, count me in.

    What inspires me least about the house is spelled out as r-e-f-o-r-m-u-l-a-t-i-o-n-s, I truly hate when you come to a scent you remember and it does not smell the same.

    What inspired me most is an opportunity to try something hot of the press, so to speak. And Poison. I love Poison, it was my first perfume.

    Thanks for the draw.

  56. This will be a very unpopular answer... but I love their marketing (and I'm in the marketing industry and HATE most marketing). And I've loved it for a long time, even before I fell so madly in love with perfume.

    Think about it: they've tackled 3 different frag markets perfectly:
    * The throwback to the good ol' days (with Diorissimo, Diorella, etc) - brilliantly done with the names in the frags, classic bottles, honest reforumulations that are respectful of the originals
    * The mass frag (like J'Adore: it's one of the top selling perfumes in multiple countries after many years)
    * The exclusives

    There are very few companies that have done this (Chanel did, but with way less product) and I think it's been done excellently, through really brilliant placement, product and promotion. It's hard enough to nail a well designed perfume, but to properly niche out the distribution and create effective ads that don't dilute each division... that's pretty impressive!

  57. Sugarloaf01:14

    I agree with GatorGrad, but my own reason: not only do Dior perfumes smell great on my wife, but they smell even better on me!

  58. I love Cologne Blanche. Only I now hear it's discontinued? must find some.

  59. I think what might inspire me most about Dior, aside from their gorgeous perfumes (especially vintage Diorissimo, which I adore!) is their elegant image. Anytime I think of Dior, I can't help but think of some of their fashion designs, or their perfume advertising, or their cosmetics, even jewelry - it always conjures elegance, and I love that! That constant thread of elegance is what inspires me most because it reminds me that classic elegance never goes out of style :-)

    What inspires me least? Hmm, that is a bit of a tough one... Honestly, I think I have to say their reformulation of Diorissimo - the juice just isn't the same. It's not as lush as it once was, and to me, this is sad :-(

    However, I have heard excellent things about this newest line-up, and am definitely excited to hopefully get a chance to sniff them one of these days!! :-) Thank you so much for this opportunity - Leather Oud sounds divine!!

  60. Anonymous02:28

    Whoa. Please. Enter. Me. I love leather and I love oud...

    Favorite Diors? Haven't followed the more premium ones, but I do like Dune and in spite of myself I like Hypnotic Poison which is so gourmand in spite of not really being about food. Also, J'Adore L'Or was a pleasant surprise!

    -- Nicole F.

  61. Anonymous04:00

    hi. from the newer range, i love cologne blanche, but i think my fave diors are from the older range - miss dior, dioressence, diorella. and i love to sleep in hypnotic poison. and don't tell anybody, but i think poison smells great (and wear it proudly). just remembered i also have midnight poison, which is a great patch scent on me - kinda edgy.


  62. I'm neither inspired nor disappointed by anything about this line since I don't know much about it. I can say that last time I was at both Saks and the Dior Boutique I was disappointed with their lack of knowledge about their line as a whole. I was looking for Diorama and neither had heard of it :) I do adore several Diors (Diorelle, Dioressence, Diorissimo) and I do like the packaging concept of this line...

  63. Just wanted to add -- I love the idea of Leather and Oud together. I love the idea of Leather, but have not found one that I really really enjoy. There's a sharpness similar to galbanum (not my fav note unless it dies down pretty fast, like vintage Vent Vert - to my nose - opens with a blast, but moves on to spring blossoms) in most Leathers that don't sit well with me.

    Please do sign me up for the draw

  64. Although it's being discontinued, Cologne Blanche is my favorite from the series. It's a comforting scent and can be worn for all occasions.

  65. Anonymous06:19

    I love Miss Dior and Poison as my favorites in the line so far.
    The leather and Oud wood sound very interesting .I love leather :Azuree,Cabochard,Quarum,
    Aramis-but I don't think I have tried a Oud wood scent yet.
    Please enter me in the draw.
    bookwyrmsmith at live dot com.

  66. I think Cologne Blanche (discontinued now?) is my favorite Dior, and Diorissimo is my least favorite simply because I don't like the smell of lily of the valley. I've always loved the look of the black and white Dior houndstooth packaging.

  67. Wow thank you for this giveaway!

    What inspires me about Dior (much more vintage Dior) is the dynasty of iconic fragrances. Diorissio, Diorama, Diorella, Dioressence, Miss Dior, etc. What doesn't inspire me about Dior is how little most sales associates who work at Dior know about the history of the brand's perfume house. I think many people (the non-perfume public) would find many of Dior's classic perfumes dated, but only because I don't think that those who promote Dior on the ground really do a good job of conveying how important and lovely some of their scents are.

    Thank you again for this giveaway!

  68. I do not have many Dior memories except for Poison I just loved that strong in your face scent. I would love to try the new line it sounds so sophisticated.

  69. Eau Sauvage holds a soft spot in my heart because it was the first frag I ever bought & my summer signature scent for a few years.
    now I'm just a sucker for leathers & ouds so this is right up my please count me in please

  70. Marte10:34

    What I love about Dior is the classic perfumes, especially Diorissimo and Dioressence. But I also like many of their other fragrances, such as Dune, Dior Addict and Dolce Vita. I think their vintage ads are fantastic, would love to have some of them framed on my wall.

    Wearing Dior fragrances makes me feel very elegant.

    What I don't like about Dior is that it's so difficult to get the classics here where I live, the perfume shops only have Poison, J'Adore and Addict. And since a lot of their classics have been reformulated, I have no chance to know if I get what I want when I buy online.

  71. Great giveaway, please count me in too!
    I'd have to say that Dior Homme is one of the best mainstream releases for men I've smelled in a long time and just yesterday purchased a 50ml bottle!
    Also a big fan of Eau Noire - it's a bit weird and crazy but that's why I love it!

  72. Eau Noire is what started my ongoing fragrant hobby and although I don't wear it as often as I'd like, I still get weak in the knees every time I do!

    Please enter me in the draw! Thanks!

  73. When Fahrenheit first came out, I thought it was quite revolutionary. I still like it, but am now more attracted to the Absolute flanker. On the other hand, when Poison first came out, I could not even go near a department store that was featuring it. However, I am slowly becoming interested in the Poison line! I tried a paper sample of Leather Oud. Then, I went home and tried layering Dune (feminine) with LeLabo Oud 27. The effect is somewhat like Leather Oud, but of course I would love to have the Real Thing! Please put me in the draw!

  74. I have to say that I am ambivalent about the give-aways that require creative writing, as I feel that they favor the people here who have their own blogs, write for a living or just have a particular talent for it, rather than someone who may experience a multitude of feelings or impressions from perfume but are unable to articulate them in the way that someone who writes regularly can...but with that said, I adore perfume, leather and Dior enough that I will at least try:
    When I think of Dior, I instantly think of the sleek and feminine beauty of the New Look, the art of artifice. When I think of Dior, I think of elegance with character, timeless classics that also embody the era that they were created in. I love and wear vintage Miss Dior regularly. It makes me feel beautiful and perfectly put together, as if I am completely elegant with my hat, kid gloves, handbag and heels even if I am wearing none of the above.
    Though I am not a fan of Poison...I appreciate the way that it seems to perfectly embody the 80's zeitgeist.
    Please enter me in the drawing for the leather oud!
    Thanks, K

  75. I have gone through several bottles of Dior Addict and love the vintage Diors--Miss Dior, Dioressence--I think of the House of Dior in a wistful way--they've had an interesting cultural arc. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks, Sara

  76. I had a similar experience to Fernando when I first began to explore fragrance. I wanted to sniff Miss Dior, so I went to Neiman Marcus, walked to the Dior counter and asked for Miss Dior. I was hastily told they "did not have that fragrance" and the SA's returned to their converstions. As I walked along this big oval perfume counter with various perfumes what do I find, but Miss Dior! I loved it, but bought it from Saks instead.

    What does inspire me about Dior is the classiness of their vintage scents, dresses and suits. they go together so well.

  77. roberto c.14:59

    I tried it and it is really good and more, I have and love Ambre Nuit, Eau Noire and Bois d'Argent. The only thing is that they took Cologne Blanche , they should bring back that one too.

  78. Sonia Garcia15:12

    I tried this when I went to Vegas with my husband and we tought it was really good, I really like the Cologne Blanche and is sad that it's been discontinued, I hope they bring back that one in the future and take the less interesting one from the new collection. Please enter my name in the draw.


  79. Anonymous15:40

    Many of the Diors, especially Eau Noire, make me feel like I've slipped into a silk-lined fur. I bit haughty, naughty and elegant.
    What I don't care for are some of the Dior reps. They're in a position to make a sale, that's what they are there for and yet? They don't always draw the client into trying a fragrance and often don't take the time to talk about their line and some don't have any enthusiasm.

  80. I adore old vintage Diors, as Diorella, Diorissimo, Miss Dior, etc. They are meaningful and luxurious, long-lasting and clever. They make my heart beat faster :)

    PS Please add me in the draw

  81. A beautiful collection of scents. I have tried and liked more or less everything till Ambre de Nuit and I am looking forward to try the new ones. Very elegant feel and sheer composition. What I do not like about them is that, like the Chanel exclusives, they come in huge bottles that raise the price without good reason. For someone who likes to wear a different scent every day this is a big minus (although I must admit that Dior has made the colognes available in smaller capacities as well recently)
    Please count me in for the draw.

  82. d3m0lici0n18:27

    I tried it and is good, the only thing that is not that cool are the HUGE bottles that probably are gonna last you two lifetimes. Please include me for the draw. Thanks

  83. I'm in the camp that loves Diorling and Diorama, but I'd love to try this as I love leathers. Sign me up!

  84. Hello, yes, I'd love to join in, Oud and Leather, great combination! My favourite Dior Scent so far is Eau Noire from the same line. Please sign me in the draw.

    Thank you.

    Cheers from Germany

  85. Anonymous00:07

    Sign me up! Dior Fahrenheit is that kind of scent that I love, but I'm just not crazy about other scents like Addict or Poison.

  86. What I love about Dior: The New Look, Galliano when he was at the height of his dark genius, Hypnotic Poison. Also packaging. I love their packaging - although I think the Chanel-esque simplicity (derivativesness?) of this new exclusive line is a new low.

    What I don't like: Miss Dior Cherie.

  87. OK, this is too fun! My memory of Dior is really the memory of my mother dressed up and going out with my Dad, her lovely scent streaming about her and me looking at her as if she were a goddess. She wore Miss Dior. Of course I didn't know what it was at that time. My first Dior fragrance was Poison from the original launch when we were in Paris. It was and still is too much for me to wear very often, you know how powerful it is, but I love that it is in my collection non the less. Just the other day my 13 year old budding perfumista and I tested Dior Hypnotic Poison and we both loved it. My daughter said it smelled like root beer at first to her. So to me, Dior is a classic and has something to offer all ages. Wish I could score some vintage Dioressence one day! I would of course love to win this draw too, thank you!

  88. from my first encounter with Maison Dior there was this Silver Lining, aura of Beauty and Elegance mystique. Unatainable.
    Until recently. Came Ebay, the blogs and the vintage flacons. The perfumery so related to high end fashion became finaly became a language I too could use. Codes I can now understand. No to the merchandizing, no the marketing strategies & FIFA reformulations. But the new collection is intriguing to me; MITZAH & LEATHER OUD are islands I wish to draw alongside, for a while or maybe longer...

  89. Dior has become one of my favorite houses. I love the New Look 1947 and even the reformulations have turned out well.

  90. I recently sorted my collection and was amazed how many Dior's I had! (decants mostly) I have a treasured J'adore from the first week it came out, and the new L'Or edition as well.
    I fend the new group very well done, and Leather Oud may be my favorite...

  91. Stephan05:33

    I'm very curious about this one. But I imagine it would be hard to match Oud Cuir d’Arabie by Montale.
    As for Dior, at the time I loved Eau Sauvage and disliked the first Kouros. Nowadays my preferences have shifted though. It's a pity that brands like Dior change the formulas of their fragrances not to advantage of their beauty. That's as if the Louvre would mess around the smile of Mona Lisa.

  92. What inspires me Helg is the fact that Christin Dior has been gone many, many years and yet - he is still so famous - what would his house be like I sometimes wonder if he did not have his early death !!
    Well, what disappoints me is the change / death of my beloved Diorella - its my "heatwave" scent and today is 104f here and I have only this tiny touch in a bottle of the "old and better" scent left! Another thing is the fact that Australia does not seem "fit" to import all the way to us here the likes of Diorama etc. Rrrrrr.
    Oh Helg - if its not Dior its Guerlain I am bitching about! LOL

  93. Dior has consistently defined a certain interpretational masculinity and femininity through scent...not so much a world view, but a fragrant philosophy of eros and logos that is ongoing, despite the demise of Dior himself. I have my own visions inspired by his classic scents:
    A summer's day at Roland Garos, white shorts, a manly wristwatch says Eau Sauvage to me.
    Winter in Connecticut, logs on the fire while the snow begins to fall: Farenheit.
    Springtime in London, cherry blossoms , silk cardigan and tea at the Ritz: Diorella
    An afternoon piano recital, autumn leaves and bonfires: Miss Dior.
    Would be thrilled to add another!

  94. I love it when Dior gets in touch with the history of their house, because their vintage fragrances, the way the revolutionized the fashion world, and their old advertising images are all simply divine. They have such a rich vein of work from the past to build upon, I like it when they take their time, and release modern pieces that fit into this tradition. But I also appreciate their ability to stay with the times, which is always valuable. Dior Homme for example, is a gorgeous composition that smells modern, but which also hasn't lost its roots. Dior can definitely do it right when they set their minds to it!

  95. DRTVRMoi12:06

    Diorella was my coming of age scent. I purchased it during my first trip to France. Over the years, Eau Sauvage and Dune have joined it. They are sentimental favorites that have stood the test of time and teenage tastes.

  96. Anonymous12:15

    What inspires me about Dior is the elegance of the house and its fragrances. Diorella was my first quality fragrance. I first smelled it on a new co-worker who had transferred from the city to the small town I was living in. But she was unwilling to tell me the name of her beautiful scent until I was actually leaving not just that job, but that town! As soon as I hit the city I purchased Diorella and later Diorissimo and and Dioressence. Those wonderful houndstooth bottles and the elegant advertising illustrations (rather than pictures of models or actresses)were the epitome of the reward of leaving small town life. And a luxuriant bubble bath in Diorella bath gel -- oh my!
    I haven't had an opportunity to try any of the Couturier Collection yet but I adore leather and would love to share some with a male friend of mine.
    Thanks for the generous draw opportunity.
    - Lindaloo

  97. I've had the opportunity to try a few from this new line and Leather Oud is my favorite so far. Mitzah is also lovely, as others have mentioned, but not as distinctive.

    Dior as a whole both delights and frustrates. I spend a lot of time trolling ebay for vintage bottles. I'm amassing a bit of a collection, but the most rare (and expensive) still elude me! The re-releases (and reformulations) of the classics are okay, but I can't bring myself to wear them. I should clarify that I feel the same way about other houses as well, not just Dior!

  98. you smell!!!14:37

    What a cool draw!, I tried it and this is really good stuff, Please enter my name and I'm gonna be crossing my fingers.

  99. I love the idea of creating new classics and Dior is truly a designer of great classics. So why is their bottle design so uninspiring?

  100. Since I haven't had much opportunity to try some of Dior's classics, my primary exposure to Dior's line has been the Poison flankers and the most recent formulation of Fahrenheit, so I can't say I have any good feel for the house's legacy. However, from what I've read, I am excited to see Dior putting out accessible perfumes made in the niche style of top-notch raw materials. The two in this new line-up that I'm most excited about are Bois D'Argent and Leather Oud. I would love to own a bottle of Leather Oud!

  101. Anonymous17:42

    A wonderful draw! Thanks for including me.

    I like that Dior has something for everyone at different price ranges. I also like the legacy and style. What I don't like is that they have gone gansta-chic with their accessories (and partially their perfumes, the flankers mostly).


  102. PEGGY19:41

    Hello Elena,
    My big big love from the dior range and the scent I will always love and wear is POISON the classic in the purple bottle. It's a masterpiece on my skitone of course...What I don't like is the continue discontinuation of things. :P
    For example the poison body lotion that I like its gone. But this is not only a problem of dior house it's an attitute in general in newer days. A few good things and not limited edition "one night stand" fragances would be better. But I sound like an oldmind lady don't I?
    Please include me in the draw. Thank you

  103. Please include me in the draw. This is an amazing opportunity, as I am a bit of a leather and oud junkie. The Dior line has always impressed me with the quality of ingredients used and their range of creativity. Dior produces everything from classics to cutting edge controversial - something for everyone.

  104. Anonymous21:41

    Strange, but for me Dior, except for all the well-known classics (which is altered to neuznavaemogsti and I cry), this Jules...

    Their new collection is elitist in my opinion, to squeeze in some frames, I think it lacks the flight and fantasy. Well, stylish, but sometimes so flowery boring, although amber gorgeous, oud, I have not tried.
    Andrey, Russia

  105. Merlin22:57

    The brand for me has a luxurious, decadent sensibility, and what most sticks with me is the high artificiality of some of the designs and also those scents which are so frighteningly assertive, and, in my mind at least, so quintessentially Dior. thats my final answer but I got there by way of writing (and getting a bit carried away with) this little gothic piece!

    Christian Dior, Disney's evil queen, the unlikely haute couture of her raven gown, Galliano in its lining, electric pink and seductive, opening up at her throat into two purple petals - a collar framing the brutal beauty of her face.

    On moonless dark nights, exuding the weird dry scent of Dune, I turn around to see the wasted land still smouldering in my wake; lift to feel the falling of scorched souls, brittle black leaves detaching from my feathers, trailing behind, marking my passage of flight...

    (These are the dream pics that Dior triggers for me - sorry if I lost the plot a bit!)

  106. What inspires me? The perfumes that represent vision rather than marketing concepts: so No 5, No 19, Addict, J'Adore. I'm not inspired by the ones like Chance that were an attempt to capture a market: the crassness of the thinking showed up in the juice.

  107. Wow! Sign me up)
    Dior's all-time classic is inspyring. Diorella was a "canned sun" for sure))
    Dior's current releases are mostly dissapointing.. Now Diorella is a water-melon bubblegum..
    Thanks for the generous draw opportunity.

  108. Thank you for such an opportunity! I haven't tried "La Collection" yet - exept Eau Noir - and it's beautiful!
    Frankly not every Dior reformulation are bad. Eau Fraiche came back in a very good shape). So I find it rather inspiring!

  109. What a great giveaway! I just got a sample of this from TPC, and am intrigued by it. It's certainly a potent example of leather and in the year of many Oud releases, this one is a standout. I could still smell it on my wrist the next morning after I sampled it, while Mitzah, on the other wrist, was long gone.

    I have not been attracted to any of the current Dior "feminine" perfumes (I'm a woman) but I do love several of the couture line masculines, including Christian Dior Cologne Blanche. I'm very interested in all of the new La Collection line!

  110. Anonymous04:53

    Well, perhaps I am too late! I'm not wild about any Dior that I've tried, but, I've never tried the vintage. However, I love oud! Please count me in the draw if there is still time.
    Thank you!

  111. Gisela06:54

    I'm still inspired by Dior Homme and Eau Sauvage and also by the smooth development of J'adore l'or. This new exclusive line sounds good so far, have to try.

  112. Brenda11:09

    Of all the Dior perfumes, their older, classic ones are what inspire me most, specially Diorella, Eau Sauvage, Miss Dior, and Diorissimo. I think in terms of modernization, Dior has done better than Chanel at staying true to their image. I loved Dior Homme and its counterpart, Dior Homme Intense. When Homme Sport came out I thought, "Oh no, another Chanel Egoiste Platinum Sport Blue-whatever", but it was actually a well-done fragrance centered around ginger, a note not often used in perfumery.

    What least inspires me about Dior? Their Addict range and the lackluster follow ups to Poison, especially Midnight Poison, which was a pale, clean thing with no relations at all to the assertive original.

  113. Anonymous11:15

    Dior Addict is my favorite vanilla based fragrance - one of a few vanilla scents I can tolerate. And the cobolt blue bottle is beautiful and simple.

    But what inspires me most about Dior is my late godmother, who in her younger and middleaged years, wore the now discontinued Diorama, almost as her signature scent. She didn't have many fragrances in her collection ( I vividly remember visiting her dressing table as a child and young teen, many times, where Diorama would be front and center, flanked by the ubiquitous bottle Chanel No. 5 along with L'Origan and Ambush.

    She was an almost austere looking Swedish-American (that married into an Armenian-American family) and her near-platinum blonde hair and icy blue eyes were juxtaposed to the sensual smell of Diorama.

    When I think of Aunt Astrid, I think of Dior. :-)

    ~ Susan

  114. The first perfume I ever bought was Dior , 45 years ago .
    The new Collection - I love the sturdy splash bottles , I love the round box , the simple text .
    The jus always surprises and delights , even if I don't end up loving them . Mitzah for one lasts FOREVER on skin and has tender sillage .
    Pease enter me in the draw ! I have not tried the Leather Oud , and I'm always looking for an HG leather !!

  115. Anonymous14:25

    I would be very glad to try this new scent, otherwise I found something like "Diorade" (compared to "Guerlinade" being typical for all older commercial Dior fragrances. Thank you for entering me in thwe drawing. Alica -

  116. Sean18:27

    Leather is my guilty pleasure...I'm a vegetarian, but for some reason i can't get enough! So, I would love to be entered in this drawing.

    I also think that Dior as some of the prettiest bottles, which enhances the overall aesthetic experience of looking at perfumes when you can't, for some horrible reason, smell them.

  117. What really strikes me when I hear the name Dior, is the design of the bottles. I'm always looking into the bottle's design of every Maison, specially when I can see it in my own hands. Design composes a part of a fragrance, in my opinion. And in Dior, all the bottles whisper Class!

  118. Kata00:02

    I love the old Diors! I would hoard the vintage versions if could... As for their new offering, I contemplated buying Addict and Miss Dior Chérie, but the urge wasn't strong enough to pull out my card.

  119. No! Sign ME up!!! The Dior's I've met are pretty rich and distinguished...and have the gravitas to be perfumes. I LOVE the old Gruau.

  120. Karen G02:30

    I know this is blasphemy, but I'm not a fan of Dior's vintage perfumes(unless Poison is considered vintage). Love Homme, HP, Ambre Nuit. I do like most of their bottle designs.

    Galliano's couture can send me into raptures, as if I could afford any of it. And I could stare at Gruau's sketches forever.

    Thanks for putting me in the draw!

  121. What has always inspired me about Dior is the way they design their perfumes bottles, especially Diorissimo, which I would wear for a long time, buying bottle after bottle some years ago. I liked the scent and I felt it went very very well with the bottle and the black and white carreaux that make part of it. I liked how they would present Poison, although I don't use it but I keep the bottle and at times only at times I use it, it is the oil and it never gets bad, how is it?

    Thanks for this draw! I don't know if it is also for worldwide readers but in case it is, I would very much love to enter this draw. I love oud as I said on my last blog entry. Good Luck everyone.

  122. Dior is inspiring because of its history in fashion and in perfume - from Christian Dior creating the New Look, to the classic Dior perfumes!

  123. Thanks everyone for the enthusiastic participation! I can see it was a popular contest and it pleases me no end to be able to provide something as covetable to our readers.

    Lots of VERY interesting ideas here from everyone, I have derived immense pleasure and knowledge from your insightful comments and I thank you for them.

    One note I need to add is that although I am asking for a bit of creative writing, this is a random draw and the quality of the writing shouldn't make anyone feel excluded. After all, all the answers were above par!

    I will be announcing the winner in a moment. Check back the home page, please.


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